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               Bravely default: Complete game analysis

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The games of role Japanese traditional (known as JRPG) not living the best of their times. Gone are the times in which Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, such and other productions filled the top of sales around the world (and not only the Japanese), while it seems that this genre is slowly rising. And Bravely Default will help give another push.

What desire had that came to our lands Bravely Default, the most impressive creation to date from Square Enix for Nintendo 3DS. Developed for this console exclusively, the Japanese already are enjoying it for many months. But everything comes, and nothing (December 6) this anticipated title will come to our country in three different versions: retail, digital and collector's Edition. And no matter which choice, going to delight yourself one of those special, captivating titles from the same introductory sequence, which will immerse you in a plot and a universe that will make you relive the best memories of another era: the 8 and 16 bit, as well as the beginning of the 3D in 32- and 64-bit era.

Are not going to walk us through the branches: Bravely Default is an outstanding title, a production which leaves clear grounds and the wisdom that still enjoys today Square Enix to create this style titles... company that had lately been somewhat questioned by a group of players. But we think that with this production there is no half-measures or any doubts, since it's a game that becomes the absolute reference of the genre along with Fire Emblem (although this is more a Tactical RPG than a traditional JRPG) on the Nintendo console.

And is that we we have a round game, that same production combines all the elements that we demand all those who enjoy these types of games: a good plot, charismatic characters, a unique combat system and extraordinary technical care. But there is much more, as then we are going to try to explain.

Four heroes with trade

As I have already made strides we have a title that greatly resembles games of the genre that we enjoy in the times of 8, 16 and 32 bits. The head several examples of this, as some of the episodes of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is come to us if it is true that the it has more similarities with the development of Bravely Default is Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, a very unrecognized classic Nintendo DS that he delighted the few that we agreed to it. And one of the aspects of the "recovered" (by defining it as well) for Bravely Default this DS adventure is being led by the same number of characters, four.

In fact, there are four the main supporters of this adventure, types that you will later discuss in greater depth. Agnes, Tiz, Edea and Ringabel are the core of heroes that we manage to reach the end of the plot which is behind this adventure.

And that argument has more significance of what hours of game seems to indicate. As it tends to be almost standard in these titles and in short much, basically we have to try to save the world which lies behind Bravely Default (called Luxendarc) of its destruction. Once more the nod to Final Fantasy is more than evident, since they come into play very powerful crystals that maintain balance in the world... and because of different circumstances, have to recover. However, and without wanting to mention anything that might cause any data revealing, you warned that as we move forward are gaining ground other complementary plot lines very well constructed, at least in our opinion.

Returning again to the roster of main characters, the developers have taken the decision to capture a rather small group of heroes (at least if you compare it with other similar titles) but have enough depth. And it is that both its own characteristics and personality of each one of them give much of themselves both in combat and in matters related to their personal background.

Square Enix and Nintendo give us an epic adventure full of priceless moments. The best that has brought us the genre of the JRPGs this season.

Of this form, Agnes Oblige is perhaps the heroin more important of the Adventure (indeed, his figure has been the chosen for form part fundamental of the edition collector of this title). This girl is one of the guardians - called Vestals-four crystals (Earth, wind, fire and water) that we find that they are in the world of Luxendarc, and its weight in this purpose is very prominent. Then we have to Tiz Arrior, which is the first character that we control in the adventure. This young man is a farmer and pastor of modern look, which has a motive for joining the rebel resistance and help Agnes and the rest of the troop. His hometown was destroyed and his family, killed by the darkness. Drama absolute. Edea Lee is another female, but rather atypical character. And is that this girl belongs to royalty, being one of the key figures of the army... and whose main mission is to catch Agnes. However and after seeing both this and the rest of the troop, Edea will join the Group and will change completely, both its position and its values. And finally there is Ringabel, a flirt with amnesia who brings the necessary "festive" and jaunty touch to the group... as well as the mystery surrounding his book in which the future is written.

Although it may seem a small number of actors, the truth is that it is not at all in practice. And that is a fundamental part of the game: the trades.

