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Even though it’s now over a decade historical, windows XP continues to be installed on over 1 / 4 of the area’s PCs, which makes it the 2nd most popular working equipment (home windows 7 takes the exact slot). Regardless of this, it nevertheless has a couple of flaws that have been never thoroughly fixed. And to make concerns worse, Microsoft plans to discontinue assist for XP on April eight, which potential the company will cease issuing updates to its twelve-12 months-historical OS. The good news though, is that users have had a whole lot of time to locate workarounds to considerations.

Listed below are options to essentially the most average problems.

Some or all icons turn into unusable

Many users of home windows XP have at some aspect experienced a problem which explanations all icons cease working. Trying to use the icons will in its place instant an error message asserting the path is not relevant (if a shortcut) or an “Open with” window.

Within the case of shortcuts, the icon now not works as a result of home windows does not know where the .exe it’s pointing to is observed. You can repair this by right-clicking the shortcut icon, discovering the “goal” field, and then getting into the path the place the executable is found. For instance, “Digitaltrends.exe” might be determined in “C:\program information\Digital traits\”. You can use windows Explorer to locate the proper folder in case you’re unsure.

If the icons are information, no longer shortcuts, then windows has forgotten what application is used at hand the files. Open the file and, in the “Open with” screen that seems, opt for the acceptable software. You could need to look for it in windows Explorer by opting for “Browse.” when you’ve discovered the correct program, tick the “at all times use the chosen program to open this form of file” checkbox and click on the “ok” button.

You’ll want to additionally run a deadly disease-scan to peer in case your notebook is infected, as this difficulty can every now and then be led to by way of a virus which is changing home windows settings without you understanding.

Exception Code 0xc0000005 looks when attempting to print

This error can appear when making an attempt to choose, choose or exchange the houses of a printer. As an alternative of performing the assignment, this error halts your progress.

A faulty driver is continually the offender. Open Printers and Faxes, click on File, and then go to Print Server homes. Find the Drivers tab after which, the driver of the printer which offers you this error. Get rid of it, restart your computer, and re-install the driver (preferably a more recent edition, if you can discover it).

If the error nevertheless occurs, eliminate the motive force once again however, as a substitute of re-starting, open regedit.exe. Browse the registry for any entries that healthy the identify (no longer mannequin) of the printer you removed. Delete them, then restart and re-installation the motive force.

Be aware that messing around in the registry may cause your gadget to crash if you delete the inaccurate price, so it’s wise to again up your gadget before making an attempt it.

Windows XP provider Pack 3 gained set up

The newest service pack for home windows XP, SP3, is the last major update that Microsoft will free up. Now not all and sundry has been able to install it, however.

First take a look at Microsoft’s reputable pre-installation e-book. This could inform you about gadget necessities, old required updates, updates that can cause main issue, and any third-birthday celebration utility you'll want to disable. The checklist of gadgets to determine is rather lengthy.

If issues persist which you can are trying installation carrier Pack three through direct download in place of via windows replace. Which you could locate the file right here. Installation is pretty primary – simply run the file, and an install wizard will appear to tackle the relaxation.

Which you could also are attempting re-surroundings home windows replace to clear whatever error is the source of your woes. Click on beginning, go to Run, after which classification “features.msc” and click adequate. Right click automatic update and then hit cease.

Now once again go to beginning, click Run, however this class paste the following into the text box and hit adequate.


Right-click the down load file and rename it to download. Ancient. Having completed so, repeat the steps for disabling “services.msc” but this time hit beginning to re-permit it. Then are trying downloading service Pack three again.

Blue screen of death of life with KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR

This nasty error happens when home windows XP goes hunting for kernel statistics and may discover it. The “kernel” is the core set of code that handles enter and output requests, so an error there is certain to influence in a Blue screen of dying (or BSOD).

In lots of cases, this challenge is led to via a hard drive that’s on its approach out. if you happen to receive the BSOD, make sure you also see a second set of facts near the backside of your display. Right here error point out a likely tough pressure failure.


Confer with the official Microsoft article on the way to run Chkdsk, an application that can assess your tough pressure for unhealthy blocks. Remember to plan to replace your power quickly if any seem.

Both other common blunders are:


These messages aspect to a controversy with the hardware linked to the challenging pressure, which may well be a motherboard, a RAID controller, or even a bad cable. Be sure all challenging drive cables are firmly related and all force controller cards (if in case you have any) are effectively put in.

Ultimately, a virulent disease can cause this concern by means of corrupting kernel facts. Run a virus-scan to look if your computing device is contaminated.

Blue screen of death with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Ah, the decent ole’ DRIVER_IRQL error. This common BSOD skill a driver has did not provide the records home windows become expecting, resulting in a crash. In most circumstances, the subject is caused by way of a buggy driver, but sometimes it capacity hardware failure.

To discover what’s causing the issue, you should read the BSOD screen or the log file generated by it. The log file can also be found in adventure Viewer, which Microsoft gives certain guidelines for the usage of. Most people discover the log file hard to decipher, but when you seek failure phrases or brand names, you could be capable of self-diagnose the difficulty. Then again, that you could provide the log file to a assist desk, a friend, or submit it on a home windows XP discussion board.

As soon as the offending driver is discovered, re-set up it or upgrade to a newer edition. If this doesn't clear up the difficulty, the hardware that uses the driver is probably broken and will need to get replaced.

Booting into Windows seems to take forever

Gradual performance degradation is likely one of the most notorious considerations dealing with windows XP clients. In most instances, this is caused with the aid of having too many programs open within the heritage. Utility from time to time starts instantly at boot, so there could be dozens of classes launching devoid of your expertise.

Open beginning, go to Run, classification msconfig and then click adequate. Choose the Start-up tab within the window that opens. Here you're going to find an inventory of gadgets that open when you start windows. The names may also no longer at all times make their characteristic evident, but if you also seem at the Command and location fields, you should be in a position to parent which program the start-up item belongs to. De-choose those that you don’t need. Now go to the services tab and do the identical. Then restart your notebook.

However, that you may go to the customary tab and alter your pc to Selective Start-up, then un-determine the load Start-up gadgets box. Keep in mind, even though, that this can also disable classes you may are looking to birth at boot, like an anti-virus software.

Caught in a reboot loop

If anything goes wrong while windows is loading, your computer may also restart immediately, inserting you in a constant reboot loop. You could expect an error message, but this doesn't at all times take place, leaving you with no clue as to what’s occurring.

To repair this, press F8 again and again all through boot unless you see the windows superior options Menu. Within the 2d cluster of decisions you’ll see “Disable automated restart on device failure.” opt for it using your arrow keys, then press enter.
Windows will now beginning. While it doubtless gained start without issue, you’ll as a minimum be in a position to listing the error message(s) that seems, making further analysis possible.

Windows replace fails with error 0x8024400A

Windows update is meant to be a computerized service, but it too can endure from bugs such as the 0x8024400A error message. This situation, when it appears, will evade you from downloading and installation any updates.

To repair it, you should re-down load the home windows update Agent. Try Microsoft’s respectable replace Agent page and use the fix it answer (or follow the guidance) to resolve the difficulty.

If the problem persists, that you would be able to in its place download the newest edition of the home windows replace Agent directly from Microsoft. That you could grab the file from the Microsoft gadget middle website. There are separate 32-bit and 64-bit models, so be sure to down load the correct one in your equipment; for many PCs, that’s 32-bit.

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