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Best Practice for Long Tail keywords on ecommerce?  Best Practice for Long Tail keywords on ecommerce?

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I'm thinking of taking the dive and start doing some long tail keyword articles
my main domain is quite popular on the ecommerce front, but i want to start building it up to get more traffic and get the brand out there a bit more
I have a magento installation
if the former, i would need to setup the articles in magento and have them linked via a blog link in the footer
but if the latter i would install joomla or wordpress in a blog folder.
Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Good afternoon sumitmodi,

First of all I would suggest you to do some keyword research using for example the keyword planner you can find inside Google Adwords. When you have the long tail keywords that are more relevant and trying to avoid too much competence, you can do a small backlinking campaign with those keywords.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards.

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