Nothing less that 24 of these offices (which come to be like typical kinds of other titles) are available, although not all are enabled home. Warriors, magicians, monks, Ninjas, Swordsmen and a long list of options are available to us, but to measure that progress in adventure you and overcome certain side missions or we defeated point final enemies will complete the entire list of trades. Each of our heroes can be trained in one main profession more other secondary traits affecting significantly its main attributes. Capacity of healing, strength, resistance, skills special and others features have their impact clear and resounding depending on our choice, and can combine all which want. In addition all these professions can be enhanced gradually until reaching the ten, apuntillando even more its importance and impact on the gameplay.

This system seems to be very attractive, and provides a very high level of depth in the evolution of our characters. In fact we think that it is the best that possesses the title, being one of the most characteristic features of this new franchise from Square Enix.

The combat system is very well designed and allows us to carry out a wide variety of actions, including attack or defend us during several consecutive shifts.

Classic to the core

The formula of game continues of way very notorious it enjoyed in works classic as the first Final Fantasy of NES and SNES, as well as others titles more contemporary of the gender as can be Illusion of Gaia, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story or Dragon Quest VII. And this list of examples which I have given is no coincidence, since it is made up of several of the most prominent titles of the genre of history, something that speaks very well of roots and mirrors that Bravely Default has been regarded for its debut on Nintendo 3DS.

Thus in each of the locations we do all to get to move, and move from one to another is usual in this type of games: through a world map. Dialogues with dozens of characters that are part of every town, village, or particular place we visited are very frequent and important. These talks, which have been translated quite rightly to our language, provide us with information of interest related to the background of history as well as any of our protagonists.

And of course, in certain occasions are the key to ir enabling new missions secondary. The amount of these complementary objectives is very prominent, and I already warned that they can expand in a very sensitive manner the already on its considerable extension that has Bravely Default. It is always committed and difficult to calculate this type of information, but as well a boat soon, we think that it is difficult to overcome the adventure in less than 40 or 50 hours. But as I have just mentioned, if we wish to gain access to the large part of the total content that offers the adventure, that figure can grow in a very noticeable way.

Improvement and continuous customization of players also has a fundamental gap in the development of the game. There are many weapons, objects, attributes, professions, accessories, clothes and other items that we can go by altering and modifying, changing clearly in each of our characters, both physical and playable.

On the other hand the exploration also has its relevance, and taking into account the wide variety of sets and locations that we go visiting the adventure. It is worth the time needed to this task, since in addition to find objects and give important secondary characters, also enjoy the great plastic beauty that holds the adventure. But that I will talk about later. Yes, because now to talk about the most important Bravely Default: their bouts.

We have an adventure very long, capable of keeping us glued to the double screen for a minimum of about 40-50 hours.

Epic battles

As in any game of role, and more in the JRPG, the system of combat plays a role vital in the adventure. To such an extent so that the development of these battles serves for many fans as element of final judgment and fundamental point to assess the quality of a title of this mood. And we are pleased to tell you that in this case the system is highly absorbent, deep and adaptable.

Default Bravely battles take place by turns and, in principle (and except that you choose to delete them as I will explain later), take place randomly. I.e., that each certain time and without glimpse enemy any in screen, jump to the field of battle of way automatic, as was tradition in the titles of the gender more classic belonging to it was of them 8 and 16 bit. This can throw back to certain users, but we reiterate that it is possible to disable such randomness to make development less locked for those users who are not accustomed to this system of game.

Already focusing squarely over the course of the battles, these clashes have been recreated with a full success, at least from our point of view, being so complex (in the good sense of the word) and strategic as it was desirable. During the fighting, it is possible to access numerous actions, as is the case in most of the titles in this genre. Multiple forms of attack, move to defensive positions, use magic, weapons and multiple items and other actions are available to us. And that includes the possibility of invoking to other characters and monsters to help us in them battles, something that always adds more interest to them same.

However this battle system key has to do with two fundamental aspects, especially the first of the two that we are going to quote: Brave - Default and Brave Second.

Four are the protagonists of this story, characters who can assume one main trade more other secondary.

Brave and Default has to do with the possibility, respectively, adding several chained and successive actions to each of our characters or, on the contrary, defend ourselves and give our turn. That is, that we have the opportunity to use several shifts (up to a maximum of four) followed or do just the opposite. This for what serves in practice? As for long. Imagine that you are to enemies of middling. What should wait for us to attack, even just once, and waste time? We can choose to attack them without giving them the option to replicate their attacks, with that at a stroke we be able to eliminate them without fear of retaliation... that however it may face rivals more entity. And is that the fact of attack a number of times certain (insist on up to four as much) followed against the rival that we select has an obvious rejoinder: subsequently, will be during that same amount of turns to doing nothing, holding the "downpour".

