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Street fighter 5: Complete analysis  Street fighter 5: Complete analysis

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The fight of Capcom lands in PlayStation 4 and PC with the objective of converting is in the flag of the gender. Street Fighter V has unquestionably interesting foundations, but is an insurmountable barrier for fearful users cross punches with strangers online. For all you others, trains and trains: it Capcom Cup is the top.

December 2014 was the signal output and presentation of Street Fighter V. Since he knows of its existence Capcom has made it clear that the competitive is its main purpose. Both, that's any way seems to have abandoned to the user that enjoyed passing hours dead in those modes arcade beating difficulties impossible and unlocking content. Maybe the player's fighting has evolved and to bring many without care outcomes of the dark hadou and the family goings of the Masters family.

The truth is that Street Fighter 5 hits the market with null content for the Lone Wolf. Capcom seems that want to wipe it off the map. Although in March will receive the challenge mode and story mode in June (all free and without added cost, of course), the reality is that the fifth installment of Street Fighter has even eluded the arcade mode. There is no human way to throw a game against the machine beyond the poor survival mode, training against the CPU or insufficient history which has been included.

It does not remove that we we have a Street Fighter with all of the law and a fifth, if we stick to the standards of the franchise and its most famous delivery, at the height of the playable myth. Not is little, and in fact, is so important. It has opted for a risky fight system and that could have compromised the work, also has been on the table which is a new beginning for the community. A kick off exciting to find new goals and grab victories around the globe.

When it comes to face a Street Fighter should not be forgotten that the important thing was not know if Ken marry Eliza at the end of Street Fighter II: the only thing that mattered was that you aplastaras the guy who had thrown 25 pesetas to the machine while playing. A unique in the genus feeling and why Street Fighter V bet. If you agree to the maximum you are within the new chapter of the series; If yours is to know if Cammy and Bison were lovers until the British lost memory and leave the squad of killer bees, it is not. In any case, welcome to the new era of the struggle of Capcom.

Get ready for some action

The generation of two-dimensional fighting quality is on a high in the current generation. All manufacturers have risen to resurrect its franchise or bring them back to run in the new circuiterias. Capcom, as it could not be otherwise, also has been in terms of the mechanics: it has respected all the bases that turn a game into a Street Fighter, and with height taken by series in recent times is worthy of praise.

He fights from all the fighting. A new generation of fighters and some of the most famous Street Fighters of the franchise will fight a new battle.

The Street Fighter IV is delicate: many years working well among the players, with a giant roster of characters and some established mechanics that have been widely accepted by their competitors. The change from the fourth to the fifth installment is total, similar to the name of the second to the third and the third to the fourth. Far from staying in his comfort zone, artists have preferred risking and revolutionize the gameplay with new and unique possibilities. Have they succeeded? It is early to say it, but it seems Yes.

The variety of characters is virtually an exclusive Street Fighter v are 16 fighters with skills so different each other that neither Ryu and Ken have shared master. A pleasant news indeed, since along with the novelties included in the chapter there are other faces that made more than one decade that we did not see distributing smite on screen. Rainbow Mika, Karin, Birdie and Charlie Nash are not new acquisitions in the eyes of the veteran user, but are to your commands, since they have little to do with their appearances in the Alpha series.

Rainbow Mika made her debut on the legendary Street Fighter Alpha 3. Never again to leave in any other game of the series.

Without neglecting new applicants, Necalli, Laura, Rashid and Fang. The first is a powerful monster with abilities melee, the Brazilian is an option that holds large damage to the opponent with few hours of gameplay and Fang is practically an anomaly in the franchise: the lanky plays with poisons and the patience of the opponent; the impacts of their ranged attacks poison the opponent, eroding his life with every second that passed. Rashid uses the properties of the wind to take advantage of their great air game. The editor for a major facelift to the rest of the campus has not neglected.

Bet Capcom to compete. Obvious everything else.

With asterisks, of course, Ryu, Zangief, Chun-Li and Cammy it may be the only characters that have kept their intact DNA in this delivery, but the changes in Ken, Bison, Vega, Dhalsim become them, practically new fighters. It is worthy to appreciate the great work done by Capcom in the present field, may be the most important when evaluating the quality of a fighting game. The inclusion of the new V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal systems expand considerably your chances, already explained in recent months.

Time does not pass by Chun-Li and Vega. The new suits fit to the perfection with the protagonists.

