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               Super smash bros.: Complete game analysis

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Nintendo just, finally, put on the market its new and highly anticipated installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. And he did so in style, with a title that exploits all the qualities of the portable n-great, offering content to enjoy in the company of the most beloved characters from this company (and any guest star) for many, many months.

Nintendo, we all know them, is a company whose strong point lies in the large number of franchises and characters of success that counts among its ranks. And an of them more special is Super Smash Bros., series that leads with us since the times of Nintendo 64 and that with the step of them years and successive deliveries has got calar very deep between them users more nintenderos. And it is not for less, since this saga brings together an almost endless array of the most beloved characters of the great, some of them hard to see lately in their respective franchises (as Captain Falcon, for example, visible head of the forgotten series F-Zero).

Therefore we can say without fear of being wrong that this game is one of the most important of those who have appeared so far for the portable Nintendo. And taking into account the broad (and actually full) catalog of games that Nintendo 3DS it currently owns, that much is said. But best of all is that Masahiro Sakurai, Bandai Namco and Nintendo will not have disappointed us, rather the opposite, since Super Smash Bros. is one of those titles more complete and special of few can enjoy right now... and not only on this console.

Modes for all tastes

On the cusp of substantial virtues which houses this title is the almost inconceivable amount of game modes and options that can be tasted in Super Smash Bros. Indeed it is difficult to begin with any of these modes, even though we are going to opt for Smashventura, one of the new forms exclusive to this version (i.e. that not will be integrated in the delivery for Wii U). Its development is quite interesting, since it is divided into two distinct stages. The first takes place on a stage of broad dimensions in which for 5 minutes all participants - up to four simultaneous online local - must do everything possible to find the greatest number of stickers, coming to be enhancers of skills. And, this time, all them come into a classic battle in which all stakeholders benefit from such collection of items.

Without being gameplay more striking in the world is entertaining and chop enough, at least in the medium term, especially if we play with our friends. The only thing that is not us over like is that during the first part (the first 5 minutes, go), never become physically appear all participants on stage: only your icons are marked on the map. And this is something that some spark and competitiveness, although it is not that this is a serious problem.

Then we have one of our favorites, the path of the Warrior, option that encourages us to choose the path that we want to overcome different types of fights: team, everyone against everyone, against XXL versions of several wrestlers... And best of all is that, before you start and as happened with the game - also created by Masahiro Sakurai - Kid Icarus: Uprising, it is possible to choose the intensity of each battle. And for what? So to adjust the difficulty level to our liking and, also, to collect greater or lighter rewards throughout the game based on this same. You know that which wants something, something costs. And that is no surprise ending for the bravest! More than one, even...

Equally enjoyable, or even more, is legends of the struggle. This modality will delight users more veterans due to their development and level of challenge. In this case we should go facing each combat by chronological order against all the characters who come together in the title or, at least, against those that we have been able to unlock previously. And these fights have seemed an exercise in nostalgia truly sensational.

The cast of characters controllable (more them of support) that incorporates this delivery of Super Smash Bros. It is sensational. What is your favorite?

Then have the mode challenges, option that always is converted in a real challenge for them users more curious. In this mode it is necessary to overcome those tests (play a number of times with a character, creating a Mii, obtain a certain number of objects, etc.) that we are commending as we will enable them in the corresponding grid grille. As fun as full of rewards.

On the other hand, if you want to relax a little always we can pass us by the way Stadium, which includes no less than three different mini-games. Round we must fight against rivals under certain conditions, there are half a dozen variants possible (assault against 100, fearless, in three minutes, etc.). Then there is pump Smash, game consisting of popping a couple of pumps so they destroy as much as possible of targets located in the corresponding scenario. And then we have a classic, baseball Smash, proof that it is necessary to stoke as nice to sack with eye to send it as far as possible. A relaxing way to practice other activities between fight and fight.

Those that are new to the universe Super Smash Bros. It will be them good practice a bit with the wrestlers who prefer, task that can be made in training. The options offered by this mode are typical within the genre (passive or active sparring, speed, etc.) and from here we recommend to all those who have never participated in combat in this saga shop around for this game mode.

Amazing is the amount of additional content which includes the game, as for example more than one hundred musical cuts... that we hear on the console as if it were a player!

Nor do we forget the traditional way Smash, which is the typical arcade mode in which we can fight our friends or opponents controlled by the CPU in a more relaxed way... at least priori.

Hunting treasures is an of those tests that are half lost within them options of the game, being necessary explore the drawer of tailor (Yes, is writes so) to find it within the section trophies. This minigame, consisting of shredding many boxes that are falling from the sky within a limit of time stipulated by us, ends up biting enough and, in addition, also allows us to obtain interesting gifts.

