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Synology is showcasing its latest portfolio of network connected storage (NAS), IP surveillance solutions, and network gadget on the 36th edition of GITEX technology Week.

The Synology sales space at GITEX is divided into committed sections, which include intelligent networking, domestic media centre, company continuity, hybrid cloud, collaboration, and surveillance station.

As a believer of the ‘application-described’ idea, we are seeking to utilise our power in software development to make organizations and businesses more aggressive, and support the MEA location turn into a greater eye-catching vacation spot for international companies to do enterprise” says Victor Wang, income manager at Synology.

Synology has additionally unveiled its all-flash-storage FS3017 for the primary time in the UAE for organisations searching for storage options with excessive performance and throughput. FlashStation FS3017 grants over 200,000 IOPS in 4K random writing at a low complete can charge of possession of 0.8 bucks per GB. it's additionally geared up with a constructed-in photo and replication utility it truly is able to replicate 65,000 backup copies to offsite servers, making certain close-instantaneous statistics insurance policy.

Synology has also launched Synology Cloud2 (C2), a comfortable and seamless offsite records coverage solution that connects a private cloud and Synology’s public cloud designed for DiskStation manager (DSM) clients.

Synology DS416j finances 4-Bay NAS evaluation

We’ve labored with a lot of NAS containers through the years with our most recent being the ASUSTOR AS6104T.
As more and more most economical four-bay NAS choices come to market, their prices proceed to slowly drop as smartly.
while some offer dissimilar network Interface cards (NICs) for extended bandwidth and/or reliability, most domestic users will under no circumstances leave out the further advantages that distinctive NICs supply.

Most home networks leverage wireless more than wired connections and people that still have physical connections between devices, even the cheapest of NAS bins today are effective adequate to saturate that 1 gigabit connection. It’s with this in mind that Synology launched its newest funds 4-bay NAS field, the DS416j.

The j moniker at the end of product names has always signified Synology’s funds line of gadgets, but what engineering sacrifices are made to retain the expense of this line of instruments lessen than the relaxation?


To instantly answer the query we simply requested, Synology has been able to preserve the rate of its DS416j down in just a few suave approaches. the first, and most visible, is using the identical chassis that has been used for over 7 years now. identifying to forego the front loading, hot swappable design of more moderen models just like the striking DS415play that Ryan regarded at last yr, Synology as an alternative designed the DS416j across the chassis first viewed on the DS409.

It’s funny, I used to touch upon the plastic enclosures that Synology builds its NAS choices in and the way i wished they have been metallic. This changed into an absurd issues to assert, given the stationary nature of a NAS, but one I made greater than once. quickly ahead to nowadays and we discover Synology’s price range lineup of pedestal NAS boxes because the most effective ones housed in a metallic enclosure. greater on that later although.

Powering the DS416j is a Marvell Armada 388 88F6828 32-bit processor. With two cores operating at 1.3GHz, the DS416j presents clients hardware encryption and 512MB of soldered on, non-upgradable DDR3 RAM.

With Intel perpetually enhancing their designs and fab sizes, a brand new delineation between tiers of NAS instruments has emerged. The high-mid to higher levels of NAS units are actually, and have been, powered by x86 Intel CPUs. ARM processors were relegated to the low-mid to entry degree tiers of NAS choices, and the DS416j isn't any diverse. Yet a further way to achieve appropriate speeds at a decrease fee.

The front of the DS416j is bare, aside from a collection of status LEDs for power, network endeavour, and the four hard drives. The dominating function of the front is the surprisingly large power button that is centred among the LEDs. Above and under are vented air intakes. To help in airflow, the facets of the DS416j have perforations inner block letters that spell out “Synology”.

The DS416j presents up a minimalistic two USB ports on it’s again, one 2.0 and one three.0. At once beside these ports is one gigabit NIC port. That’s it. That’s all we get. However actually, that’s all most really want. i would argue that only one USB port is required but on an entry stage providing just like the DS416j, we may still take all we will get.

On the suitable of the DS416j, on the rear, there's a pair of thumb screw that dangle the upper 3/four of the again in area. Via removing these, the back comes down on a pair of hinges, granting us entry to the drives and the sleds they take a seat in. With the lower back down, we without difficulty get rid of the sleds and deploy our drives the usage of the screws supplied within the packaging. Whereas no longer a device much less design, a feature that takes engineering hours and ads to the basic can charge, the sleds pull out clean and are easy to work with when installing the challenging drives.

We gained spend tons time discussing the Synology operating equipment, DiskStation supervisor (DSM), as we’ve talked at size about it in previous articles and studies. Whereas different NAS manufactures have polished and stable working techniques, they are nonetheless playing trap as much as Synology. There isn’t adequate compliment to be heaped upon Synology for his or her stewardship of the DSM experience. Its steadiness and expandability, along with the conventional ease of use, has placed Synology on the entrance of the pack when it involves a NAS administration adventure.

