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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phtantom Pain: Complete analysis  Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phtantom Pain: Complete analysis

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Metal Gear Solid has written an important part of the history of video games, and Kojima wanted to write another chapter, at least once more. It does so with value V, to dare to stir among the foundations of the saga to lift a delivery on open world. It does with V for vengeance, to propose us the history and pain of Big Boss, a war hero punished more than ever. But first and foremost it does so with V that US interests, that of the victory of an unforgettable game.

Video games have always felt a great respect for them and their creators, considering that each new exponent is the product of many people: programmers, artists, level designers, musicians... The art of the video game is one multidisciplinary, in which only through all gears is operated machinery. But there always has to be someone who knows how to assemble them, who get to make sense of the whole.

It is unfair to talk about a single person when you see how well it works Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, from the design of scenarios, through animations, to the mechanics and the interesting of their missions. However, it would be equally unfair not speak of Hideo Kojima, because 3DJuegos we also believe that behind every great creation always exists a creative who holds the reins, which accomplished that others walk in the same direction.

The Phantom Pain can be the title that is because Kojima has definitely mastered the art of directing. When a game everything fits so well is because it has been on the right track, making that iconic elements of this franchise (infiltration, history and now open-world) to merge in an exemplary manner. Not say that is best that such or which delivery, simply that is which more sense cobra in the time current to level playable and technical, assuming a point and apart in the trajectory of the saga, of the creator and until can that of the own Konami.

Note: Website updated with a final section to treat the versions of the game for each platform.

Courage to change

But all fight, in this case to evolve, involves important decisions. Commitment to an open world scheme has redirected certain conventions of the series, something of what already is gave us a small foretaste in Ground Zeroes. The best overview is that history gives much of its prominence to the player. Gone are the long sessions of codec conversations and those intros that continually interrupted the gameplay. Kojima has been transformed with this game.

Who says we have no intros? Despite the new approach, there are numerous sequences of introduction, all with the identity of Kojima.

Controversial and risky; It is a brave move by the development team, but which in our opinion is at the same time his greatest success. It is true that now the argument is fragmented, and can take several missions unless we discover anything relevant about Venom Snake and its history of revenge. Just as in a television series (in fact the game is structured as such), we could find crucial chapters and other "filler", but still all interesting from appearance purely playable.

There is nothing left at random in The Phantom Pain. Everything fits into a design studied to the Milimetroesto could concern especially to the most die-hard fans, since the script has always been a central aspect in the Metal Gear experience. However, you should say that there is a massive narrative load on cassettes that we are unlocking, small pieces of information that we can listen at any time. Assembling the narrative puzzle and go for the depths of The Phantom Pain is therefore optional. Even so, with raised plot load (not missing the intros) already obtained a great experience, with charismatic characters, surprising situations and those as own Kojima turns.

You have noticed you that we have not given any name except the Venom Snake. We don't want to tell you anything about what is happening in the game, not to even mention other characters. If anything, the issue: the pain of this war hero, both physical and mental, with the loss as "leitmotiv". And then those resources of the Japanese, who does not abandon his style, being serious but without to have certain nods, and even jokes, with the player.

The best Snake

We have a set of transformations, and one of the most striking, that first we realize in fact, is that control of Snake is the more agile to date. This is of utmost importance for the success of the video game. It means your spine, it's been everything else flow correctly, from exploration to the missions, through hedges and the firing system. We can do everything we did in past deliveries, but with an additive of dynamism and versatility, which was precisely one of the aspects most improved.

We can call the helicopter at any time to establish a collection point, ask for ammunition, weapons and even apply for a bombing.
Crouch, crawl, throw to the ground from a jump, run, climb... We could say all the actions of Snake, but it makes more sense to say you're never missing any movement. That is very positive, says much of the care that is the interaction with the environment. The coverage function of form correct, without frustration. The paragraph shooter is not the more pointer, but also fulfills its mission. Driving - be it jeeps, trucks or tanks--is accurate.

