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Nioh: Dragon of the North review  Nioh: Dragon of the North review

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Dragon of the North is the first story DLC for the severely acclaimed Nioh. Besides the fact that children Dragon of the North is an outstanding addition to the normal adventure kit, it be no longer a superb one. For those who concept Nioh changed into a tad too effortless will love the issue spike in Dragon of the North. This DLC is hard, and it features one of the hardest final boss fights I actually have ever experienced.

Dragon of the North takes area after the pursuits of the main story, because the title suggests William heads to the north of Japan, more exactly the Oshu location. When William receives observe his pal Hanzo has gone lacking, while investigating rumors that Masamune Date is amassing spirit stones to wage struggle on Japan, he hurries to store his friend and prevent Date from repeating the equal blunders as his predecessors. The story does not add much to the ordinary mythos of Nioh, but any new content is at all times price it? The problem with the story in Dragon of the North is it be almost a carbon replica of the main story just instructed in less time.

Dragon of the North does not trade the formulation of Nioh, and that is not a bad thing. Nioh is likely one of the top-rated crafted titles on the PS4, so changing whatever that works so neatly can be a mistake. What Dragon of the North does do is expand on what is already there. The primary massive addition is a brand new weapon. The Odachi is an enormous Japanese samurai sword most useful compared to a Scottish Claymore. The Odachi is a good new weapon that has a wide radius of attach. It is wonderful when facing diverse enemies; however, its weakness lies in its sluggish attack, leaving the player open to enemy assaults.

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Other additions are available the kind of new Guardian Spirits, one in every of which is extraordinarily over-powered, new character skins for William, and some cool new locations. There are three new places to consult with in Dragon of the North. Two story missions took me to a very good new citadel ground to explore and a snowy village located in a mountain circulate. The different is a side mission that also points a snowy village the place new challenges and traps awaited.

The locations themselves are pleasant; however, I desire there have been greater than just the three. In hindsight, Dragon of the North is in reality a brief DLC, however because of its high difficulty it feels a lot longer. So let us speak in regards to the issue of Dragon of the North. Compared to the core online game, Dragon of the North takes the problem to an entire new stage. It is not effectively because of the bosses but the new enemies. It would not be DLC without any new enemies, notwithstanding there are realistically best two new enemies I did face off in opposition t new variations of older enemies.
Both new enemies are just the worst. They are difficult to kill and boast loopy electricity and velocity. The primary of these looks like a simple soldier, but then an extended tentacle with a human face will spring out of the soldier's head. It is a tricky enemy to kill and simply killed me in two or three hits. The other is an enormous skeletal warrior with rags over its body. This enemy is extremely quick and may combo 5 to six attacks together. It will additionally run and soar excellent distances to profit floor on William. Each of these enemies are just terrifying to fight.

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Let us speak about the bosses. The bosses in Dragon of the North are insanely challenging. Alternatively, not it is as if crew Ninja determined that the core titles bosses were too handy and determined to up the difficulty from ten to twenty. I had an extremely rough time with the Dragon of the North's bosses, however i was able to make the most the one weakness that each and every boss has, a great deal like I did with every boss in Nioh, it's except I reached the ultimate boss. The ultimate boss in Dragon of the North is, personally, the toughest boss I even have ever fought in a video online game.

The ultimate boss somewhat effectively simply would not have a weak spot. It felt like i used to be dealing with Ruby weapon with handiest Cait Sith, or Yamcha dealing with off towards a full-vigor Beerus. It is insane how hard this battle is. After spending over 250 health elixirs, I turned to the cyber web for support most effective to discover that others had been feeling and experiencing the actual equal issue I was, and a few Americans were winning by way of sheer luck or the usage of an overpowered magic construct. I do know I may sound like a noob, but this boss is effortlessly designed for the most hardcore of hardcore players and, personally, must be weakened with a patch.

Dragon of the North is a fine addition for fanatics attempting to find extra content material in Nioh, but it surely might have been extremely good. The sheer issue of Dragon of the North will flip off loads of gamers and a few may additionally conveniently somewhat Nioh all collectively in the event that they even be ready to attain the ultimate boss. The inclusion of recent places and a cool new weapon just are not sufficient to make this Dragon of the North DLC stand out.

Dragon of the North could have been a very good DLC, however on the conclusion it fails to live up to the expectations. Dragon of the North is first rate, however does not add satisfactory content to make it an absolute necessity and simplest probably the most hardcore players will locate the issue spike to their liking, others will likely cry in a corner.

• Odachi is an enjoyable new weapon
• New places are at all times respectable
• New guardian spirits are wonderful
• Size inflated by using issue
• Story feels like a carbon reproduction of the core game
• Final boss will make you cry in a nook (after you wreck your PS4)

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