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No man's sky: Complete game analysis  No man's sky: Complete game analysis

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The countdown has begun facing the launch of our mission of Galactic exploration and 18 trillion planets await us in 'No man's Sky'.

However, and while the game entered in final release, as already warned in Kotaku, it's more recent update promises put feet up the universe created by Hello Games, and is that see their list of changes not us relieves it's expected.

While it is no surprise that several users have embarked on the mission to get to the center of the same universe, and one indicated that it has already, looks like data package that will be available to coincide with the release of the game to significantly expand the gaming experience, and is not for less, since the galaxies will now be 10 times as large.

Through the own blog of the game have been confirmed the list of changes introduced by the latest update of 'Not Man´s Sky', some of them could be considered spoilers, but all of them serve to establish the enormous British independent studio work during the month prior to the departure of the game. Below is the list of details:

On the three paths - there are now new paths that can be followed throughout the game.

The universe-is have changed the rules of the algorithm of generation of universe, which means that them planets is have moved and that also affects to the environments and them biomes. Own galaxies have altered their forms and that generates a greater variety. The galaxies are now up to 10 times larger.

Diversity - Creatures are now more diverse in terms of ecology and densities of planets.

Planets - Dead under atmospheres of the planets Moons have been added and are at great risk. The extreme dangers blizzards and dust storms in addition to them.

Environment - Space, the course of time between night and day... now heaven now are 4 times more varied due to the new atmospheric system that refracts light more precisely allowing more intense sunsets.

The rotation of the planets - the game testing has shown the difficulties of the users to adapt to the rotation during the game, so that its effects have been reduced even more.

Generation of the ground - up to 128 meters high caves are now possible. They have added anomalies geometric. Under water erosion leads now one more suggestive seabed.

Diversity of ships - a wide variety of ships appear in the star system and are available for purchase. The load and the technology installed now is more varied, and the ships have attributes more unique.

Inventory - Inventory of ships now stored 5 times more resources per slot. The inventory of the costume now stored 2.5 times more per slot. This encourages to the exploration and gives freedom from the beginning. It is likely to increase this even more in the next update, allowing a greater commercial potential.

Exchange-the trade is more profound. Systems of stars and planets have their own demands and needs based on a galactic economy. The observation of these is the key to commercial success.

Feed the creatures now have their own diet based on the climate and the planet. The power of these will produce results different by species, and will affect in our expedition, our security, and to can tame them, turning them in exotic boots or to access to resources valuable through them.

Survival - Reload protection system requires few resources. The storms can be deadly. Added protection against risks and costume updates. Liquids are more dangerous more often.

Graphic effects - lighting and resolution of textures have been improved. the quality of the shadows has doubled.

Balance - There have been several hundreds of improvements that have affected the statistics of elements as the exo-suit, ship and even weapons, along with new enhancements.

Combat - Auto-targeting and the sight of the weapon have been completely rewritten to improve its overall sensitivity, but with controls more rigid when necessary. Now the sentinels will alert each other if not remove them quickly. Artificial intelligence in general to been implemented.

Space combat - have been introduced advanced techniques such as brake drift and critical hits. Added missions and larger rewards for these battles. The frequency of pirates has increased, as well as the difficulty of bring down them depending on our workload.

Exploits - All exploits detected around the juegop have been eliminated.

Stability - Improved the creation of buildings in very large planets. Also, is have resolved several failures that conditioned the stability as when the player surpassed them 256 years light in a single session (which was only possible through an exploit).

Space stations - interiors are now more varied, including bars, business lounges to hydroponic Labs.

Networking - Added the ability to scan stellar systems that other players have discovered on the Galactic map, increasing the chance of match with them. The systems star discovered by other players appear during the flight in our map Galactic.

Scan from ship - the scanning of attractions from our ship is now possible. Now is generates more fast and is displayed in the explorations of the ships.

Flight on the ground-both those appearances spontaneous as the shaded is has reduced. Generation speed has increased, leaving the planets with masses of water for the next update.

Registration-the route Atlas has been rewritten by James Swallow (screenwriter of Deus Ex) and Sean Murray. The texts of previous missions has been rewritten to allow multiple end.

The own Hello games indicates that while all the game servers were reset last Sunday, to take advantage of these changes all the progress made should be disposed of, which in a way is fair enough.

Looks like you'll have a lot to do in this universe, although of course there is one thing very clear: If all these changes occurred during the month prior to its release how will end the Hello project games from here to end of the year?

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