This system may seem complicated to explain in words, but we assure you that in practice it is very easy to understand and put into practice. No doubt this feature us seems incredibly interesting, providing a dose extra of load tactical to some clashes very deep already of by itself. Surely we see this system replicated in other future titles...

And on the other hand, we also have the so-called Brave Second. This feature is a kind of time bullet in that can freeze the temporary flow to inflict more damage to our opponents, something that always comes from Pearl in the toughest fighting. A feature that adds even more layers of depth to a few irresistible bouts, designed with exceptional taste and accuracy.

Even so and precisely during these battles is where we can find also, and just as anecdotal note, one of the few drawbacks that leaves us the adventure in the flat playable. And it is that we have the feeling that sometimes the difficulty has not been very well adjusted, finding ourselves with certain peaks that could pose a major obstacle to certain players, particularly the less skilled, and patients.

But as we have just said, this disadvantage is more anecdotal that relevant, because especially that it is possible to adjust the difficulty at any point in the adventure... and this is just one of most important additives which has received this European edition of the game in relation to the original Japanese.

Graphically it is one of the most striking and Nintendo 3DS games. The beauty that shed its scenery is sublime.

For the Sequel

As many of you know, in Japan there are two editions of this title: the original which has been on sale a year approximately and you just be published in Japanese land, carrying the tagline For the Sequel. And the latter presents some improvements and important additions that have been properly integrated into European version that we will be able to enjoy from the 6th of this month.

As you just discuss one of them has to do with the addition of three different levels of difficulty, thus softening (if desired, of course) the demanding level of expertise required to overcome the original title. It is without a doubt an addition that clearly benefits the gameplay, especially thanks to the aforementioned flexibility.

On the other hand also is possible adjust them fighting in two aspects different and very important: its randomness and the speed to which these is developed. In this way it is possible to vary the frequency of the fighting completely and enable them only when we want, fact that insurance that makes smile to many of you, since there are many players that this type of battles seem to them something annoying and repetitive. For power, even it is possible to assign these to develop automatically through certain patterns. And next to these options, it is also possible to significantly accelerate the dynamics of the battles, something that although it may seem a detail without too much relevance right is that it stimulates much strife.

Also wanted to modify both one of the aspects that were criticized in the original layout of the Japanese game: its final part. As already happened recently with adaptation in HD for Wii U of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GameCube, the final part of Bravely Default did not end entirely persuade those who enjoyed it. And by that same Square Enix has redesigned some of its elements to make them more attractive and round so an adventure extraordinary of principle to end. Another minor but important detail that has also been added has to do with the addition of two slots of saved additional to add three in total, since in the original cartridge, it was only possible to save a unique game. And finally, dual sound (English and Japanese) for conversations between the characters, dialogue involving the icing for a flawless sound and visual work has also been added.

Video scenes provide a degree of additional eye candy to a striking aesthetic work already in itself.

Artisan digital magnificence

Another of the many strengths of this production is its impressive audiovisual, being one of the rounder titles on this plot of all appeared in Nintendo 3DS at all that year.

The artistic line followed in Bravely Default seems exemplary and resembles different sagas of video games already mentioned, but also reminds us of the registered in some sagas countdown as Fantastic Children, for example. So the scenarios and all the characters have been graced with an excellent, being one of those few titles immediately recognizable taste.

Focusing on the protagonists, the similarities between Agnes and company and observed them in many of the classic episodes of the Final Fantasy series are more than evident. Halfway between the Super Deformed Japanese design and somewhat more stylized concepts, the truth is that all types who let themselves see the adventure have wonderful personality and appearance. The four main characters have an outstanding expressiveness as well as graceful and well solved animations, while some of the enemies that show throughout the Adventure (above all level bosses) have a majestic design.

But the scenarios take Palm. Elaborated artisanally and prerendered, its beauty is simply intoxicating. Forests, dungeons, castles, towns and villages or more exotic areas are just a few examples of the locations that have been recreated for this adventure. The setting of all of them is outstanding, superb from any point of view, and not infrequently, it is almost impossible to not be astonished info simply contemplating the exquisite stage we have as a backdrop.

