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               Dark souls III (Complete game analysis)

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After dozens of hours, cries of suffering and joy, were able to defeat Dark Souls III and are prepared to deal with analysis of which may be the last of its lofty saga. One that has marked a before and an after in the modern game. Are you ready to die, albeit for the last time?

Dark Souls III came with found sensations. On the one hand, the large accumulation of Souls in recent years has put us a little bit on the ropes. The fact that most increased even with some DLC that, so round and abundant content, seemed one more chapter. On the other hand, have to a Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of the series (except for Dark Souls 2) and to which the own FromSoftware placed the Crown of King Midas, ensuring have something of fear by how their users face a delivery more.

The first shots of contact were somewhat cold. A beta of stress that returned us all the enthusiasm in confronting new challenges, but quite a few family members. Again there was a dragon in a bridge, an enemy Crouching behind a door entry... And you thought that the own From you had too much expert in their own games to surprise you.

The beginning of Dark Souls III can, and in fact is quite similar to that described. But his ability to get up and make the last effort has made us change your mind gradually. After the first locations, this third installment takes a pulse which no longer loose, us tightens more and more and weaves a network of progressive difficulty as any other previous chapter in the saga.

We are going to risk a little more speculating: nothing can compete with the impressions that caused us Demon's and the first Dark Souls. They are memories recorded fire in the memory of every player who enjoyed them. But if we could eliminate the nostalgia, it is possible that Dark Souls III was more round title of five games From has given us. Its balance in the "builds" of character, his treatment of rhythm and speed, their scenarios full of secrets, the stunning and challenging bosses...

And however, Dark Souls 3 can not exist without all previous work. It is very easy to say that "it's more of the same" and actually is. But looking back and rejugando Dark Souls I and II after the delivery which concerns us, check that the animations that seemed us recycled are not so, that all the "tempo" of the game has accelerated accompanied with elegant animations and to work like clockwork. The best example that comes to mind to illustrate this is the Blizzard and mastery with which renew their franchises, which makes you look like that it has not passed the time between Starcraft I and II, but the difference and work among them is deep and craft.

But if we say also that Dark Souls III needs of their previous deliveries is by the amount of tributes that gives us many of his scenes. If you're a fan of the saga, both their Lore and the own memory of your moments in previous games, you'll enjoy the amount of tributes that included the team of FromSoftware which go beyond the nod for touching the pure "fan service". We don't remember anything so sincere to conclude a saga from Metal Gear Solid 4 What did in his time.

Lothric to review

Neither Lordran nor Drangleic. Lothric. Where transitional lands of the Lords of ash converge. A scenario, full of variety and a worthy of a Miyazaki game structure. This mean that we will see a level design at the height of the first Dark Souls? Not so much. If the first Dark Souls came to connect numerous areas while playing with the verticality of a masterfully, Dark Souls III style seems more to travel by Bloodborne. Without abusing both lifts as shortcuts, but offering different roads that branch out to different areas.

Patterns of enemies are more varied than ever. Not des no confrontation for granted.

A perhaps more simple design which does not need much cut-off due to teleport between bonfires, but that is still more organic and better posed to the of Dark Souls II, by far. Each of their areas is forced return if we want to get all its secrets or face some enemy who can be somewhat uploaded difficulty. It will be almost impossible to find all their secrets in the first match, and when we speak of secrets also speak of entire areas of enormous and completely secondary.

But if there is something that surprised us is the number of traps that make the walk through fully mortal Lothric. You have previously stated that any experienced player knows what to expect from a bridge with dragon, an enemy in the corner... But some of the traps that have prepared Dark Souls III will make you feel like the first time you played to a Souls. And when you feel so you have to multiply that feeling, because there are so many that it is impossible to count them all. Ambushes enemy, secret devices... so many that we sometimes mean twice with the same stone during our trip.

