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Styling HTML with PHP  Styling HTML with PHP

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I've been working on the way I generate HTML with PHP, and to facilitate and normalize just that I've made a simple HTML_Element class, which represents a tag along with it's contents, attributes and so on. In the future, I want to be able to have individual modules which I can use anywhere without them interfering with each other, and right now the only obstacle to that, really, is CSS since it can never be scoped and I always have to keep in mind every single name in the CSS namespace so certain rules don't "bleed" to where they shouldn't. As mostly a C++ programmer, I'm not used to dealing with scoping and naming issues, as well as separating such interconnected layout aspects as HTML and CSS are, and though I understand why CSS is the way it is, it is by far the thing that bothers me the most in web development.

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