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The time has come for megaevolutionate. The popular "pocket monsters" series debuts its sixth generation with a strong evolution. Pokemon X / and demonstrates that the franchise still has future in a long, extremely addictive and amazing game from start to finish. Do you with all... in your Nintendo 3DS.

17 years are to short for a number of both travel and pokemon. The video game series based on the "pocket monsters" has broken all sorts of records to become one of the steadfast pillars of Nintendo. The work of Satoshi Tajiri, the same Japanese who later founded the company Game Freak, has given us amount of deliveries since 1996, moment in which premiered pokemon red / blue, yet many probably remember vividly - or rather in monochrome - when the Game Boy was the fashion in the portable market.

An infinite number of colors (from yellow to black) and references to metals (such as silver or gold) have title games that never will have taken off in a somewhat conservative style, with few changes, but always aimed in the right direction. Thus it has been lifted and refining the gameplay pokemon, and perhaps time now the time has come to collect all the seeded fruits.

Pokemon X / and is the realization of all the effort and dedication invested since the 1990s. A pitch that inaugurates the sixth generation in the saga in the best way possible, restoring classic aspects of the series at the time we receive amount of improvements that purged the original formula. First by being the first pokemon portable in be completely rendering in 3D, and second by present a set of features (more species, connectivity reinvented, megaevoluciones, etc.) that will be released-with the new Nintendo 2DS-in all the world starting from the 12 of October.

A world of friendship

There are things that never change, and one of them is the history of the games in this beloved series. In this case, the argument begins equal that always, with a young that comes out of his city to convert is in the best trainer of the world. Help a teacher to complete the Pokédex, defeating the eight gym leaders and see us with an antagonist - now the Flare Team - which seeks to impose its concept of beauty in the world, they are narratives keys than if you have played other deliveries you should be familiar.

But this does not have why be a drawback. Actually, the concept continues running, with a plot that as greater particularity we will make visit quantity of cities and engage in conversation with more characters that never. Just start our journey, we will already have four friends that we will continually crossing, and that will only be the beginning... The world is the more alive that have seen in a game of the saga, with many coaches willing to fight.

Of course, this does not mean that our "pocket monsters" have passed into the background, but is clear that Pokemon X / and provides a greater weight to the player relate to the environment. All this in a very good rhythm adventure, with variety of situations and the addictiveness of always. Small changes depending on the version (X or and) that we have acquired also are present, both in terms of development and of creatures, which will be partially different, including the legendary pokemon - Yvental and Xerneas - and some of the megaevoluciones - like Mewtwo, presenting one to each cartridge.

Pokemon X / for the related Pokémon, but also with the environment and the characters that surround us. It is a live game, coach to coach.

The magic of explore

All video game of pokemon has its origin in a region. This time it's Kalos, a really large star shaped territory, which offers us a journey from city to city through multiple routes. A known schema, which increases the level of the pokemon and the consequent difficulty in fighting as time passes. In concrete, some 35-40 hours if not we stopped too, and more than one hundred in the case that decide to explore it by full.

Forests, caves, beaches... The variety and beauty of them places is one of the aspects that more us have liked of it work, because each step is a discovery. And since talked of steps, the control of our character continues being something archaic (still limited by the eight directions in the crosshead). It is not something that is most unsatisfactory, when we have shoes for running from the beginning of our journey, as well as means of locomotion as some roller skates or a bike (with which it interacts through the analog stick). This makes our particular pilgrimage pokemon much more bearable.

The distances are short thanks to this solution, really successful. But there are many other things that count, as you will have the typical items hidden in the scenery (pokeballs, potions or skills), as well as the opportunity to use artifacts such as a watering can - to plant berries and thus multiply them in our inventory, a fishing - rod that will allow us to fight against pokemon type water-, and the dowser - a useful scanner that kill time finding hidden objects.

A simple sword? No, it's one of the Pokémon that you will discover in the title. Do not judge you without having given orders before. He never it would be...

The path of the coach

Pokemon X / and there are plenty of cities with very different sizes and designs. However, it is Luminalia which could be considered the true metropolis, which by the way is a form of free exploration in three dimensions (without the classic overhead perspective). In pokemon white / black already got closer to these big cities. But has been now when it has evolved of truth. The city is enormous. Therefore, it adds the option to take taxis from one end to another.

Cities such as the aforementioned provide a sense of very powerful progression, to which are added other factors, such as personalization. We can name our protagonist, as well as select sex and choose a total of three predesigned avatars. Not much, to be honest. There is still scope for improvement in future installments, but unless we are allowed to change cap, shirt, pants, socks, boots, shoulder and even sunglasses. If you have enough money, all this is possible through multiple shops available in the game.