And of course, then we have another great attraction of this installment of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS; the Online mode. On this occasion, it is possible to play both games open as private (friend codes), as well as attend simply as mere spectators. And in addition to this we can both play for fun as seriously, there are differences important playable between one and another option (use of specific scenarios, objects, etc.). And no, we can then determine if do it solo or as a team.

During our play sessions we have enjoyed enough, being a modality that can keep players busy for months. It is true that sometimes we have witnessed certain problems of lag, but we assume that that depends on the connection that each player has. And due to the fact that the title is not yet available in all markets (only in Japan, remember), we was not easy to find active items in certain submodalities (such as fight as a team, for example). But hey, in general this option seems having great Crumb.

Is possible recreate to our own fighter, there are multiple variants and three possible patterns Basic.

As you can see we have a title that will not insufficiently precisely numerous and attractive gaming options, and that even I have not mentioned some more. SpotPass us allows of time receive notifications, although more forward is you give a use more intensively. Built-in StreetPass also has been referred to and if we activate it and we came across other users can participate in a curious minigame, StreetSmash. The mechanics is very simple and consists in that, from a top-down perspective, we must push the rest of Miis that piling on the stage, and can earn rewards so... by almost everything that managed to overcome in this exalted title.

And, last but not least attractive, we have the possibility of creating our fighter Mii characters workshop mode custom. As a basis we must choose between three distinct styles (karateka, swordsman and marksman) for, then choose your special attacks, outfit and accessories. The possibilities are more spacious from what can think in a beginning! And not only that, since it is also possible to customize the existing players, and can vary their attacks and accessories, and save up to ten variants of a same character.

As you can see the offer that puts on the table Super Smash Bros is generous in superlative degree. So to such an extent, that even the credit sequence hides a minigame... and quite entertaining, by the way. And this will add DLC in the fairly distant future, so that we have been able to know.

The only hits (and mild) that we can put the title in this sense has to do with the impending Amiibos, as you know, the figures that will be compatible with this title and many others through the NFC system. And it is that today we still do not know exactly what will consist of such connection, doubts which we hope will be clear soon. That, and that perhaps to the game you has missed a mode with continuity that increases even more the feeling of progression, a mode more lasting in plan history that itself had the game of Wii, for example.

Four player mode develops an outstanding, being one of the great attractions that holds a fluent.

· Gameplay style.
· Fight as a team or individually against other three fighters and try to remove them from the stage. That's the mechanics that has served as a core playable for whole saga, and in this case there has been no swap. But is amazing check how said development (is an idea very simple) can finish turning is in a claim so addictive.

Good because of this another of the pillars on which rests this great production has it: its extraordinary control system. This is so simple and easy to assimilate as complex to master, as you can see if you take any online game against a Pro Player. We have seen in action some of them and the truth is that the party which can be drawn to each of the characters with the skill (and dedication) of course is incredible enough. A true spectacle.

In this way the scheme is so simple as which continues. A button allows us to jump, another effect of simple attacks, one is more assigned to the special while allowing the top US attacks (R) block as well as grab opponents (L). But note that this time is possible to configure all these commands from the options screen, made that will satisfy fans of the genre and the series alike.

And in slaughter once, would the title transmits sensations? Because the truth is that you it's one of those experiences of game that deserves to be enjoyed by any holder of this console. Each battle that takes place in Super Smash Bros. It is a torrent of fun, reflexes, tactical touch and ability to constantly having to keep track of multiple aspects which go beyond our fighter and the opponents. It is difficult to not enjoy every second of the game.

In addition and by what have could check until the time, the balance between the characters is quite remarkable. For that they have been working for months much of the chosen finger by the own team Masahiro Sakurai, by investing tens of hours on this task. Even so and in all arcade fight, and more of this that has such a large number of characters, the perfect balance is little less than impossible. It's simple. It seems some custom characters cause furor currently in games network, as well as certain users who are some true masters controlling the villager, one of the new fighters in this installment. But are safe that them developers will be tanto of all what surround to this facet so important and will try to go giving solutions to those problems that go appearing through patches and updates of software.

The roster of fighters is spectacular. In the picture you can see two new additions in this release: Shulk and Lucina, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem, respectively.

Kings of the ring

One of the greatest virtues that possesses Super Smash Bros. It has to do with its impressive cast of controllable fighters: authentic buggered. Home it is possible to choose among 36 characters, although as we play different game modes we are enabling a few more to overcome widely the 40. We will not reveal you the entire cast because we assume that those who really want to meet him in full, are surely already duly informed. Suffice it to say that guys like Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Bowser, Sonic, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Samus and other classic characters in the series have received the visit of new faces as a villager, Pac-Man, Palutena, Greninja, Shulk, Megaman or Rosalina (and Flash). A truly exemplary star cluster.