Since we are going to be many hours in open world, it is important that the sensations at the controls are extraordinary. The Phantom Pain compliance, making our stay very rewarding. It is worth remembering that the game is divided into several scenarios, but each of them has an enormous expansion, with their own missions, secondary tasks and even a characteristic weather system, with sand storms and rains that appear randomly to originate different opportunities for infiltration. I must say that the effects are actually achieved, being particularly notorious case of rain: puddles are formed and our character has just soaked with enormous realism.

If they kill us on several occasions, we are given the possibility of using the "chicken hat", which will prevent skippings alarms although we detected.

We have one of the best sections of the title. If there is a storm, the visibility is reduced to the point that soldiers cannot see us even if we are just a short walk. If it rains, our footprints are mixed with the sound of the rain, going unnoticed. And then we can not forget of the day and night. Visibility is expanded and reduced in each case, to be important that we take advantage of technologies like night vision. All this affects the missions, that become more or less difficult depending on the situation and our own style of play. The approach is simply sensational, enabled by a suitable lighting system, which achieves the result required in each moment.

Missions for not only a man

A direct consequence is that we cannot say categorically that there are more difficult than other missions, but that all depends on the choices we make. We refer to the equipment we select in each mission (weapons, items and other tools), but especially to colleagues who we choose so join us. Another of the great innovations of The Phantom Pain is the inclusion of a horse, a Wolf-dog, a girl or a robot as companions. If we had diversity of approach, imagine this...

One of the big news is that we can choose a partner before each mission. It is important that certain missions will be more or less easy depending on our choice. In addition, you will end up establishing an affinity by the style of play that offers each one of them.

The important thing is, again, that the approach to missions depends on what to choose, in such a way that certain approaches are developed better with one than with another ally. D-Horse is ideal to travel long distances. D-Dog detects enemies and also attacks them if we give the order. Quiet is a covering that is camouflaged in the distance and also responds to our order to shoot. D-Walker is a bipedal robot that evolved once can become lethal.

The big question is: which to use in each case? Such is the question, we have to Intuit from the instructions that we give at the beginning of each mission. That Yes, we assure you that you will empatizando with any of them, reason why a friendship bar is enabled. The more we use them, the greater the effectiveness of our colleagues. By aspects such as this, it is easy to realize that Kojima and company have thought up to the last detail. There is nothing left at random in The Phantom Pain. Everything fits into a design studied to the millimeter.

Artificial intelligence is another of paragraphs better treated in the title, another key of the Exitopero talk about missions.

You may ask you if they are interesting, if it's worth even replay. The answer is Yes again. Perhaps we have missed a greater presence of history, because some of the missions seem to fill in this sense. However, in the flat playable they are varied and fun, with a diversity of approaches. We have them infiltrate us at a base in search of a secret document, rescue some hostages, run to a target key, intercept a commodity... They are apparently traditional concepts, but not when you realize that person to recover is in a forest dark and pursued by enemies, or that the objective you are looking for is in a heavily-guarded fortress, with a helicopter makes us life impossible.

Since we are, AI or artificial intelligence is one of paragraphs better treated in the title, another of the keys to success. Soldiers vary their presence and ability to view depending on the weather, but also from the time of the day (even to get them to see Changing guard or sleeping in their barracks). Routes that follow are variable, sometimes unpredictable, and the best thing is that its behavior is quite realistic. If they think they see something, they converge to make sure that it was nothing. If we wake up any suspicions, they will be notified by radio and surveillance will be reinforced. Everything is built to encourage the practice of good stealth.

Infiltration in detail

For this reason, The Phantom Pain is a game that can be enjoyed more when you take your time, plan a strategy and study the movements that you do. Of course the action is contemplated, and they can even be overcome missions without taking precautions, but it is not as satisfying or from afar, in addition to us is not premia with the same score. In particular, and to give you an idea of the possibilities of infiltration, in each position there is an electricity generator and a communications system that is possible to disable, in one case to leave soldiers in the dark and on the other to avoid to request reinforcements.

