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Windows 10 comes with a full disk encryption feature referred to as "BitLocker". It bundled with the working equipment by using default, besides the fact that children, the disk encryption needs to be enabled explicitly via the person. Besides the fact that you are not using BitLocker, its context menu options are always seen within the drive's context menu in File Explorer.

Here is how to conceal BitLocker-related context menu entries. BitLocker became first brought in windows Vista and still exists in home windows 10. It changed into applied solely for windows and has no official assist in option operating systems.

BitLocker can make the most of your computers depended on Platform Module (TPM) to keep its encryption key secrets. In modern types of windows equivalent to windows eight.1 and home windows 10, BitLocker supports hardware-accelerated encryption if certain requirements are met (the drive has to support it, comfy Boot need to be on and many different requirements). Without hardware encryption, BitLocker switches to software-based encryption so there is a dip in your force's performance. Here’s the primary purpose most people don't use BitLocker.

If you locate no use for this characteristic, it can be traumatic to look its context menu gadgets. However you are a BitLocker person, you may additionally wish to conceal it from the pressure's context menu, since it's also accessible from the handle Panel. Removing BitLocker-linked context menu objects may also be completed with a simple Registry tweak.

How to eradicate BitLocker from context menu in windows 10All BitLocker-related context menu commands are represented with the aid of right here Registry keys:


As an instance, when BitLocker is not enabled, the command "turn on BitLocker" is seen in the power's context

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To disable it, you should do here.

• Open Registry Editor.

• Go to the following Registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\force\shell\encrypt-bde

Tip: that you could right away open the Registry editor app at the favoured key. See here article: how to bounce to the preferred registry key with one click on.

• Here, create a brand new string price known as ProgrammaticAccessOnly. Don’t set any price statistics, simply leave it empty.

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Visita Exaforo.com

Visita Exaforo.com

• Now, go to right here key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\pressure\shell\encrypt-bde-elev

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In a similar way as above, create a string value ProgrammaticAccessOnly with empty cost facts.

The outcomes will be as follows:

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The command turn on BitLocker becomes invisible.

ProgrammaticAccessOnly does the leading trick. it is a different parameter which tells the windows Explorer shell that the context menu item can best be accessed by application programmatically. The user interface receives locked down, so the command disappears from the context menu!

Repeat the guidance above for all BitLocker-related instructions that you wish to cover from the context menu.

To shop your time, I prepared competent-to-use Registry information which you can down load right here:

Download Registry information

The undo file is protected. By way of default, the tweak disables all context menu commands related to BitLocker, so that you could are looking to edit it first before making use of.

It really is it.

Did you use BitLocker? Have you found it positive or did you never bother to use it? Inform us within the comments.

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