If you are a fan of the saga you'll enjoy the amount of tributes which included equipment From Software, to go beyond the nod for touching the pure fan travel serviceUn that is in line with other Souls and with a very similar, longer approximate duration of which meant Bloodborne. All will depend on course of our form of play, but if like explore each corner, hitting every wall (because return them walls illusory to hit of sword), read each description of object and do numbers with the attack of your weapon and the weight of your armor, will have between 35 and 55 hours in your first split if already you are experienced in them Souls. Lasting more than correct given that it is more accessible in the tasks of level up and improvement of equipment, to have everything centralized in the sanctuary of the link of fire, our link with all the characters near each other, and the teleport since the start of the game.

The difficulty, as we said previously, has been us quite scalable. The first areas do not imply an excessive challenge, unless you're starting from scratch with a class that you're inexperienced, but quickly begins to increase until reaching some areas with a fairly serious challenge, especially taking into account the surprises which us some enemies and the way they function.

Fighting the light and darkness

It is in combat where more changes we see in the adventure. Each small change in the system using the Souls are much of a delivery note to another. The most known is that this is the Souls quickly. In general, the speed has accelerated, creating more dynamic and alive, fighting but not to Bloodborne style at any time. This increase in speed makes it to again balance every weapon and fighting style, so we have seen a substantial improvement of swords and light equipment with respect to the heavy "builds" who dominated in previous installments.

There are bosses of all styles, some more pure skill-oriented and others to discover their weak point.

Perhaps the most significant changes come in the armor. We already discovered in the preview has been confirmed: you can not upload datasets based on titanite or in any other way. But which previously saw as something negative has ended up being a pleasant surprise. Thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to level up the armor, there is more chance toggling to convenience and focus on different strategies for some bosses or some areas, as well as the variety aesthetically. Some of the new armor designs are beautiful and, of course, there will be classic and others that will make you discover a smile of happiness.

Weapons from melee, however, do not have convinced us both. Not for his catalogue, but the few opportunities that there is change among them. Just there are differences between some of them and seem to have is seen something reduced with respect to the great samples that had Dark Souls 2, where is removes for example some unique or a set full as the of them swords twin. There are epic weapons from the outset, created through the transposition and the souls of defeated chiefs, very similar to which it had on Dark Souls II with Ornifex; but the problem is that for improve them need flake of Titanite and until the part end of the game not find it enough as to improve them well, by what are relegated to this portion of game and especially to them new split + that us expect after finish the title.

It shows a better balance between all types of character that can create the jugadorEn general, have found a better balance between all types of character that you can create. The predominance of the heavy armor and the ultra large seems to have been weakened before the need to move slightly more depending on the speed of the game, so many times we will find that the damage per second is more rewarded than the slow and strong, that it leaves too sold. Many of the enemies and bosses to force us to master the art of the Dodge over the protect themselves behind the shield. And although it remains an important and very effective piece, both the path of dexterity and agility and the magic have nothing to envy to the heavy classes.

The sanctuary of the fire-link is the link where all level up and improve equipment, buy items and spells.

That Yes, the large amount of damage that we are capable of absorbing is such that we have identified that raise health is more important than ever, taking into account also that the embers (the way to recover humanity and up 30% of life) are really scarce during the entire game. However, the shields are no longer so life like before. Enemies have attached to them and do not let you download them so easily to recover energy, as well as having a range of absorption of less broad damage. The bosses will be able to perform such a quantity of attacks that can break your guard and continue attacking, so stability becomes a crucial element.

Only them miracles us have like them more loose for the first split, as is difficult take advantage of all its potential to them moments late. On the other hand, some accessories as bows can almost become major. Has been much used scenarios so you can solve many situations distance with both nuclear weapons and magic classes, but the arches are now able to focus shots, shoot arrows fast after Dodge or propel many at high speed from a stationary position.

Check this out to you around and even so it is unlikely that you leave dozens of secrets. But at least you will be able to detect some traps.
NPC missions we have been of the most imaginative thing we have seen in all the serieAhora Yes, calls Battle Arts: special moves they spend concentration bar and perform unique attacks of each set of unique weapons or weapon. The truth is that we already doubted some of them, because they had not completed their usefulness in previous tests, in addition to consuming concentration bar. Some weapons, such as the dual, you can get to solve troubles creating circular attacks, but in general, we have not finished to get used to the use of these skills for classes of melee.