Boxes are a classic. Although it is best when an enemy sees the box to move and to inform central tell you that if it is crazy... There are a thousand details.
We could be paragraphs and paragraphs telling each one of the amazing things that we have seen in the game, but we want to be ye to discover all the secrets. For example, can interrogate enemies so disclose certain information, and only if we have an interpreter among our ranks we can understand what we say (in-game enemies speak several languages). It is as if developers had viewed with Magnifier the videogame to meet even the most minimal lagoon. Details everywhere to dazzle the user with each hour played. It is a real discovery from beginning to end.

The bosses have been key in the series, notable for his personality and difficulty. The Phantom Pain has them, although as the structure of the game is different, the pace with which are also so. However, it important is that some are really amazing.
Because of all this, The Phantom Pain is an extremely replayable title. The best proof is that the missions can return to play. We could do it simply to overcome them trying a new approach, either using other equipment or a particular partner. But we could also repeat it to complete those additional tasks which had left the road: retrieve a document, destroying some objective, rescuing someone, stop a specific enemy... We could also return to improve the score (S, A, B, C...) previously obtained.

That takes approximately 40 hours to complete the game. If we take our time or simply experience all this replayability, the figure can get to bend is. Actually, is one of those games that is difficult to complete to 100% (there is percentage indicator, by the way), and therefore one of those games that widely justify your purchase if you are looking for is duration. However, this does not end here, because we have a very important pillar within this production. It is Mother Base, our special operations center.

Soldiers with home

Mother Base is the place where we can go to rest between missions, either to give us a shower (US revitalizes to improve our performance in battle), visit our soldiers (raises their morale) or simply take a stroll while listening to conversations between soldiers who talk about our figure, magnifying the legend of Big Boss. The interesting thing about these facilities is that we will make them evolve, build new modules and recruit soldiers to continue to grow.

As I said in the first Metal Gear Solid Snake, you never know how you can help a cigarette. We may use it to speed up the time, for example, that overnight arrive to facilitate our infiltration in a base.
Mother Base-related it is gathering, the action of seeking all kinds of material within the field of battle. The open world of The Phantom Pain is enormous, is full of metals, plants, weapons, vehicles and to animals (an NGO asked us to save them in Exchange for financial aid). As you can see everything is in place, and each of these elements serves to make progress to our units, their groups and so can provide us more and better equipment: new weapons, accessories, tools and enhancements to the fulton or our own prosthetic arm. If we, ourselves can manage the assignment of soldiers to the different units (intelligence, development, combat...), although if you have no time is enabled an automatic control.

Therefore, it is all linked. Explore the open world to get all of these elements has as a prize do evolve more quickly the base and at the same time develop units that do supply us with the latest advances in military equipment (among other benefits). Then there are contract missions to send subordinates to perform tasks at different locations, something that could take us to win but also losing soldiers. The rewards are diverse, resulting a support so attractive that we are awaiting the minutes remaining until completion of a mission to enable this. Is a mechanical very addictive.

One of the major changes of this Metal Gear is the traditional talks by codec to yield its importance to cassettes that we will be getting. The listener is optional, but if you're a fan not stop you or a...
In fact, this addiction is common to wide the progression in the game. Gets to be pending of which new gadgets are put at our disposal: assault rifles, snipers, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers... This includes things like flares and portable shields and lure to fool enemies. There are even improvements so the binoculars mark better rivals or we spend more time in reflection mode when we detected (which by the way can be disabled if you want a higher challenge).

What is surprising is that things are not here. For Metal Gear Online still have to wait until next October 6 (2016 for PC). However, The Phantom Pain itself includes online options, which must not forget that they have been designed to work in conjunction with the campaign, though they are completely optional (you can play offline if we wish). We refer to Forward Operating Base, a kind of special centres around the world and can fortify for step resources for our Mother Base more quickly and efficiently.

The Phantom Pain can be the title that is because Kojima has definitely mastered the art of directing it curious of this aspect is that we can invade bases of other players, in the same way that other users can break into our territory. The purpose is in one case stealing resources, and on the other to protect them, leaving you exposed to the enemy and the location of their FOB for a possible rematch. The concept is at least curious, adding even more complexity if it fits to the game, that thanks to this addition ensures a few hours more fun to the dozens that we have already mentioned.

