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Delayed delivery causes Outlook to delay exit  Delayed delivery causes Outlook to delay exit

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Hello Guys,

Is there any way to disable or bypass the warning message when exiting Outlook if there are unsent emails in the Outbox?

I recently discovered the Delay Delivery option on outgoing emails. It is very useful for me for sending reminders to clients a few days in advance of meetings. Since discovering it, I almost always have several Delay Delivery emails in my Outbox.

Unfortunately, it has an annoying side-effect. When I try to close Outlook, I get the warning message that there are unsent emails in the Outbox and it starts a 30 second timer. This wouldn't be too bad because it offers a button to "Exit without sending".

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. It merely resets the 30 second timer, making the delay even longer. And recently, it has gotten worse. If I do nothing at all and just wait, it now goes through the 30 second countdown twice.

Is there any cure for this little surprise treat from the Microsoft developers?

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