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Fujifilm develops world’s smallest laptop imaginative and prescient lens

HF6XA is a FUJINON desktop imaginative and prescient lens designed for compatibility with 2/3” sensors, which has insurance of about twice the present product, the FUJINON HF8XA, which offers the widest coverage range. In the commonly used environments of consumers, the lens is suitable with the extremely-excessive resolution of three.45µm pixel pitch (such as 5 megapixels when using a 2/3” sensor) under a huge portion of the monitor.

In addition, for a wide range of installations and shooting situations, the lens boasts “4D excessive decision” performance, mitigating decision degradation that typically occurs when altering a shooting distance or aperture cost and conserving a high level of even photo sharpness across the complete image environment on the extremely-high decision of 4.4µm pixel pitch (similar to three megapixels when the usage of a 2/3” sensor).

Regardless of being a wide-perspective 6mm lens, the lens achieves the area's smallest external diameter of just 39 mm. The lens is gold standard for attachment internal compact inspection contraptions with constrained internal house when huge coverage and consistency is required for studying product codes and serial numbers or for inspecting product shape and appearance.

Fujifilm may be exhibiting the HF6XA at vision 2016, one of the world's largest computing device imaginative and prescient-linked tradeshows, which can be held in Stuttgart, Germany from November eight through November 10.

In December 2015, Fujifilm released the HF-XA series of 5 lenses to be used with laptop imaginative and prescient cameras. HF-XA series achieves both high decision via 4D excessive decision expertise and a compact design with an exterior diameter of 29.5 mm. clients have also praised the digital camera for facets which encompass a lens barrel with three holes for fixing the iris and three holes for fixing the focal point, providing for effortless taking pictures as the optimal holes will also be selected to in shape the installing situations.

Fujifilm developed the HF6XA with the intention to reply to the want for a large-attitude lens with even wider coverage that extra improves upon the characteristics of the HF-XA collection. With the addition of the HF6XA, Fujifilm's portfolio of lenses for desktop vision cameras now totals six series with a total of 36 fashions that could suit a wide array of distinctive customer wants.

1. Main aspects:

(1) About twice the insurance of the present model

Designed for compatibility with 2/three” sensors with a focal length of 6mm, the lens boasts approximately twice the insurance of the current mannequin, FUJINON HF8XA, which has a focal length of 8mm. [Image]HF6XA has roughly twice the insurance of HF8XA (assuming the same taking pictures distance 50cm).

(2) “4D high decision” expertise enjoyable to FUJINON lenses realizes excessive-decision pictures throughout the total graphic environment beneath numerous installation conditions.

In the generally used environments of shoppers, the lens is compatible with the ultra-excessive resolution of 3.45 µm pixel pitch (corresponding to five megapixels when using a 2/3” sensor) below a huge component of the reveal. moreover, for a wide array of installations and capturing situations, the lens maintains even high-decision efficiency throughout the entire image environment at the ultra-high decision of 4.fourµm pixel pitch (such as three megapixels when the usage of a 2/3” sensor). The lens boasts “4D high resolution” performance, mitigating resolution degradation that customarily occurs when altering a shooting distance or aperture value.

(3) Achieves the realm's smallest external diameter of just 39 mm, regardless of being a wide-attitude 6mm lens
Because of the area's smallest body measuring simply φ39mm in exterior diameter, the HF6XA-5M can simply accommodate an installing atmosphere with area constraints.

(4) Design that enables handy attachment: The lens barrel features three holes for fixing the iris and the same for fixing the center of attention, enabling for the optimum holes to be chosen to healthy installation circumstances.

2. Specifications:

Product name HF6XA-5M Focal size 6mm Iris latitude (F no.) F1.9-F16 perspective of view (H x V) * * hooked up to 2/3” sensor cameras 74.7° x fifty 8.1° focal point latitude (from entrance of the lens) (mm) ∞-100 Operation focus manual Iris guide Filter thread (mm) M37.5 x 0.5 Mount C-Mount Sensor size (max.) 2/3” television distortion (%) -2.88 Diameter (mm) φ39 x fifty one Weight (ca.) (g) 100 Fixing knobs bundled 2

* Product necessities and external appearance are as per the advice at the time of announcement (November four, 2016) and are discipline to trade without prior notification.

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