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Mario and Luigi, paper jam bros.: Complete game analysis  Mario and Luigi, paper jam bros.: Complete game analysis

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The series Mario & Luigi seeks a new role. It wants variety, rhythm, mood and all that classic essence that has made it so far. And the paper already has it, is Paper Jam, new game of Nintendo 3DS which shows us that the saga has yet to experience space and continue to grow.

Rather they have games coming out of the factory Nintendo, and not referring exclusively to the sensational finish and polished mechanical presenting. It is the aura, the sympathy that overflow and are able to encourage anyone. Of course, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam it was easy. Concentrating so many charismatic characters, including their versions of paper, was a guarantee that here we were going to have colorful and joke for a good time.

In this regard, what's new in Alpha Dream does not disappoint, and already there are five occasions in which manage to take forward a saga that we always wonder what else has to offer us. For the occasion, the Japanese have decided to make an artful work, combine the RPG worlds of Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series: character rolero more marked from the first, with the Nice artistic line of the second.

Here arises a curious combination that serves to the already almost 20th anniversary since Mario decided to join this experience points and fighting turn-based. It is the observation that the idea worked, and if proposed by the big N, the series can keep going up in level. But not we stay in it obvious, because Paper Jam is much more. It comes with amount of novelties, mechanical coming to refresh a playability that is still classic, but with a new paper RPG that we now explain.

The magic of paper

The game starts in a very simple way. And... how, Luigi has not returned it to bundling. Has opened a book problematic and has left escape something as well as the paper art version of the United mushroom. The problems multiply, with two Bowser and an army of goombas that now in addition to 3D, has its namesakes of paper. The smiles are insured while you play, with smart dialogue and a translation into Spanish of those that are noticed carefully from beginning to end.

One of the best things about the game is that it retrieves number of characters of the great N. do Caco bug? Yes, it will have its appearance in the form of small minigame as we explore the desert.

By the playable, if you have tried previous Mario & Luigi, have much of the game explained. Alpha Dream has not modified the basis, with those fighting turns so iconic that allow us to interact and not just give orders of attack. Press the buttons at the right time and get your character to tip a bonus damage. Now, as where they fit two fit three plumbers brothers Mario paper, enabling the use of an additional button is attached.

The buttons and, B, to remain as dedicated to interaction with each of these three characters. The depth is solid, also resulting in a game that rewards our ability. The enemies have a differential pattern and each new appearance becomes a challenge to understand. And this is to say nothing of the actions that we have, some of which are authentic mini-games themselves. Special mention Mario paper, which involve mixing between button mashing and pressing them at the right time.

It is a game that seeks always to go out than usual, without stick to the script

With this, the conclusion is clear: more variety and more fun during the fighting... Apart from a greater difficulty. Or at least that we have noticed. Not is a ride. In fact, the game includes an easier way for the less skilled. In any case, the battles are satisfactory, as always, but now with these small twists and additives that help to renew the experience. It was necessary.

We stand more or less in the fighting could be the number of hours of gameplay, but generally comprises between 20-25 hours, a figure somewhat lower than the previous game. Even so, the rhythm is good, very good, mainly motivated by a section exploratory that we made visit different scenarios and, it more important, interact with the environment. If we were talking about that in the fighting were small mini-games, here the approach is very similar.

Why we say that this Mario & Luigi is loaded with minigames? Among other things, because certain attacks are small tests. In this case, consisting of button mashing to launch fire.

Of course we have enemies wandering, with that fight when entered in contact. But then there are a series of missions that have to do mostly with rescue to paper Toads. Sometimes we get them out of their hiding places and in others we face small tests which, as we said, represent very different minigames together (and which can replay in hard mode even). In essence, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is a game based life-long playable, but added that mini-games everywhere.

The best example may it have in the cartonecos. It's final battles that appear at the end of each world and propose we manage to "Wick" version (but on paper) of characters like Mario. So more variety not is you can ask to an Adventure RPG that also us gives feeling of progression, with equipment and objects with those who get that our trio of Plumbers is more solid and efficient. There are even "achievements" that give us points to spend on a series of items that we will be useful throughout the adventure.

The dialogues are funny and smart and have a translation to Spanish of those that are noticeable maintained from start to finish.

So the major conclusion of this Paper Jam is a video game that seeks always to go out than usual, without stick to the script, looking for the surprise until the credits screen. Perhaps that is why it is shorter, but no less interesting. An adventure that not can forget that has of another great sexy: his delirious humor. Like most stalwarts of the universe Mario, from the references that are made to a number of scholars Toads that we stop at various moments of the adventure to test our knowledge on the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is a game that is noted to be made with love, with graphics, animations and sound that are perceived to be recycled, but no effects are out of place. Would have liked something more lasting and that some battles do not so timeless. A bit of balance in this regard, as well as some more groundbreaking element, has lacked since the core playable is actually intact. They have been integrated letters of character, which we can invoke in the midst of the battle, assuming an element very, very interesting. Remove a goomba that attacks rivals, strengthen our defence, attack...

By the way, if you have amiibos, are interested in knowing that there is a role for special cards, which have different effects (can even combine two amiibos of the same character, for example: Mario). Another detail to a title that in scores had Yoko Shimomura, perfectly accompanied by charm, fun and humor that goes beyond the game.

Same basis, differently. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam sought that detonating that refresh its formula but without modifying it. The objective has been achieved with a title of great rhythm, best humor and gameplay more than remarkable. Number of mini-games that integrate perfectly in the philosophy Paper Mario, giving variety in addition to the classic essence of Mario & Luigi RPG. The result is a title that adds much role playable, with enough hours of duration, not without some wrinkle, but on which is has could write another important chapter within this mythical series.

· The playable base is still intact and functioning at 100 percent.
· A lot variety, both in the fighting as in the scan.
· The concept of "mini-games everywhere" adds a sense of novelty.
· The game is able to continuously introduce new mechanics.
· Humor, very nintendo and with an exceptional translation.
· Not as long lasting as other deliveries of Mario & Luigi.
· Certain parts of the game, as some fighting, may become repetitive or heavy.

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