There are more elements to comment in this regard. For example, the new balance built when faced with pokemon, gain experience and level up is successful. Stop at the battles that we propose is sufficient to overcome the game without difficulty, although we know that it is always better to stand up a little more - neither is it necessary to do so much - with the objective of always be prepared. Either way, the pace here is fully satisfactory, with the presence of a number of really huge Pokémon. You will not say the figure to not destroy you the surprise, but the work to include so much diversity of species can be seen.

The skirmishes in the air are the another great addition, while maintaining the fighting "tag", consisting of meetings 2vs2 (which may participate in two coaches for each side). Another additive is cycle day-night - in real-time depending on our console clock-, something that has no implications on the playable. Is says that is more difficult to capture to them pokemon in an environment night, but the greater impact is to level aesthetic certainly, with sunrises, sunsets and sunsets. Finally, we must not forget us of the megaevoluciones, which are quite slow to appear and are only available for some Pokémon. Activation depends on a special stone, and the State is only maintained in the battles, increasing statistics and adding exclusive skills.

The battles represent to the pokemon in all its splendor three-dimensional. The bad thing is that if we activate 3D effect the rate of "frames" deteriorates significantly.

The "tamagotchi" of those pokemon

The megaevolution get that our pokemon acquire a look different, more mature. It is the case of Mewtwo, which indeed has two different stones, one for the X Edition and one for editing and find such stones is a challenge, but is worth. Until we could see modified the type of our pokemon based on these megaevoluciones. It is all a discovery to know what happens to Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle (appear in the game as a nod to the past) in this State. So touch experience.

But as not all pokemon can access these luxuries, the developers have proposed two alternative very tactile (running from the bottom of the screen). The first is Poke recess, which could be defined as a kind of "tamagotchi" where you can care for and play with our creatures. Caress them using the touchscreen, give them eat pokelitos or make gestures in front of the camera--are moving our head - are some of the possible interactions.

But not the only. In addition, we have three very simple minigames in which drag berries to the pokemon, another in which touch our friends to return a series of objects that fall, or solve puzzles cuadriculados in the shortest possible time. There are various levels by minigame, something that motivates us to continue playing. And for what? As to essentially improve the relationship with our team, so Dodge attacks better, offer more critical attacks and even back to watch us while we think the next order of battle.

Reaches the air combat, but also the megaevoluciones. They may only be activated during the battles and under certain conditions, but they invade...

Get ready to beat

There are more possibilities to improve our creatures in Pokémon X / and. The "Superentrenamiento" is one of them, not just criticized by some users to enable us to improve our pokemon stats (attack, defense, speed, health...) in a relatively comfortable and simple. Basically, the proposal consists of a minigame which we need to touch aim to finish with pokemon balloons that appear on screen.

Therefore, the worst is not the fact of increasing features quickly, but what little appeal of the concept. The tests are a step below the overall enjoyment. As a result, may not we come to never use this option that is completely optional - and we spend to more combat, as that provides Bastion battle, very select map locations where high-level, mainly against NPCs clashes occur. The most striking of the topic, is that we will win titles that we identify with respect to other players, to which we can certainly send invitations (though costing lots of money).

Other aspects to mention are the nursery pokemon (ideal place to leave our creatures safely, even could procreate and give rise to eggs) and known as Trasladador Poke, the ideal tool to retrieve our pokemon from white, black, white 2, Black 2 editions. The application is for Nintendo 3DS and is free, but you need to be subscribed to the Bank pokemon to transfer the creatures. The latter is a payment service (annual fee, with one month of testing from 27 December), and allows you to save up to 3000 pokemon in the cloud. Does advantage over the traditional method? Move more than one pokemon without using two consoles at the same time. The final decision is the user, but the option is there and is welcome.

The super training will be useful to increase the statistics of the pokemon. Areas squared with your touch aim shoot and check the results.

Trainers online

Connectivity is essential in Pokémon games, and there are no exception. For leave it patent, Game Freak is has pulled out of the sleeve the PSS (Player Search System), that facilitates them communications from the screen touch of our portable. At a glance, we will control what users have in the vicinity - through the built-in StreetPass-technology, with which we will be able to start a fight or Exchange when we want. In reference to this comment that for the first time in the series we will get pokemon that we had not previously recorded in the pokedex: interesting breakthrough.

The PSS system considered these players that we fortuitously "bystanders", which could escalate to be "known" and subsequently "friends" if we finally recorded in our machine. It is a very easy to understand, represented through the icons of each trainer in the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS. We can even establish a State of mind and put a message so that all connected users (pedestrians, known and friends) receive them in their respective consoles.

Enabled connection both local and online - with a button to change from one to another comfortably-, leveraging built-in StreetPass function to receive information, tournaments and news relating to the programme, as well as reports of people that we have crossed. There is some detail, the prodigious Exchange, which consists of trade a pokemon instantly on the other without knowing exactly which we will receive. But certainly the core of the experience in line is located in the Area of combat, scenario from which dispute "fighting by points" to arrive until it more high of them lists of classification.

