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Here it comes: Google Penguin 4.0!  Here it comes: Google Penguin 4.0!

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Google is preparing an update of Penguin, and this time brings new features. Penguin changed its modus operandi and now acts "in real time"; and what does this mean? You have everything in this post.

Just turned one year since Google launched Penguin 3.0 in October 2014, an update that the Penguin was very good compared to other previous roll. This has allowed some webmasters relax... But the peace will not last much more that Google is about to get a ride back to your Penguin is more than expected. The question is not if it will happen or not, but when. And above that, we also have a rough idea.

Gary Illyés gave the news at SMX East Conference in June, where he announced that a Google Penguin update would take place in months to come (probably towards the end of the year), and that this time would act in real time. But to really understand the draught that has a story like this we need to understand how had operated Penguin so far.


Since it made its appearance in 2012, looming is the seventh update of Penguin. If Panda is specialized to detect poor content, Penguin pursues practices like link building, penalizing sites with toxic links or unnatural links profiles.

So far, the Penguin updates have been:

Penguin 1.0, the 24 of April of 2012.
Penguin 1.1, on May 25, 2012.
Penguin 1.2, 05 October 2012.
Penguin 2.0, on May 22, 2013.
Penguin 2.1, the 04 of October 2013.
Penguin 3.0, on October 17, 2014.
Penguin 4.0, by the end of 2015 (if Gary hasn't lied we)

Look good in this history of the Penguin, because it is possible that do not ever see an equal (then I'll explain why).

The case is that, so far, Penguin was present on a regular basis (and increasingly more distant in time), to collect and analyze the links of the websites and reorder the SERPs based on results. They were, therefore, static update.

Indeed, when you fell a sanction good, the experience was (and it continues being for who await eagerly the arrival of Penguin 4.0) very similar to a condemns prison, or at least to an arrest House! Almost all you could do was to rethink aspects of positioning SEO of your site and wait patiently for the next Penguin update with the hope that the project could resuscitate.

We already know how the Penguin has acted so far. What happen will now...?


What I mean here, "real-time"? As a Penguin update which penalizes live and live. Yes, but how does something work?
The truth is that now the little Penguin will look more to a giant with thousands of tentacles squid applying sanctions to left and right continuously. Professional SEO, shame of your sins!

Google goes Penguin a static activity, a dynamic performance (or in constant movement). This means that already it won't be necessary to count and analysis of links, and periodic reordering of positions in the SERPs. From now on, Google's algorithm will have the capacity to act immediately when it detects a toxic link, without having to wait for the next update. That that not you expected it...?


Is not a joke... A Penguin in real time implies a profound change in the rules of the game. But not everything is negative. The pinguin facts that is upon us will have very positive things. Up to now, as I said, if you sufrías a penalty by spam, practically the only option was to do things well and wait.

It is true that there were methods for a penalty from Google Penguin in record time, without having to wait months or even a year. I refer to the hanging method to exit a sanction of Penguin, which I already spoke in another post. But it was a complicated operation that should be professionals with tools of payment, etc.

If Penguin is able to apply sanctions in real-time, also it will raise penalties immediately when someone unauthorise links to Disavow. This has many readings in regards to the possible implications: do we'll listen to that of "run, which is an update of Penguin!"? Is it the safest building link to take her temperature to the search engine in real time with each maneuver and resolve penalties more quickly? There are many unknowns...

What seems certain is that a new era opens with this change of style when it comes to pursuing the spam and the link building artificial.

And now it's your turn, what effects do that you will have this new version of Penguin? Leave a comment!

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