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Problem compiling SCSS.  Problem compiling SCSS.

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I am trying to get a setup where I can compile SCSS files.
I started by installing the KOALA compiler on my windows computer. Everything seems to work OK with the exception of including a second css file into my scss file. I have tried all the different variations of the @include statement, but the file I specify in the @include statement does not get included in the scss file.
After doing a lot of research, it appears that some people are having this same problem with the KOALA program, and some people are not.
After working on the problem for the past week with no luck, today I downloaded and installed the SCOUT compiler, and it turns out I am having exactly the same problem with this compiler.
I may be doing something wrong, but from watching many videos on SCSS and different compilers, I can not find out why these compilers won't include the second css file into my scss file. The file I am trying to include happens to be the Meyer reset css file.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or have a solution to the problem? I don't mind spending money if there is another SCSS compiler program which will solve this problem.
Thanks in advance

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