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CSS List Styling Problem ?  CSS List Styling Problem ?

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Looking for some help on a sidebar list that im having some problems styling.
the "top free bets" side bar.
I'd like it looking abit more flush and the text links(ladbrokes, william hill etc) to be of a minimum width about 70% of the bar with the remaining 30% being the button, however setting mid-width: on the A attribute is doing nothing.
plus id also like the button to be of one width also, so that it looks flush.
I've coded it as a list, which im hoping is the correct semantic mark up am i right ?
Thanks in advance

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Good afternoon sumitmodi,

Can you paste your CSS code and the entire HTML sentence to evaluate it? It's difficult to answer without seeing the source code.

Use the label [ code ] ...your source code... [ /code ] (label without blank spaces)

Kind regards! :)

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