The wizards, however, are other singing. Return to have a mana bar which are both missed manages to do less cabals to make good use of "applications" that had every spell. By allowing the distribution of the estus between life and concentration, we can carry enough spells to be time exploring without pulling melee weapon, while reducing the number of estus that in some battles against bosses might languish in a sigh. Again, as usual, the magic and piromantica class possess a brutal damage, but they will absorb an enormous amount of damage in melee, almost more pronounced than in other Souls.

Linking the flame

You know how this goes. Dark Souls III continues telling his story in very peculiar way, through the descriptions of objects, leaving spaces to be filled in by the imagination and much theorizing. It helps little a translation to the Spanish who seems confused at times the terms and skip some words that sometimes are key in the descriptions.

In terms of its lore (we were wrong, by the way, in our theory of prequel), drink much of the first game and the story that there is, to the point of answering some questions that although they were not the most important, they were in the air since the launch of the game in 2011. However, what brings novelty has seemed more cryptic that ever, with descriptions in some parts quite succinct in comparison to what they were accustomed, and which still take something more in well unveil the lore of all her characters and how they relate with what you already knew.

Missions from NPCs, on the other hand, yes have been of the most imaginative thing we've seen throughout the series. They follow the same structure, but they are full of secrets and ways of acting at the right time to solve them correctly are going to require one or two new games more to get all the variables. Especially, is has put much emphasis in a few characters that can be crucial. We of course do not reveal anything, but their missions will much influence in our own character and it's great to go with the mystery that propose.

Our goal as undead Latentes is to link the flame, but the enemies that FromSoftware has arranged for all locations will not put it us easy. Many of them are still telling her own story, but sometimes are so voracious that not we look much at how he arrived there. Deadly not only removed a portion of considerable life, but there are some really. His set of movements will not fail to surprise us with attacks continuing and fast, great recovery and movements that will remove you always go with the shield always raised Vice. All script-based, Yes, but we have noticed in general, all enemy artificial intelligence has grown exponentially, being able to retire if they can even take the opportunity to join another enemy.

Some scenarios leave open-mouthed. Maybe Dark Souls III is not the most advanced technically, but in the artistic.
Combat speed has accelerated, creating clashes more dynamic and alive, but without reaching the style of BloodbornePero nothing compared to the real Titans in no time that await us in the adventure. In a few, very rarely can say that we have finished with a final boss to the first, and in some of these situations we have had help from an NPC. But when these do not appear we will find enemies hard as stones Yes well to base read their patterns to find his rhythm, going to test our nerves. The last of all can be especially complicated, to the point of becoming of the most difficult of all the saga if you don't preach to the cooperative. The design of many of them is impressive and the background which saved in the descriptions of their souls and objects will reveal much of the history of the game, becoming really interesting connections.

There is also place for some different fighting us yesteryear offered the saga, as those who can only be defeated in a way special or taking advantage of the stage to finish with them, but as it is already becoming usual there won't be any glitch that seize on any occasion that provide us with things. It is true that From has created a new mechanical for all enemies in general. If we are able to deliver many blows followed entering a kind of stunning, something like what happens in a Street Fighter, where are our worship to perform critical attacks. That Yes, achieve to introduce such amount of hits is complicated, most becoming to reward in a facility.

The beauty of the soul

Technically, Dark Souls III follows the line of the previous games in the series. Not surprisingly, both as Bloodborne could do at the time, but collects this engine to deploy some really beautiful lighting techniques, and blessed be the Sun, day. Therefore, it is not as advanced as the latest releases that we have had, but what it lacks in technical supplements it's leftovers in the artistic. Everything from the design of the weapons, armor and shields, the enemies, the stage and the scenery is beautiful extreme, giving some places of dreams and the best of the entire series Souls, as for example the picture of the lost city of Irithyll, really magic.

However as usual, dragging some problems that have seemed somewhat more defendants than in the immediately previous games this time. Frames falls are frequent in some areas, and even though they fail to bother usually, do it at some point in time a head for example, which doesn't help the experience. We have no doubt that it will be corrected with future patches, but at the moment, these slowdowns combined with some slow textures in the still loads are two of its major drawbacks.

