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Day of the tentacle: Special edition, complete game analysis  Day of the tentacle: Special edition, complete game analysis

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Double Fine retrieves forgotten Day of the Tentacle, one of the best graphic adventures of history that could not have been better adapted to the new times. New graphics, sound enhancements, lots of extras and a more intuitive user interface are some of the changes proposed by this remastering, which is in its own right a real essential.

You think on it and smile. It is instant. Regardless of the years that have passed, or how much that has evolved the technology. You remember of his characters, their crazy argument, its bizarre puzzle and... laugh.

You smile like that youngster who almost with tears in his eyes first inserted a floppy disk or CD-ROM on his ancient computer hoping for the best from a video game developed by a company that at the time, already for more than 20 years, it was the largest; the always surprising, which never defrauded. And that day nor did. Rather it sat a Chair. Such is the quality of Day of the Tentacle. One of the best adventure of the story! Without further discussion.

Those who enjoyed at the time already know it but given the seniority of this LucasArts classic, there is a whole generation of players that has not had the opportunity to meet this hilarious adventure game. Is your case? The team of Double Fine responds to this problem with an excellent remastering that adapts to changing times the work of Tim Schafer and company without losing or an iota of the charm that made it 23 years ago in the great work of teacher that we still remember so fondly.

The tentacle that wanted to rule the world

If we ask the why... it is difficult to respond in a practical way. With any other game I would say that its history like us, or that we are delighted with their puzzles, the design of its action, the characters, or even its graphics. Day of the Tentacle is different; We all like him. We worship her great sense of humor, the brilliance of his dialogues, the ingenious of his puzzles and its magnificent staging, this remastering extols redraw totaling the graphics that now, more than ever, they seem to be taken from an animated film.

All graphics, scenarios and characters while retaining the style of the original have to be redrawn in this remastering. The work is admirable! But if you do not like you can change the graphics by the classic.
Since you begin your journey until you reach the final climax a smile will remain immutable in your face, symptom that you are passing it you incredibly well with this graphic adventure that also surprised by the degree of complexity in some of its challenges. And it is not for less. There are three players that we control simultaneously in three different historical periods! A situation which gives rise to unforgettable moments that we will certainly not describe swager does not surprise those who faced for the first time to Day of the Tentacle.

It links one after the other varied challenges that immerses us, how plays with three stories in parallel while you discover a host of crazy secondary characters that it is impossible to not catch them affection; even way which raises their puzzle, fleeing of the was then predominant trend for bizarre puzzles of difficult resolution, make this a great masterpiece that has not lost or a pinch of the genius that was born two decades ago. We enjoy from Day of the Tentacle in 1993, and we do also in 2016. Something that not all gamers can brag about.

Besides his sense of humor stays relatively fresh: the jokes, the way of speaking of the protagonists, the stereotyped design of some characters... even in this has aged well Tim Schafer classic!

Since you begin your journey until you reach the final climax a smile will remain immutable in your face

"We will not live to see the last"

Maniac Mansion sounds you? It was the first game from LucasFilm Games. He was published in 1987 and thanks to its groundbreaking user interface SCUMM was also a forerunner of the great classics of the genre as The Secret of Monkey Island, the adventures of Indiana Jones, or the own Day of the Tentacle, which is sequel to the legendary work... or something like this, because although they share some secondary characters and universe, its history is in very different directions. So that it is not necessary to have enjoyed the work of Ron Gilbert, although admittedly, Day of the Tentacle includes allusions and references to that game that only fans will understand. Is it a problem? Don't worry, that Double Fine has thought of everything.

The user interface has adapted perfectly to the new times with that radial menu that will help especially those who play with remote control.

Hidden in one of the computers within the game, this remastering includes as a bonus of Maniac Mansion original version - without improvements and with texts in English, that you can access whenever you want it. Detallazo which joins other extras such as a variety of sketches and artwork of the game, which will be unlocked as we move forward in the game, and audio comments from the development team that are a real treasure for the amount of details that reveal for the first time. Did you know that the adventure would be led initially by six characters? This and other sights await at this excellent remastering that has also done very well their duties in regards to adapt its user interface.

For many continues to be one of the best adventures graphic of the story the older SCUMM we love and remember with nostalgia the times in which commands and "throw", "push", "use" were the our daily bread. But it is clear that there are now better alternatives, or at least much more comfortable or intuitive options, and hence was born the new UI of this remastering. He opted for a radial menu that gives access to various options "with logic" in the context in which we find ourselves, and not all those available that would be rather chaotic. Design that is great for enjoying the classic remote, that should not be forgotten that apart from PC, also opens in PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, which has adapted to the thousand wonders. In addition the title is compatible with Cross-Buy function, what it means to have it on both platforms without additional cost.

Three main characters in three different periods. Of madness that you will live in this fun adventure! In addition, wonder how much changing the aesthetics of the game from one to another era still sharing the same stage.

Also in audiovisual Day of the Tentacle changed much for the better. They have been redrawn graphics and stylized appearance of the main characters without changing the aesthetics of the original, which is something that Yes it happened for example with the remake of the legendary The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel the least. It looks and you can hear better than before, almost as if it were a current game, but this remastering preserves intact the essence of the classic. Do not completely convince yourself what you see? Do not pass anything, as it was already the case with the remastering of Grim Fandango and other works of the style, simply press a button to return to the graphics and gameplay of the original. In both cases, with vocals in English and Spanish texts.

Another detail more that denotes the love that Double Fine has brought back that for many remains one of the best graphic adventures of the history. It has everything: good story, a script with spark, characters endearing, puzzle with a design exquisite, and dialogues hilarious with which is difficult not laugh.

There are video games that no one should miss and Day of the Tentacle is one of them. Fun, intelligent design of its puzzles, with a dramatic narrative and an unforgettable cast of main characters, we are talking about one of the biggest and best graphic adventures of all time. And it doesn't matter whether you enjoyed it or not in the past; so good is the work that Double Fine has done with this remastering, which worth going back to deal with the evil plans of conquest of the purple tentacle. We guarantee that the trip is worthwhile.

Witty, funny, challenging, intelligent in the design of their puzzles... has it all!

· Great remastering.
· The game is perfectly suited to the times.
· The extras and audio comments from the development team.
· They are fantastic.
· Some may not like the redraw graphics.

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