The further conclusion that we extract of the above is that each and every one of the parts of The Phantom Pain acquire meaning as set. The dynamism of Snake pervades with the development of the missions, which, in turn, support a multitude of approaches within a scheme replayable containing depth thanks to the feeling of progression that Mother Base provides. It is difficult, very difficult to see in a video game a scheme as complex and at the same time so well organized. Many Japanese companies suffered when they had to deal with this type of such ambitious projects. Kojima and his team have managed to precede all adversities in an exemplary manner.

Fox Engine, a necessary investment

Much of the success of the videogame in addressing these problems resides in the Fox Engine, a proprietary engine that had as one of its main objectives to serve this game. The developers understood right away that if wanted to a Metal Gear's new generation needed a tool chord. This has involved both personnel and financial efforts, but again Kojima was right, because it is a tech bright, capable of generating huge scenarios and without loading times.

This engine can handle an environment which, as already confirmed, is 200 times larger that in Ground Zeroes. At the graphic level is a really nice game, with a very well-kept day/night transitions and effects of lighting (flashes) very characteristic, which give personality to the work. That is not to mention the general detail level, explosions, or the facial detail in the intros. The tested version, in our case PS4, has shown excellent performance, with a high flow. Only mention the presence of "popping" in certain situations of world open (due to high load content showing this type of games), but be especially annoyances.

All enemies in the game have a few distinguishing physical traits, because in fact each has their own nationality. The variety of animal species is another aspect to be highlighted: Lions, goats, donkeys, birds... The only negative part of the title, if there is one, is perhaps would have come not bad some stage more. Moreover, the work of modeling and animation is perfect, with a level of texturing really high. The range of colors, the impact of the lighting, shading technique... Everything is very careful.

But not only we have noticed from the purely technical aspect, but also the artistic. It is inevitable to mention once more the work of Yoji Shinkawa, known designer within the Metal Gear saga. The design of the characters this time say it focuses even more towards the fantasy that on other occasions, but without renouncing to a dark and mysterious tone that is combined with the tecnologico-futurista field which is mark of identity under this licence. This curious mixture generates extraordinary sensations while you play.

The feeling of immersion is absolute, another of the aspects that make this lanzamientoThe large Phantom Pain is a meticulous work in all their plots, focused on always reach the highest level. So the sound level is also maintained. Music is not a protagonist, but knows that appear for certain moments: the presence of enemies or our entry into action when we have been discovered. The rest of the time we spent exploring in freedom or infiltrating us sound support is limited to mood, which is not little, putting our auditory sense at the service of sounds generated soldiers, their conversations, the passage of a vehicle, appeals from prisoners, radios with music...

In the game not just be good finding opportunities for stealth, but that it is important to get into the game and put all the senses in what we are doing. As a result, the sense of immersion is absolute, another aspect that make great to this release. Licensed music deserve to be also mentioned, since there are authentic temazos (many of which we are sure to you have been selected by the own Kojima). Then also highlight the work of Kiefer Sutherland, very outstanding, like the rest of voices who have participated. As for the subtitles in Spanish, is not that they are all bad, but they are far from the overall quality that presents the title globally.

A new beginning

One of the keys is to ask: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a masterpiece? It would be easy for the game to lay the basis for future productions in terms of how should be a game of infiltration and in general open-world, especially in relation to how to integrate its ingredients in such a way that everything acquires meaning. Despite the difficulties, it is an exemplary development, with an outstanding address (Kojima) and a team of talents commendable.

In fact, we prefer to say that it is a game that when you finish, a few years have passed and you see it on your bookshelf, you will remember the great moments experienced. This has happened to many titles in the series, it is true, but this one has something special, an approach more universal playable with the potential to reach more users. That's our feeling, very similar to that left us the first Metal Gear Solid. It will mark the beginning of something.

Then there is the issue that we face the best infiltration game ever created. Many video games and sagas - including this one - course contributed to the evolution of the genre, but not at the level we have seen here. This has to be taken into account when assessing the title, because it is a before and an after. We have the result of putting all the experience accumulated in an open world full of possibilities of infiltration, generating renewed mechanical.

