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Fire emblem fates revelation: Complete game analysis  Fire emblem fates revelation: Complete game analysis

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We are accustomed to associate the initials DLC to something minor, without so many contents. Forget that meaning for Fire Emblem Fates: revelation. It is an as complete as lineage and conquest game. In fact, combines its elements to give us the true outcome of this trilogy for Nintendo 3DS.

Talk about Fire Emblem Fates: revelation and refer to it as a DLC to use is to stay very short. Nintendo already let us clear that the Fates trilogy consisted of three separate games, each with its contents. Not lying. Revelation is the better show, a title not only at the level of the other two, but it manages to differentiate themselves on issues playable both narrative level.

Intelligent Systems warns when arrived to the chapter 6, time in that can choose between the three paths: "not follow if not have played even to lineage or conquest". We now understand it. Revelation serves as the closure, explains many things at the level of history. Some of them fail to understand fully if previously we failed to defend the cause of the Hoshido and the Nohr.

Of course, not will tell you what happens in this installment, but it is very interesting. The protagonists are not the same; situations either. The pace is more intense, starting strong from the first chapter. But the most striking is that here we do not have many friends from the beginning, forcing us to the first battles in numerical inferiority. I.e., a differentiated approach, more if you count that along for the adventure is unite us both a family and other warriors. There is no distinction.

United lineage and conquest

The Magic's revelation resides in that combines them units of lineage and conquest. The first approach is more Eastern, the world of the Samurai. The second spreads from the feudal aesthetics, medieval knights. In this downloadable content, join forces, and in every way.

Support the Hoshido or the Nohr? The solution of revelation is pulling by the route of in the middle. And you don't have more. It is a very interesting proposal.

In the battles, mixing units of one and another family while mientras we moved. In my Castle, and may raise constructions of both sides, without restrictions. It does so with weapons, we are no longer limited. In relationships, it is possible to match characters from different families. This game is the final test for the players. Once they have discovered each campaign separately, given this approach, one more oriented to take advantage of the combined forces of the two sides. It is a sum of content.

It is a real blockbuster of laptop

The bet is intelligent. Dynamics are preserved as the triangular system of weapons, "dragon veins", the grouping of units, the level rises, the change of class, relations, offspring... Everything remains the same at the mechanical level. What changes is the bottom, but also the form. The missions are different, picking up the style of conquest, with very original and interesting tasks. It is at your level, with interesting objectives and a difficult development, more depending on the chosen difficulty (we recommend trying to play at a level higher than "normal").

A scene in heaven that prevents us from seeing beyond the clouds. A few dark caves where it is difficult to envision the road. A mapping full of boats between them that have that move us establishing bridges. The situations are varied and attractive. But there is another reason, and is that this game in addition to a quality (such as conquest) campaign, also has secondary missions (such as lineage).

The result is a long lasting title that can be overcome in 25-30 hours without going too quickly, adding more than ten hours to those who want to complete it to 100 percent. Between games, we have therefore a 100 hours of content, which is not bad for a trilogy that finds revelation in the final outcome. Is it work that ata all them cabos, something as well as the brooch to a history that although not be memorable, that is brave by narrating three versions different but interconnected of ones themselves made.

This game is like the final test for players

One of the distinguishing features is that we play here with units of one and another side. For this reason, it is also a game in which look you with everything I learned previously.

The idea is original and well executed. He is one of the games dealt best treaties of Nintendo 3DS. The CGI sequences shine. The 3D models are very careful. Battle animations contain many details. The sprites and the 2D mappers have personality. The music, without being the best of the series, accompanies and puts emotion at moments that most require it. It is a real blockbuster of laptop.

The game contains some functions extra. The CPU can invade mode my Castle (which go between items). We can also visit the castles of other players and compete 1vs1 battles shift online. There are functions built-in StreetPass and SpotPass. Finally, Intelligent Systems worked much a title that we can not complain. Will be for content...

The only question is with which to start. For us, it is clear. If you're a new player, your best option might be lineage. However, if already carry some years in Fire Emblem, by complexity and difficulty you should be conquers. The last delivery, the DLC's revelation, is intended for those who want even more. And it is a great choice. In fact, it is obligatory if you liked any of the previous ones. It is the sum of its contents, enhanced by another plot, more missions, and in a sense, the experience accumulated by the developers.

Revelation is located between the greater complexity of conquest and the accessibility of lineage. Between the brilliance of the first and the amount of the second secondary missions missions. It is also the final outcome, which explains all the background of Fire Emblem Fates. Ideal for those who have completed one of the two video games of the trilogy. Compulsory for those who want to discover what it would be like to combine ingredients both narrative as playable.

· Brilliant combination of elements of conquest and lineage.
· Interesting and ingenious missions.
· High duration. It has a lot of side missions.
· Is the real outcome, what gives sense to all but to level narrative continues without surprise.
· Depth has lacked it to go even further.

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