The V-Skill is a unique ability that allows Ryu, for example, stop the opponent attacks without damage (what would a parry from Street Fighter III), Ken launch a violent rush or Birdie to fill the area of combat of random objects. Each fighter has his. Other options, the V-Trigger and the V-Reversal, are activated with the bar that just above power, which has between two and three containers and their capabilities, as the Skill, are different in each fighter. The Reversal is active with a bar of the meter and counter attacks rival while us cover; the Trigger power wrestler in Exchange for the full meter with a new State: increasing capacities of combo, speed, altered state or invocation of a unique attack.

Fight in Street Fighter IV compared with the fifth delivery is as different as play to Street Fighter Alpha 3 or to Super Street Fighter II Turbo: nothing to see. Review of all mechanics gives new life to the gameplay and game technique. It is no exaggeration to say that it is less overwhelming and suffocating the fourth part: it has lowered the bar in order to broaden the view of your practice in the future. Means that is less demanding? What it actually means is that Street Fighter V is a different game, but is able to keep intact the reasons that make a product of the genre in an authentic Street Fighter V.

Here comes a New Challenger!

What you'll find the user who inserted the Street Fighter V disk on your PC or PlayStation 4? Little at first sight. A story mode for each composite character between three and five insipid bouts to unlock a desquiciante plot and some unworthy of Bengus illustrations. It is known that in June will be a mode similar to the one seen cinematic in the latest productions from Netherrealm, but if the plot revolves around which is explained in what you can play now, better not to entertain high hopes.

You can not ask the history of Street Fighter be like King of Fighters, Blazblue or Guilty Gear, as in the offices of its developers has also tried to maintain a narrative logic or at the height of the greats of the genre. The hosted mode history, occupying just one hour and half fill it with all the characters, are nothing more than nonsense starring characters from the video game. Falls short in any way, including in the playable and offered. It seems that they have forgotten to the fundamental content for a player.

Something short and poor story a mode. Some illustrations great, others with a level low for Bengus, Illustrator mythical of Street Fighter.

It is incomprehensible that Capcom has not chosen to add something as basic and normal as an arcade mode. One ordinary would have sufficed: fight against a few enemies, final boss and to fly. Increase difficulty, get new trophies for it... in the end, what has been doing the gender life. Leaving aside the possibility of fighting against bots in the training mode, there is no other way of playing against the machine and its characters to a higher difficulty: everything has been focused on a tasteless and poor survival mode nothing satisfactory. In theory it will grant awards and fight money, but the shop is closed until March there is no way of knowing about its operation until further notice.

There end up content for a player. Subtracts the way training and the challenge, that unfortunately, not will be available until March. The general feeling is that Capcom wants the player to focus on competition and crossing against enemies around the world, a very noble mission, but will miss that I would have been able to instruct the new ones that come with this title. The absence of a serious tutorial that explains the real foundations of the game, not the memez that explains to the game for the first time, would have been key to attach to new fighters.

Very short in single player game modes. If you are looking for is competition or hesitate: Street Fighter V is a great production.

All the work and effort is in the online. The Capcom Fighting Network is the best additives to the product: a powerful search engine of players and statistics, with the ability to view their recent fighting and study them inside out with very interesting viewing tools. He analysis of each one of them fighting of the best of the world is to the scope of a couple of buttons, something that will entertain to them more skilled competitors. The virtually total absence of content for a player would leave in a very compromising situation the game not working online as expected.

Is there reason to fear about his performance online? Depends on: in the days leading up to the launch of the website all has worked relatively well, but "relatively well" is not the standards expected by the users. We know that Capcom has been taking advantage of until the last moment to enhance the title online experience, but it subtracted to expect the behavior of servers once all users landing on Feb. 16. The company has worked on many betas to be prepared for the expected moment, will it be? Performance has improved as the launch approached.

The legend. Capcom has changed the style of Street Fighter IV without compromising the pedigree of the series.

In the worst cases, and as proven in tests and days before the premiere, the lag makes it impossible to the game. Not slowed down the match as other deliveries of the past, directly it is impossible it: movements of the fighters appear jerky, it seems that they impact the opponent but in reality they do not, and many users to check the situation prefer to leave the stick and wait for his death. Not worth playing as well. Them major problems found are in them fighting between PlayStation 4 and PC, and if Capcom not manages to make them operate properly, of what will serve the exclusivity in consoles and the cross-play between platforms?