The PC version is surprising because you drag also unexplained pulls regardless of the power of your computer. While Dark Souls II did not have these issues to get a clear and stable image, it appears that the porte of Bloodborne engine to version for computers was not all that had to be solid. In addition, the game still be adapted to ultrapanoramicos monitors, something that although it could be expected from their previous delivery, is somewhat more surprising in this third.

There is also a difference according to updates of the game which we believe worthy of mention. The promotional game has arrived with version 1.00 of the title, and there are notable differences in terms of the difficulty with the next patch, the 1.01, being this last version more challenging and with a degree of difficulty according to what is expected in this installment. When you enjoy the game at its launch will not have problems since it will update automatically. However, we mention this fact for collectors, as if in the future you want to use the physical disk without updates, it is possible to contain the version 1.00 of the game, and if not you keep updating on your console, you can not play with proper calibration. As we say, this happens with the promotional version of the game, and we will try to confirm it as soon as we have access to the final version that is sold in stores.

The great novelty of the multiplayer are 6 simultaneous players, but the number depends on the conditions and the Covenants.
But Dark Souls III does not end here. Throughout their deliveries, series has been redefining the formula of its multiplayer, adding small factors to keep it with that personality, but allow more accessibility to all. Dark Souls 3 is not intended to invent already nothing new, since it comes here to be enjoyed, probably during the largest segment of the saga time. Therefore, collecting many of the ideas of the previous games, but it expands the possibility of joining up to six players under certain conditions.

All thanks to the Covenants, which can not clarify much for not ruining surprises, but that we will have some classics, like the blue trail, the blue sentinels or the Warriors of the light Solar, collecting the most classic of competitive and cooperative modes. They become reminiscences to other classic covenants and introduces new to make the most of this type of online opportunities. Get them all, moreover, will be a challenge without consulting guides or wikis, since some of them are well hidden in the scene.

Design weapons, armor, shields, the enemies, the scenery and landscapes are beautiful extremaDe all of the Covenants, will discuss an aspect that us seems important to highlight. And is that at certain point, thanks to one of them can reconstruct to our character, both in appearance physical as in statistics. Quite similar to the pot of souls of Dark Souls II allowing us to more efficiently distribute our level, but with a certain number of uses. A element to thank and that us seems crucial for power vary of class in the new split + without unbalancing our class.

There is in addition an inherited element of Bloodborne which was very well received by many players; the possibility of playing with friends thanks to the option of putting a password that filters all players. This somewhat more uncomfortable way which invite directly to a friend through the platform, can travel the world of Dark Souls accompanied by an acquaintance and have something of help against the bosses.

A flame that fades

We started our trip by Lothric with some skepticism, but the curse of the dead not soon affect us and we ended up consumed by it and its amazing playability. Want to redial something that said to the principle of this analysis: is impossible classify Dark Souls III properly, because them first experiences with the series are very powerful, but not is doubt of that this third delivery is has won the right to exist based good make, being an of them more round and taking double merit by the dust accumulated of the road. A path with many souls, but he managed to leave us with a thirst for more, now that we know that it may be the last of his style. A style that has a seal itself, the of FromSoftware, and a signature, it's Hidetaka Miyazaki. A formula which will be remembered and studied in the history of the game and in this Dark Souls III has one of its greatest exponents. That Moon blessings be with you.

Dark Souls III is the latest effort of a formula refined up to the maximum possible. One of the most skilled workers and important games than far this year, which will mark a before and an after in the history of a type of video game. If you're a lover of the saga, no need to say more. FromSoftware has returned to create a work for the memory, we will not forget or being hollow.
After several Souls at our backs still impacting and surprising in equal parts.

· Improved combat, with treatment of armatures and the balance between classes that seem better led than previous installments.
· The beauty of its landscapes and the structure of their scenarios.
· The final bosses, of the best of the series. The missions of the NPCs, the best also.
· Technically it has some annoying descents and the version of PC needs to be upgraded.
· The treatment of weapons from melee could be broader and more varied during the first game.
· The Battle Arts have not finally be as used as we wanted to, even though they are quite spectacular.

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