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Overwatch: new expansion this month!  Overwatch: new expansion this month!

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We have already come the surface of the desolate New York of The Division. Now it's the turn to dive into their abandoned subway system to continue cleaning. In this analysis of subsoil, the first great expansion of the Ubisoft game, we tell you if it is worth going back to his post-apocalyptic vision of the Big Apple.

In recent times, when a game is released with strong emphasis on the on-line, the players already know they are titles subject to change that, on occasions, give Studios the opportunity to modify elements of its facet playable on the basis of the feedback collected from fans. For example a world separates seen on Destiny from the moment of its release to what Bungie got to perform with its numerous and, in the case of the last, great expansions. What Ubisoft Massive tries to do with The Division is similar, refining a formula which, moreover, proved to be very addictive and Super in the original game, and adding elements that give it an attractive long-term returned the attention of that profile of fans who lost it after completing your proposal.

Following the poor debut of the deficient raid free which arose a few months ago, with the first expansion of the payment obligation was the offer something of sufficient quality to justify your purchase and maintain interest in the title. Has he succeeded? The journey to the depths of New York is growing in the right direction, offering the same style of action third person but with a different way to put it, to ensure that this is much more direct. Better or worse? It will depend on amateur and your interest in dive into the New York big, open, and mass of the game that continues, but this Expansion
The heart of darkness

If we were to clean the streets of a post-apocalyptic thugs and undesirable New York in The Division, in the basement we enter her womb. After the prologue mission we passed directly to what will be our base of operations, a place called the Terminal that will serve as what we saw in different bases and francs of that story. The reason for our trip under the Earth? Everything you've fought on the surface in the form of organized enemies retired to the labyrinthine subway lines that exist under the Big Apple, so they expect there properly entrenched that we ensure also that area.

The Division - subsurface analysis

One of the most interesting points of maps, aside from its exquisite design, is the fact that generate their parts randomly.

The purpose at the plot level is, therefore, very similar to the of the video game original, but it will eliminate all that grateful effort that was made at the time to make us feel that we participated in the reconstruction of the city. This time everything is much more direct, that means also related a few fighting much more going to the grain. If after investing many hours in the video game you tired of kicking the semi-desert streets of the city, this time you don't have to worry about since Ubisoft Massive has devised a system of dungeons that make up a much more compact form the entire action sequences. They are missions that can be overcome in 20 minutes, but they have some rather interesting twists.

The journey to the depths of New York growing in the right direction, offering the same style of action in third person, but with different form of plantearloLa is these patterns generate randomly, by allowing that we can enjoy missions to repeat over and over again but that we can adjust patterns as the difficulty or different playable variables such as them directives one of the elements that made their debut. With these can customize, for example, different elements such as the minimap which we can remove or damage directional indicators and much more. The concept is as when in a game of speed reducing subsidies to maximize the experience bonus, and it is that here also we will get more loot and points according to how much harder to put things to ourselves. All a challenge having in counts that return to face us to them same units that in the surface, but that these have different tricks and gadgets that use in our against. If at the time we abhors the artificial intelligence of opponents as one of the points to improve, on this occasion we have observed some improvements (also some of the same weaknesses) but above all a greater variety in their behaviour, and a breadth of resources that can make us things very difficult.

The curious note the fact that there are to unlock these directives gradually, puts it and investing many hours in expansion; so the title guarantees have a rather lazy but definitely effective long-term incentives.

The enemies back to be the same, unfortunately, but they have new tactics, gadgets and improved behaviors.

These variables, as we say, are not the only ones who have one mission to another, while the rest are more in the hands of "the machine". When we talk about that in a game levels are randomly generated based on some kind of algorithm, sometimes we refer to certain titles that end up showing pretty repetitive and easily identifiable patterns. However Ubisoft Massive has managed to have underground between the games that bypass these problems with greater agility, and is that the levels created end up enjoying a special MIME. They will have to spend many hours until we start to find some recycled patterns or to recur, and that is not only welcome, but it has a tremendous merit.

The last of the important pillars on which rests this expansion is the introduction of the third incursion to date and, in addition, the best of all have been launched so far. He is the Dragon's nest, for which need a level 30 and, of course, having passed the General Assembly mission. Of course you need a full group of players well equipped and better coordinated, since the difficulty is bigger and there's something frustrating elements like explosive remote-controlled cars and a final surprise with his boss not to reveal but which is quite a challenge... sometimes very witty and surprising within The Division formula, but even with challenging that reaches levels not too fair sometimes.

To garnish this proposal for pure and hard action with different incentives appears a system of progression similar to which brings the dark area and that, as in this, works independently. This can pose some problems with equipment equal if we make use of a matchmaking to use, since it can match us in the early hours with a far superior to our team players but, as they are just beginning, having the same level lower than us in the basement. However if we plan to enjoy it with friends and all we took more or less a rhythm of coordinated development and a balanced team we have no problem to play it. This, obviously, is the best; not only because any video game is much more fun with friends, but because this expansion in particular is particularly harsh with those who play solo, making it almost impossible to enjoy for these by its emphasis on cooperation and their nonsensical level of difficulty.

It is noteworthy that the expansion reaches accompanied, in the case of PC and Xbox One, update 1.3 (remember the version for PlayStation 4 of expansion makes wait until early August). This, in addition to Polish abundant elements playable of importance, also introduces some important settings, adds new weapons and the heroic difficulty for two missions that they were part of the game (Hudson refugee camp and camp of the tunnel in Queens).

The experience of The Division divided fans who enjoyed stroll through their New York ideally set, and who were mainly of its powerful action sequences. Basement goes destined, directly, to the second; a proposal that does not go by the, which is fully aware of the strength of their shootings and branches that are exploited to the maximum. Not everything works 100% clear, but with a new RAID, very interesting loot and the system of missions with random elements, as a minimum, deserve to have a look:

· If we want a more direct experience, subsoil is for us.
· Directives allow enter very interesting variables in missions.
· The fact that the dungeons are randomly generated insufflates her a serious plus proposal.
· If the original had possibility to enjoy alone, here it is impossible.
· He made of be more direct him remains something of variety and dip.
· Some factors associated with the progression of the underground range are very irregular.

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