Capcom realized launch of DLC plans a few days ago. In March we will have Alex from Street Fighter III, online enhancements and challenges. Each month there will be new features.

Speaking of platforms, the performance technical of the game in PC is excellent: not makes missing a great computer to enjoy it and responds to the thousand wonders. PlayStation 4 version has a light technical problems in some scenarios, reaching ignore frames of fighters in order not to compromise its rate of images per second. It is something that can be vital for competitive games to high levels. It doesn't seem a problem difficult to arrange with a patch in the next few days. 1080 p and 60 fps, of course, and fully compatible with arcade official sticks in the current generation of Sony PlayStation 3. Are under the problems of compatibility in the territory of the computer. In any case, good news for all users.

The interface is easy and flexible to use. Find friends, find new opponents and invite you to new fighting is done from a supplementary menu on the main screen. You can also activate searches while training, you play the way history or survival, so that, if your desire is to continue competing, you will never lose sight of rivals that may lurk in any time.

Visual spectacle; noise nostalgia

The visual style of Street Fighter has respected the most, including new costumes and appearances for some of the heavyweights of the franchise at the height of what was expected. The passage of the years has sat well many of the wrestlers that are displayed with greater age, and Ken design, although successful, has not left anyone indifferent. The scenarios are varied and adequate, as well as their designs and possibilities, offering, in some cases, funny situations for the losers and glory to the victors.

Train, train and train is the key to become a formidable rival. Investigates and rivals looking for the network, he studied the best in Capcom Fighting Network.

As has come being habitual, those fighters have with two tracks of audio: the Japanese and the English. It has done a great job in the two fields and there is no complaint in this regard, nor in the music, with good and new songs mixed with some essential classics of the franchise that have accommodated a new revision. They complement each other well and are a breath of fresh air to the rhythms of leftovers known by all users of the genre. It is expected that with the arrival of the future fighters, Alex, Urien, Ibuki, Juri, Balrog and Guile know new revisions of authentic vintage series.

The time will tell if the user catapult to Street Fighter V to the constellation of the sport electronic

The legend has a birthday

Street Fighter II sum 25 years in 2016. It is the game most transcendent and life of the genre, premiered in recreational and plenty of domestic platforms. The latest revision of the series Super, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, remains a game of competition in many corners of the world. A production legendary and unique.

It is important to insist on the change of business of Capcom. Retired model of game expansions, and starting from the month of March it will be extended with content that the user can pay with money got in the game itself. It is a model similar to the aka League of Legends or HearthStone in successful productions, and is an interesting reward for users who take advantage of the software. Those who do not have time can buy those additives with real money, but the fact of not forcing the user to have access to new games and ensure that Capcom is going to focus its efforts on Street Fighter V with patches on a regular basis is a very good warranty.

One final thought before concluding: the third part of Street Fighter also began in honeys of excellence. When talking about Street Fighter III everyone refers to Third Strike, but nobody remembers New Generation and Second Impact, the two titles that preceded it. Can that within two or three years forget that the fifth delivery arrived to the shops without give a great Bell, but is inevitable think that while houses excellence unquestionable in it playable and it competitive, is is short in the content. You do not need to done in version Super or Ultra of the game to discover it, since Capcom has long insisted that the business model of traditional genre is a thing of the past. Time will tell if the user catapult to Street Fighter V to the constellation of electronic sports.

In the important Street Fighter V is a splendid game, but will not be at the level of all the users of the franchise. It's simple: looking for content for a player? It is not your game. Maybe wait for the month of June is a solution, but it does not seem to be the optimal choice in the market if your interest does not pass by compete. Do you want to compete? It is a new beginning for all the fighters in the world, and Capcom has focused all its efforts on turning it into a sport that is able to overcome everything seen in the genre of the fight in recent years. In his hand is the goal: commitment seems total, but may not be sufficient for all fans of the franchise.

· Risky mechanical which have finished running.
· Crossplay between platforms: a competitive community United for the first time.
· Street Fighter V will be playable for all generation without having to buy new releases Super or Ultra.
· It is not a game for users who do not compete: goes very short content offline.
· Absolute absence of tools to learn the real foundations of the competitive.
· Not materialized great details of the future content or charge for access.
· Duration: Unlimited.

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