Three-dimensional beauty

More pokemon, differences between versions, megaevoluciones, the incorporation of the type fairy, battles of Horde, new forms of training to our creatures, mini-games touch, a large central city, an improved online system... Are many them news of pokemon X / and, but the more obvious has that view with the appearance visual of the game. We are witnessing one of the greatest graphics evolutions series to date, with a title that is completely rendered in three dimensions, ending with "sprites" who came to accompany us since two decades ago.

This has involved a work additional to those artists Japanese, but the effort is has seen rewarded with a world beautiful and alive. In particular, the theme main of this release is the beauty, both in the design of them pokemon as of the characters and, especially, scenarios. Clearly inspired by the city of Paris, the Japanese study has raised a round game, becoming one of the best take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. Both is thus, that in certain parts of the adventure is has de-emphasis completely of the stereoscopy-normally during the exploration-, to apply all the detail possible.

The results jump to the view, using a technique very showy "cartoon" that puts black edges on the modeled. The best example of all this work is the enormous city of Luminalia (which is further explored with three-dimensional freedom), but matches are not left behind. The spectacular shines more than on any other release, with amount of light effects for attacks and a fluidity that was just ruffles as soon as we put the 3D effect. Actually, little is worth have enabled this option in an adventure so long, and if downs of "frame-rate" (as in the battles with the activated effect) now we have the perfect excuse.

The perspective changes in very specific situations to emphasize the beauty of pokemon X / and. For something is the more colorful laptop series Pokémon.

Pika, pika!

Should be perform a valuation additional on the new Pokémon introduced. Despite the traditionalist current which exists in this regard, which defend also many users, we believe that introduced species are charismatic and not break the style coined by the saga. In addition, they contribute to more balanced matches, putting on the table a new set of animations which, by extension, has infected the rest of existing pokemon.

There to evaluate everything in perspective, and the work carried out to encourage all the Pokemon, also the ancient, is really worth appreciation. The sixth generation starts strong, with a full revitalization also reaching the sound level. Those effects not have evolved just, and in fact only some pokemon-as Pikachu-emit sounds as in the series of TV. However, and to be intrinsic elements of the series, genuine signs of identity, not seems a negative aspect to take into consideration.

Less when everything is accompanied by a set of melodies that, while rescue classic chords, are reinvented to adapt to the new times, taking full advantage of which can be to the sound hardware of Nintendo 3DS. The scores are varied, recurring in the clashes, but many in the rest of cases, with specific topics for each of the situations that we will play live in this long adventure. Developers have been successful in taking this view, the offer different points of view musical (some appear to be orchestrated), giving the feeling that pokemon X / and we have worked a lot. A product in which we know that great efforts have been invested.

The game becomes completely translated into Spanish, with the care that tends to take Nintendo to this type of production. There are even small jokes and winks.

Regeneration pokemon

Being born a new generation within the pokemon series, and we sincerely believe that it was difficult to do better. We cannot say that this is a revolutionary within the series game, since its fundamental principles have not been altered, but that does not mean that within the formula is one of the releases most innovative we have received. He new type fairy, the battles of Horde, the megaevoluciones, the Superentrenamiento, the Poke recreation... represent all them introductions successful that contribute to revitalize the formula original.

The great length of the work, the highest number of species of the entire series and the amount of things to do in the mapping are other aspects that make us think we have game for a while, at least until within a few years. And is that Game Freak it has given all to approach us also the exponent more eye-catching of all the series in portable, with graphics rendered in 3D and the spectacular that gives the effect stereoscopic in certain situations.

And all this within two cartridges that us advances the new road of the franchise, populating in this case the region of Kalos with amount of characters and enhancing the features online, that will be key in the future. Pokemon X / and is a step in the right direction, assuming a strong evolution that materializes in addiction and quality entertainment, which is really what matters in these cases. A buy obliged for them holders of Nintendo 3DS (or Nintendo 2DS, that is puts to the sale next to the launch) to the bring of turned, and with more force that never, that slogan of the "do you with all" that us dazzled to end of them 90. The magic has returned.

More pokemon that ever before, the new type fairy, the megaevoluciones, a section fully three-dimensional graphic... pokemon X / not revolutionizes its formula, but yes to regenerate it to such an extent that it satisfied not only to his faithful followers, but it might convince new users and even recover the magic on those who lost sight of it for a long time. Game Freak has done it, has created a title that not only evolves, but it megaevoluciona, giving way to the sixth generation pokemon in the best possible way.

· The graphical jump, one of the largest that have occurred in the series.
· The new pokemon, all loaded with personality.
· All made introductions: megaevoluciones, type fairy, fighting Horde...
· The duration and value playable of the work: a complete title.
· That aspect online not has opted for greater innovation.
· The Super-training not just materialize with the pokemon formula.

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