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Inside: Complete game analysis  Inside: Complete game analysis

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When is carried out the analysis of a game as Inside must take into account many things. It is not a release to use, can not be judged like any other, and requires a time of reflection once completed that do not require, for example, most shooters or adventure games. Is a great platforms what's new from the creators of Limbo? Is it a formidable puzzles? Is it a great story? It is all that and more.

Playdead is one of the most unique vision that can be found currently on the market. Surely its status as independent team makes them less heard and recognized that large companies working on projects Triple-A, but gives also the opportunity to work freely in video games without being creative. Let's be honest, no publisher would have financed a large budget to Limbo, a video game where the main character is a child who, during his adventure, dies of all imaginable forms: crushed, drowned, cut by saws... But it is also precisely one of their keys was its minimalist component, a sapling walking through a forest, and all this in an elegant black and white that honor to the German expressionist cinema. A millionaire did not need to get a project as well, only a staff of talented programmers and artists... "Only", as if it wasn't enough.

Inside is the new release of this group of creative Danes, with just 25 people on payroll (triple for his debut game), they have managed to materialize a work that may not surprise so much as the original, but which can see that polishes all its elements and improves others as the narrative or the suspense in this analysis. It is more rounded, and is more game, and that he was already outstanding. There is a real interest by the player to know what is going on in their world, and know where we're heading. All with the inexhaustible step of this new child protagonist, that returns to be a brutal spur for keep us glued to the screen to a greater extent even that for his predecessor. We have experienced several delays for this second Playdead work, but each day of waiting, each review extra which has been given to Polish its different sections and each turn of the screw that has been given to its amazing sunset scene have worth...

Under the skin

Blade had a clear narrative. We walked and walked in the hope of giving with our sister, where we were? There was a very accurate notion, but had several tracks throughout the adventure, and the end resulted them in order to plant us a conclusion in the eyes. Inside boot is similar, but its way to develop is completely different. If our child protagonist woke up in a forest in the first game, he got up and was walking; in which us children that we embody already today, has started a flight forward, and we simply limit ourselves to extend it. Lifts by branches in a forest that perfectly, might be that of his predecessor and from there we pushed and pushed, always forward. To a destination which at first desconoceremos, but will then take shape before our astonished eyes.

The oppressive atmosphere is one of the keys to the amalgam of sensations produced Inside. A tremendous plus.
Playdead have taken decision to just promote the videos and game trailers, and there is a reason. The Studio wants to that the element of surprise is at all times the King regarding the sensations that the program throws the player, so we are not going to be less and are not going to have absolutely nothing about that narrative engine that advances the game with huge pulse. If the exceptional Limbo already got it with suspense, his new bet work by firing the intrigue to higher levels and go leaving droplets that make us ask ourselves little by little: what's happening? who are we? who are all these people? We actually run away or walk towards a specific destination? The outcome is appropriate for history as hallucinating and hallucinogenic like this, but if you some limbo already you know that in terms of conclusions on end, this group of talented Nordic do not make things easy. We will have to reflect on what we've seen, and develop our own message as to what you want to give us the game. Is it devastating or exciting? Is there a place for hope or helplessness only his dark future? Each developed his own theory.

There is a genuine interest to know what is going on in their world, and knowing where we dirigimosEse monumental journey we are going to star in this title has obvious reminiscences with the first launch of this study. The aforementioned children as avatars, the scroll as the only way forward, sections of platforms and also occasional puzzles that, with much ingenuity, put us in a series of trouble that allow only our ability to understand how its unreal and fascinating world is governed us discern. The best of it is that these are resolved in a very smart way, telling us things of your world and, sometimes, with the help of unsuspecting colleagues allowing us to activate such or which mechanism or reach a height. Non nor easy, but difficult puzzles and invite you to think until we begin to understand the peculiar way in which everything in this universe works, and thereafter, the resolution of these "will get one".

The puzzles are sometimes quite complex, but others are simply based on the use of physical.

