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               PC not booting up after BIOS update.

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Hey guys,

I have Intel DH67BL motherboard with Core i3-2100 CPU. I bought it 2 years back and the USB 3 always had issues.
Recently I bought a Seagate USB 3 for backup purpose and sharing data with MacBook. After going through different forum and Intel's support I figured out that BIOS update has fixed the USB issues.
I downloaded the latest BIOS and flashed it using the F7 Bios update utility.
Once everything completed the PC stopped booting up. I took out the config jumper and battery and left the system for half an hour. Took out all the components and tried to boot it but it again failed.
I am leaving India on Friday 12th and need to fix the PC before that. I have a lot of important data which i need to copy in my USB drive. Pls help me to fix this problem quickly.
Am new to the wonderful forum, I have worked with multiple firms.
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