Each of these types has its own repertoire of punches, combos and Smash Final, as well as a style of fighting clearly differentiated. It has nothing to do controlling Samus Aran which Toon Link, in the same way of Pikachu or Zelda differ clearly from other types such as Luigi, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. And is necessary to invest many hours to master to all them. In fact, it seems almost impossible to achieve such a goal.

In addition to this cast of controllable fighters joined the usual characters of support. Lakitu, Tingle, Starfy, Shadow and others can lend a hand (or the opposite) during the battles, which adds even more grace to them. And, of course, in addition, indiscriminate of all sorts of objects use (fire Lightsabers, guns, soccer balls, hammer...) that can, in some cases, even decanted a fight in favor of a particular player.

In end, that all these elements end up forming an arcade of fight unique that surely will attract by equal to them followers of the genre as to them users more nintenderos... or, more still, to any player that wants to pass is it well with them characters more dear of it company of Kyoto. Super Smash Bros. It is pure, simple gameplay.

Yes, the Amiibos seen in the image are bright. It bad is that Nintendo still not us has left clear in what will be its compatibility with the game.

Feast for the senses

In terms of its graphic aspect, is a production that it makes clear its fabulous production values in each of the sections that holds the game, from their scenarios to the menu screens or the design of the characters.

Starting by these last, all them protagonists that is let see in the game (including to them characters of support) enjoy of a look dazzling. Samus Aran, the two versions of Link, Sonic or own Megaman enjoy an extraordinarily faithful to the referred in their respective sagas design and also show a degree of exceptional detail. But what we love most of all are its stunning animations. These are fluid, varied and extremely well linked, so observe the fighters in battle is a visual spectacle.

And taking into account the 60 frames of animation that takes the title, quite an achievement considering everything that takes place in every combat: multiple characters moving from one side to another, constant special effects, objects that we can gather, the appearance of characters in support... A concert from beginning to end.

We must also comment that it is possible to enable or disable the outline of the characters, as well as determine its thickness (thick or thin), intermediate being our favourite, even if it is just a matter of tastes.

If we stop to analyze the decorations, these are as numerous as detailed and full of elements that give them life. Thus it is possible to fight in the Rainbow path of Mario Kart 7, the classic Green Hills of Sonic the Hedgehog, the ring of Punch Out!, Tortimer's Animal Crossing Island: New Leaf, 3D Super Mario 3D Land Land... The list includes more than 30 "stages" different (although home are available 27 of them), the vast majority drawn from the own 3DS and some titles that other classic portable game console by Nintendo. Variety and quality to satisfy any type of user.

The scenario set in Tomodachi Life deserves special mention. And is that its different apartments van generating is of way random, appearing in them the Miis that have registered in our console, an idea as imaginative as bright.

As the culmination, the paragraph sound is even more suggestive if possible as the graphic. More than one hundred of audio tracks have been incorporated into this portable installment, exorbitant figure and makes us dream of what you will be able to grab the future edition of Wii U. The fact is that the best Japanese artists have worked for versioning many themes based on the corresponding series of the great (and other companies) as Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Sonic, Megaman, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, and many more. A special gift for music lovers, that will be a real sound feast.

Also the effects of sound nor have been neglected in absolute, can listen an authentic festival of hits, noise, laments and exclamations during each an of them battles in which participated. In so affirm that Super Smash Bros. It is an outstanding game in this aspect is becoming short.

Despite everything I have told Super Smash Bros. in this analysis, so certain is that still hides more and more surprises and elements waiting to them enjoy. Seriously. But we believe that this review and everything you have explained in it is more than enough to make it clear that, more than an arcade fight, Super Smash Bros. It is a clear example of a job done with care and dedication. Masahiro Sakurai and his team can be satisfied of its hard work, since they have profiled a real great game that already is causing a furor among users of Nintendo 3DS from around the world. And it is not for less...

Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo is consecrate a time more with them players of all them types imaginable and with them games of wrestling in general. Super Smash Bros. It is a true portable artwork that will keep entertained for months (years even) to his faithful followers as well as to the millions of new users who delve into its universe. The most important thing you must know is that this extraordinary and comprehensive multiplayer fight arcade is one of the best reasons to enjoy with the portable console from Nintendo.

· Its impressive amount of options, characters, game modes, secret, unlockable...

· Control cannot be more precise and simple... but difficult to master completely.

· Imposing appearance visual and values of production.

· It is a real Museum of Nintendo.

· The online mode is an authentic vicio, seriously.

· A way to play with continuity and more lasting in plan history had sat you cool.

· The title is not compatible with the download function in multiplayer: must have a game by user.

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