To Hideo Kojima Game

The controversy has been the other main character during the production of The Phantom Pain. Well into this year Konami announced an internal restructuring, followed by the disappearance of the logo Studio Kojima Productions in their games. This included the classic: "A Hideo Kojima Game". What has happened only a few you know. So far there are only rumors. What will be the future of the Japanese and the Metal Gear series?

There is one final issue, which is the same with which we began this article. This game would not have been possible without Kojima, but not without peers in Konami. It is not a game of a single person, is not a mission for one man, and that no one should not forget it. There is a great direction, but also a sensational team back. When play detect it rather than it made them entertainers, the artists, the designers of levels and them programmers; all those people who appear on the screens of credit for shooting and that many times not given them due attention. Do not forget us.

No one knows what will happen after this game, but what matters is that despite all the events the result is masterful. The Phantom Pain has given it everything, has not left anything in the rearguard, and while there will be controversial for certain decisions, must be positively assess the changes adopted: the transformation of Kojima. As they say in the game, "here all we have lost something". However, at the same time, we have gained more than what we have left in the fight.

Differences between versions

One of the most outstanding aspects of The Phantom Pain is that the game shows a performance adapted to each one of the platforms that has appeared. Fox Engine demonstrates its tremendous scalability, while it is obvious that consoles that more shines - potential - are PS4 and Xbox One. There are differences of resolution, in the first case with 1080 p and the second with 900 p, but the results are excellent in both, with a rate of 60 frames per second. Rare once the "frame-rate" is again unstable, and even so is practically imperceptible.

As for the versions "old-gen", are recommended if you obviously don't have access to next generation consoles. Performance of PS3 and Xbox 360 is pretty minor, but still surprised by how well receive the power of the Fox Engine. Both versions show a resolution of 720 p and a rate of images that moves around the 20-30 images per second depending on the situation in which we find ourselves within the game. The most remarkable is that you lose distance of drawn and "popping" becomes more aggressive, but at the same time the lack of sharpness makes that these defects are not too obvious, which are not nothing despicable versions.

In any case, it should make clear that there are no significant differences between PS3 and Xbox 360, in the same way as the PS4 and Xbox One share similar performance. The difference really is between one generation and another, since playing with stable 60 fps or 30 fps unstable manifests itself significantly in response to the controls, apart from everything that has to do with resolution and graphic effects. But we insist, the Fox Engine does a splendid job, proposing a rewarding experience whatever console we have.

The sensations with the PC version are also very positive, even while not to have a team with the most cutting-edge technology. In fact, the game moves with ease in a wide range of specifications (see news for more information), easily keeping the 60 frames per second. Although there may be moments in which lower the rate, does not the most common, as is the case in other versions.

If we notice a low performance in our team, the positive is that we have a high number of options to configure: vertical sync, motion blur, depth of field, detail of models, textures, shading, lighting, post-processing, effects... As a result, facilitates proper operation on older machines, obtaining good results even in spite of that you do not have everything in extra high detail. So, in short, a version optimized, highly recommended for regular users of this platform.

Metal Gear Solid raised the foundations on which stands the genre of infiltration. Now Kojima redefines the genre itself sponsored snapping it successfully within a structure of open world. Good decisions, clear direction and depth playable, sensational finish and a bright theme show that Japanese has mastered the art of directing, writing one of the most important chapters of this franchise. The V is Venom, the V is for vengeance... but the V is above all of victory.

· Magnificent redefinition of the genre of the infiltration under a scheme of open world.
· Great duration and depth of the game thanks to the inclusion, among others, of Mother Base.
· Huge replay value. The missions can be completed in many ways.
· Plot reason deep and well treated. Pain is the main protagonist.
· Graphically outstanding and with personality. The lighting is amazing.
· Sensational, finished without slowdowns and just programming errors.
· We miss a greater presence of the plot in certain portions of the game.
· It would have been sensational having enjoyed a stage further.

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