In addition the use of the color which has been used to cover such areas is striking. As if they were oil paintings painted with watercolors, chromatic Load Bravely Default holds is captivating, much or more than the beautiful effects of light that also exude. And to magnify even more the quality of them scenarios, this title is one of which more and best use made of the effect 3D characteristic of the machine. It is worth to play a few minutes, even just to try, with the well on three-dimensional effect, because in this way we enjoy a wild deep in the scenarios.

Artistically Bravely Default looks spectacular, being one of those games that is immediately recognizable.

However it is in the fighting when we look at the most colorful moments from the graphic point of view. And it is that at certain times it is possible to note very well represented lighting and special effects, the best we have seen in the genre in this same console.

And to finish this exceptional graphics, the title also suggests when lavish scenes of video CGI as well the graphic designers at Square Enix dominate. Its quality is remarkable (though not outstanding) and its conception is very laudable, adding more eye candy and, sometimes, more drama to the moments of the adventure.

Nor do we want to pass the classic introduction of the cycle night, which not only has a strong visual impact, but also affects the gameplay. And it is that we can only visit certain sites at specific times of the day, as well as dialogue with certain characters or fight against certain types of opponents.

Melodic harmony

If graphically Wissler is a wonder, a title that will mark a before and an after in the JRPG designed for this machine, the paragraph sound not far behind... by no means.

The artist who has created the soundtrack is Revo, musician that has a history of faultless both creating other BSO for other titles such as other personal works and collaborations under the seal of Linked Horizon. More than 60 tracks different form part of the band sound, that has been composed with a grade of mimo and care very plausible. Classic pieces, other more dramatic the always "off-tempo" dedicated to liven up the battles against the bosses are part of it, being a real luxury for our ears. Simply by listening to it calmly from our team of music, it is worth doing with the Special Edition of Bravely Default, among many other things, it includes the soundtrack.

And this is accompanied by a very good work of dubbing in the voices, and can listen to them characters both in English as in Japanese with subtitles, as already you have advance lines more up. These dialogues are complemented with a multitude of sound effects well recreated, giving shape to an exceptionally captured section.

This edition corresponds to the newly released For the Japanese Sequel, version presenting certain improvements in relation to the original title.

Users who demanded once and for all (and leaving Fire Emblem side) a JRPG of reference for Nintendo 3DS, your prayers have been heard. Bravely Default is a stunning game from almost any point of view that is analyzed, being one of those adventures that come through the eyes and more you trap late hopeless by its multiple shades and qualities playable. The seal of Silicon Studio, the same people who brought us the extraordinary and understated 3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 (a title which incidentally I strongly recommend), is a guarantee of quality. We could continue to speak of their niceties and strengths to the end of the day, but it is not necessary to dwell more. You should get it as soon as possible.

And as a final note, we'd also highlight the work done by developers to provide even more content through augmented reality and built-in StreetPass function. With regard to the first, augmented reality, the title comes with several cards (34 in the collector's Edition) that allow us to view the characters in the environments that we want. Works quite well, with striking results.

And on the other hand, thanks to built-in StreetPass we can summon during battles the characters belonging to other users who arrive to our console, detail that we liked. But more crumb still has another of its functions and that we encouraged to participate in a mission secondary: rebuild the village of Tiz, Norende. And the way to do it is to compile as possible of worker, task for which the built-in StreetPass feature is essential. And if we complete it entirely, expect us an incredible surprise that we're desando taste. A detail that is the icing on a Nintendo 3DS outstanding title.

Square Enix shows all those doubters that it remains one of the best companies when it comes to capturing RPGs, especially JRPGs. And more by allying with a Studio tan trained as it is Silicon Studio. Bravely Default is a wonder made game, an adventure simply indispensable for any user of Nintendo 3DS that want to enjoy of a history worked, fighting epic and a realization technical superb. Few titles of the same genre have offered us the same dimensions of excellence that this great production. And we don't mean only the catalog of games for this console, but in general.

· Excellent system of combat.
· Superb graphics and sound performance.
· Working system of trades.
· Endless duration.
· Interesting news For The Sequel.
· Actors very well shaped.
· Certain imbalances in their level of difficulty.

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