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PC shuts down while booting  PC shuts down while booting

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I have been using this PC for 3-4 years with no issues, It was disconnected and not used for 2 weeks and after that i cleaned my PC and reassembled it, after that it start normally but will shut down on its own while booting windows (you can say it runs only for first 30 sec). farthest it ever reached was windows start screeen.

1. I tried putting each ram module and it worked till boot
2. I dont think issue with PSU as its at least booting

I am yet to check after disconnecting my HDD, Graphics Card, CD drive. I am totally confused over this, looks like something wrong with CPU or Mobo but i am not able to pinpoint.
Any hints?
Am new to here , I have worked with multiple firms.
you can check CRM Software video one of my work.

Thank you in advance!

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