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Best program for my gif/powerpoint project?  Best program for my gif/powerpoint project?

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I'm trying to create a map with animated characters to mark locations. Each icon marking these locations will grow, spin, then recede once more into the map from time to time.
I'm using Macromedia Flash MX, with images copied from google images. This has been successful as the resulting gif would insert into powerpoint 2007 and did behave as desired, but for some reason I cannot remove the background from around each icon. I think the images copied are bitmap images. Any vectors I've drawn just to test (a red ball, etc.) behaved just fine with no whitespace. One of the public settings allow the option of making the background transparent. I also opened each picture into the library and colored the background, so if there was still whitespace around each picture, it would show up before I had included it into an effort that would ultimately fail.I'm not sure if Fireworks would allow the project to be very elaborate, so I chose Flash because A. I'm more familiar with it than Fireworks, B. Flash uses frames, and C. I don't have to invest in new software. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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