The sections of the platforms themselves are still present, although perhaps with less challenge than in Limbo. In that game had some parts which were devilishly difficult, and that we had to coordinate accurately our movement to try to circumvent a drop or a trap. Inside, on the contrary, is not so "greeble" with the precise millimetre way with our actions, and while it does have some sequences in which we coordinate our movement with great accuracy, is not a tonic as pervasive and broadly the various playable styles seem to better mixed which at that. There is more diversity of formulas, and they alternate in more and more successful.

Inside has a staged simply Increiblelo which is much more got is the variety of scenarios, there were many and very ingenious in their first game, but this time the way in which get different environments is much better accomplished. Renunciation of the monochromatic aspect of that can offer a less surprising or groundbreaking look (although still equally unique and even more beautiful), but definitely allows that much better things can get in that each area of the title have a formidable identity. The sense of road not only get in Inside with a progression playable that changes much depending on the area in which we are, for example industrial facilities, nature areas or underwater areas... all of them with their particularities as regards the type of puzzles and platforms that we must overcome. But having a personality cosmetic so marked the concept of "journey" is best understood, and can invite many players even finish it in one sitting thanks to its variety and not excessive duration but perfectly measured.

Limbo to Inside: improving step by step

Limbo became, there by 2010, one of the games with a most striking artistic direction that could be contemplated in the indie scene, something truly commendable considering the abundant talent that we began to see in the previous generation of consoles. In that incredible game of platforms could see influences film so atypical as them of the Cabinet of the Doctor Caligari or Nosferatu, and Inside while resigns to be so direct in the tribute, yes keeps some reminiscences with that; but rather than make them theirs used them simply as bridge to achieve something more unique. The new work of Playdead, a team that not in vain is Danish, goes a step more there and just resulting more mature and amazing (in the more literal sense of the term). All merit taking into account the quality of the precedent.

This does help a sunset scene simply incredible. Playdead, on this occasion, has decided to give up its own graphics engine, which employed in his debut work, and opted for the license of Unity, one of the engines most popular in the indie music scene at the moment which shows to adapt adequately to Xbox One and the PC version that was released a few days later. The results are outstanding, with some physical and some really impressive light jobs that help that always complicated task of making us feel within the game. However, what really rounds off the visuals is the artistic direction, which returns to be the strong point of this team of developers that IO Interactive left because his creative vision was something small to work on triple-A profile of the Hitman, and decided that tipping in his own works as a stand-alone device where the only limit is your imagination. Thus references to Limbo were very obvious, located in early 20th century German horror film, but this time are much more difficult to track, and link to its storyline intention: it is no coincidence that the characters in his world have no face, is a critique of our society, is not a coincidence either that some of them move as undead something that many humans seem to when walking through the streets of big cities without taking off her face of mobile phones...

But many of the other references are understood only in a second passed by the individual, unique campaign offer playable of the program. Yes, it can be overcome in about 5 or 6 hours according to our ability and a little more if their collectibles (that unlocked an alternative conclusion) we are interested in, figures more than reasonable considering the game only costs 20 euros, but when we discovered the real secret that hides your world and remember most of their memorable sections (some of them who put the willies literally), no doubt will have to return it to overcome. Perhaps not to the day following, since is a game emotional and psychologically very demanding as for to be finished a time behind another, but yes as who knows that has a jewel in its library of video games, and that will be there always, to review the few times want. That, friends, is priceless.

The graphic appearance, artistic direction, the soundtrack of Martin Stig Andersen... Everything works like a Swiss watch to make Inside a video game that comes through the senses. However, goes a step further, and it is not just a beautiful thing, they new work by the creators of Limbo is also wonderful playable. Improves anything seen at that in terms of mechanical, and offers a work able to satisfy many different palates: lovers of platforms of the puzzles and, in addition, those seeking stories not exempt critical and intellectual ability and with a strong emotional charge.

· The narrative, although minimalist, invites you to move forward with interest
· Some of the puzzles are really ingenious
· The injection of some moments of terror (moderate) surprises, and embedded
· The visual and auditory staging is overwhelming

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