The gist of it is this. Install your drives into the DS416j, connect it to your community, installation the Synology Assistant program, run it, after which click next after getting into something environmental settings you select. That’s it. Log in and do your aspect.

Checking out

In the past, we now have conducted straight file copies to and from the NAS gadgets. Using gigantic single files and directories with lots of smaller ones, we were capable of get a true-world conception of read and write speeds when averaging out varied run. This has treated us well, and is a way still used by way of many, but for our previous many reviews, we’ve stuck with NASPT. Moreover, Jamie used CrystalDiskMark in his look at the DS216+ so for continuity, it has been utilized in our evaluation of the DS416j as well.

A couple of years ago, Intel created their personal benchmarking device for NAS devices called NASPT. brief for NAS efficiency Toolkit, NASPT is, to cite Intel, “a file device exerciser and analysis device designed to allow direct size of home community attached storage (NAS) performance.” nearly what the company did was create a device that mimics day-to-day workloads, corresponding to video playback, content introduction and office productiveness.

By way of developing this device, Intel has made it extraordinarily convenient on those of us tasked with benchmarking NAS devices. You installation NASPT on a number computer (their counselled specs are 32-bit XP SP2 and 2GB of RAM), map a drive on that host that facets to the NAS and judge which exams you wish to run. These are the specs that I used when building out our examine computer. It is actually ageing but for NASPT, it serves us neatly in that potential.

• Dell Optiplex 755
• Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
• 320GB Seagate 7200K
• integrated Video
• Intel pro/one thousand PT twin Port NIC

Our examine bed is a simple, familiar desktop. It’s an equipped computing device and one which worked perfectly for the NASPT verify. Whereas getting somewhat lengthy in the tooth, we continue to make use of it to retain our effects constant and related.

Our look at various network is a flat network which includes discreet community cards and our switch is a Netgear ProSAFE GS724T.

For our iSCSI and Robocopy checks, a home windows 10 machine became used. Its specs are:

• Intel 2500K
• Gigabyte Motherboard
• 4GB DDR3
• 640GB WD Black 7200K
• integrated Video
• Intel pro/a thousand PT dual Port NIC

it should be outlined that handiest SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID) became used in the checking out of the DS416j. here's the equivalent of RAD 5 and the RAID class i recommend to anyone with a Synology NAS as a result of the best stability between performance and expandability. Because of that, SHR is what changed into used. Drives used for checking out are Seagate 6TB business drives, model quantity ST6000NM0024.

Synology DS416j examine ResultsRobocopyRAID – SHR (MB/s)Read107.7Write88.6iSCSI PerformanceRead72.7Write48.9Intel NASPTHD Playback96.22x HD Playback101.74x HD Playback103.1HD Video & Record89.3HD Playback and Record99.2Content Creation9.1Office Productivity39.1File replica to NAS88.4File copy from NAS86.3Directory copy to NAS25.3Directory reproduction from NAS26.8Photo Album10.7Synology DS416j CrystalDiskMark ResultsReadWriteSEQ Q32108.6104.9RND 4KB Q3210.248.4SEQ Q32100.799.5RDN 4KB11.110.5

The NAS market has long seeing that departed from the times the place the NAS changed into without problems a disk or set of disks that sit down in your local network. Synology has been instrumental in the path that the business has taken. The performance numbers from the DS416j are typical with ARM based mostly NAS containers. While it gained win any efficiency crowns, the DS416j honestly doesn’t need to. It changed into designed to safely shop and serve facts on a small home or office network

One element to consider with the DS416j is that what it lacks in efficiency, it more than makes up for in versatility. With the DS416j, clients have access to the astonishing library of functions attainable in the Synology kit core. That referred to, lots of the more appealing functions for most users are going to be media-centric and lots of these will not run correctly on the DS416j due to the ARM processor. That you can definitely install them, but the efficiency will not possible be up to a suitable degree for many.

One area I see the Synology DS416j excelling is in elementary backups and storage redundancy. The DS416j is perfectly suited for home clients with only a number of contraptions if you want to study from, or write to, the NAS. For users with other Synology NAS packing containers on their community, the DS416j is completely excellent to back these up due to the fantastic Hyper Backup Vault app.

Even if someone’s first NAS or a person trying to back up their latest NAS, the DS416j’s current cost of ~$289 USD (diskless) makes it a sensible choice for practically any one. There are in a similar fashion priced alternatives from QNAP and ASUSTOR however both are powered via ARM processors. The QNAP NAS does present dual GbE NICs, but the final specs are akin to the DS416j.

The DS416j is a ready and official NAS and the indisputable fact that it plugs without delay into the feature prosperous Synology ecosystem is yet another added bonus. The price range NAS market is crowded so most manufactures have to stand out with the accompanying utility and here is whatever thing that Synology has accomplished very well. For these attempting to find a four-bay NAS below $300 USD, the Synology DS416j is a successful choice.

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