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Donald Trump explains Sweden terror comment  Donald Trump explains Sweden terror comment

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Donald Trump explains Sweden terror comment that baffled a nation

After bewildering residents and officials of Sweden by way of suggesting Saturday that a terror-related incident had befell over the weekend in the small Nordic nation, President Donald Trump attributed his remark to a Fox information interview with a conservative filmmaker.

"We’ve got bought to preserve our nation secure. You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's going on ultimate evening in Sweden," Trump told the gang at his crusade-like rally in Florida on Saturday, critiquing Europe's refugee guidelines and complaining that his commute ban had suffered setbacks in court. "Sweden, who would agree with this?"
It turned into uncertain following the rally what may have occurred in Sweden to attract the president's attention, and the Swedish Embassy requested for clarity.

Trump took to his Twitter account Sunday night to clarify that he changed into relating to a Tucker Carlson phase that regarded on Fox information Friday. Within the phase, Carlson interviewed appropriate-wing filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who had recently made a documentary about Sweden's refugee coverage. The phase did not comprise breaking information.
A spokesperson for the Swedish Embassy noted they didn't know if Trump's tweet served because the executive's professional response to their request for an explanation.

"We now have asked State branch if President Trumps' tweet is their reputable reply to our question past these days. We are nonetheless looking ahead to an answer on that," the spokesperson stated.

A White house spokesperson had tried to explain what Trump had been referring to just before Trump's tweet.

"He turned into speakme about rising crime and recent incidents in normal — no longer referring to a specific incident," White apartment Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders informed reporters.

But the country had spent the day baffled, since the president had talked about "remaining night" and nothing perceived to have took place.

"Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound," Carl Bildt, a former Swedish best minister, wrote on Twitter while he attended the Munich security conference on Sunday.

Sweden's foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Catarina Axelsson, instructed the linked Press that the Swedish government did not comprehend of any "terror-linked primary incidents." additionally, the linked Press reported, Sweden's safety Police had now not viewed any threats or answered to any attacks.

Sweden's U.S. embassy also seemed to take a jab on the president on Twitter Sunday night, retweeting Trump's past justification and saying: "We seem forward to informing the U.S. administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies."

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Trump's remarks had been no longer the primary time that somebody in his administration has stated nonexistent terror assaults as they defended his executive order restricting travel for Americans from seven predominantly Muslim nations.
White house Counselor Kellyanne Conway invoked a "Bowling eco-friendly massacre," which by no means befell. Conway has given that mentioned she made a mistake. White apartment Press Secretary Sean Spicer referred to a nonexistent terror assault in Atlanta, then later claimed he supposed the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida — a city more than four hundred miles south of Atlanta.

No terrorist assault within the U.S. has in reality took place by the hands of individuals from any of the seven international locations whose Americans Trump's first govt order barred.

Sweden, meanwhile, has no longer experienced a terrorist act committed by a refugee or grownup of the Muslim faith in view that December 2010, when an Iraqi-Swedish national detonated a suicide bomb.

According to the State department's Bureau of Diplomatic protection's Crime and protection report on Sweden, released final may additionally, average crime rose four % in 2015. The enhance was attributed to the upward thrust in desktop fraud. a piece of the report is dedicated to terrorism threats, and offers the nation a "Terrorism score" of "Medium."

In 2015, the nation obtained between 160,000-190,000 asylum seekers, which is probably the most per capita within the European Union.

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