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♫ Macbeth (Shadows of eden)  ♫ Macbeth (Shadows of eden)

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Shadows are walking in
the darkness of a promised
like spirits in a dark and
lonely castle,
they are dancing at a song
of a myriad of voices
with the stares lost in a
secret dimension.
Shadows are crying in the
immensity of a gloomy
holding in their own all
their consuming sorrow
They seem forgotten in the
heavenly garden,
forsaken in the misery of a
place without time.
"Abd shines the light of hope
in their eyes no more and no
emotion will pass through
their heart"
Shadows imprisoned
between dream and reality
in silently wait for a
solemn recall,
they look for consolation in
the pale light of god,
in a kingdom in which all
is eternal.


Macbeth is an established Italian Gothic Metal band in the international music scene. Founded in 1995 by drummer Fabrizio Cislaghi, the group debuts in 1997 releasing "Nocturnal Embrace ", a demo tape in a limited numbered copies. In 1998, Macbeth signs a recording contract with Dragonheart Records, a division of Audioglobe and the same year they release their first album "Romantic Tragedy 's Crescendo". The album has a good success and rave reviews throughout Europe and is regarded as one of the best symphonic gothic metal albums of the year. After a promotional tour and a few changes in the line-up, Macbeth enter the studio to record their second work, "Vanitas " which is released in 2001. The album shows a more aggressive approach without losing that trademark melodic side of the band. However a further leap is made with the publication of "Malae Artes " in 2005. The third album is recorded by a renewed line-up and is licensed in USA, Mexico, Russia and Far East, getting the wider release so far. The promotional tour takes the band from Europe to South America and in the major cities of Mexico. In 2006 Macbeth performs in Beirut, headlining the Rock Nation festival. Singer Morena guests in the musical project Rezophonic along with many artists of the Italian rock scene, and works as host in the Morning Glory and Database programs on Rock TV channel. In 2007 the band releases "Superangelic Hate Bringers" containing the single “Without You", and the promotional video reaches over 500.000 plays on YouTube. "Superangelic Hate Bringers " is the most direct of Macbeth’s album with a truly great production. The legendary British magazine Classic Rock publishes a rave review in the December of the same year, which raises interest around the band. In 2008, Macbeth reach England for the first time for a tour and return to Belgium for the sixth edition of the Metal Female Voices Fest. The same year the singer Morena participates as a guest at the March Metal Day Festival in Athens. The song "Do not Pretend " from " Superangelic Hate Bringers " is used by Sky Sports throughout the Formula 1 Grand Prix . While already at work on new album in 2009, the band was forced to take a long break due to personal problems but the long gestation allows the group to prepare a new album with superior qualities. "Neo - Gothic Propaganda " is now here and the band regards the album as the best work of his career. "Scent of winter" will be the first video from the album out.

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