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The triforce illuminates to Nintendo 3DS on the occasion of the arrival of a new exponent inside the legendary franchise Zelda. A risky new approach comes with A Link Between Worlds, a video game that Aonuma and his team explore the key zelderas at the time that rewrite the heart of legend. Save Hyrule!

Always is has assumed that when large sagas land in consoles portable not be reach so brilliant results as in desktop. Time has shown us that this is a true fallacy, even more so when it's a case like the Zelda. The series has been especially pampered in this sense, from the unforgettable Link's Awakening (for Game Boy), passing by the fantastic Minish Cap (of GBA) and ending in the two latest adventures that us gave DS, between others.

Some of them video games mentioned are some of them older essential of this legendary license. Therefore when we had news that a new installment was in gestation for Nintendo 3DS, we do not doubt for a moment that it was going to be special, and so it has been. The Legend of Zelda: to Link Between Worlds not is therefore a title less within the award-winning series, but a real finding of why them mechanical zelderas still being so attractive while have elapsed more than 25 years from its foundation.

The work began its development in 2011, when Shigeru Miyamoto (maximum supervisor of Nintendo) suggested to design a Zelda 2D who exploited the advantages provided by stereoscopy. But Eiji Aonuma - current director of the franchise - is contrary to the remakes, so he decided to return to the idea of his superior to give rise to a new adventure. That Yes, along the way were collected amount of influences of A Link to the Past (the classic Super Nintendo), starting with its traditional playability and ending by the 16-bit aroma that has as well been represented here from a more modern perspective. The result is one of the purest Zelda we tested. Is as a return to the past, but without forgetting the present.

I am Legend - approach

New Zelda, new story. The legend is repeated once more. Heroic young of green clothes becomes a helpless Kingdom, where an evil kidnaps the Princess. Takes the power of the TRIFORCE and the conflict explodes for treat of return all to their runway original... Although there are some differences for the occasion. Since the game runs a few generations after A Link to the Past, our hero Link works in a forge and its main villain is Yuga (which is intended to awaken the fearsome Ganon).

The argument is simple, has little presence, but it's a well-told story, being able to get into work to save Hyrule... and also many sequences without Lorule. Yes, because as in the Super Nintendo classic, here also we have a parallel dimension, the dark, that where the darkness has taken over the situation. But we will not tell more, because part of the epic is to discover what has happened, as well as to discover the old and new characters that we will.

Ultimately, a simple but effective approach which, with total success, soon gives way to the gameplay and, hence, to the player himself, who truly trace their actions the course of events. Again, the feeling is the return to the time when pictures of conversations were light and the plot only earned prominence in few moments of the game. Even in this Nintendo has chosen to return to the classic, and the truth is that in the case of a portable launch decision could not have been more successful. An authentic enjoyed is to launch our console with this cartridge - or version digital - inside.

We present our new villain, you Yuga, which has machined a plan to kidnap Zelda and resurrect the evil Ganon. Are you going it will allow?

Link to all - accessibility and duration

One of the aspects that are perceived nothing but put us to play is simplicity, and at the same time, the effectiveness of the control system. It would seem that it is something that has no importance, but Link control from the overhead perspective (and with 360 degree thanks to the analog stick movement) is so soft that it falls in love from the first moment. This is something that will immediately appreciate the less accustomed to playing, while more tanneries will notice a remarkable fluidity in the actions, from walking to wield the sword.

The argument does not stop the pace, steering makes the fluid experience and the world map has ideal dimensions to make not us never heavy move. For this, among other things, was remembered the Super Nintendo classic, and that it did have a mapping of identical proportions, perfectly designed to contain game for a while without sacrificing accessibility.

Here takes place exactly the same, everything is exploited, and is still more dense in content. We go where we go always will have something to do, albeit cut bushes and find rupiah. It is pure concentrated fun, and therefore also the duration is less than other Zelda, with about 12-15 hours (not to mention replayability) which however not not we will know shortly. It may be easier to other adventures, this we will not ignore, but puzzles are still clever and there are challenging bosses. In addition, we have at our disposal a hero mode for when we have completed the adventure, in which enemies cause more damage.

Perhaps the most significant innovation is that we can overcome the dungeons in the order you want. The formula Zelda changes Finally, and it makes for good.

Dungeons without order - innovation

We have been recurrently the game A Link to the Past to illustrate what this new Zelda. Them similar are obvious, but there is that leave clear that the mere act of establish similarities- and not differences-not is appropriate, since the news introduced are very powerful. Link Between Worlds, in fact, sets a significant turning point in the series to modify the foundations on which stands the traditional structure zeldera, doing that we can overcome dungeons in the order you want.

There are a couple of exceptions that confirm the rule, but in general have with freedom to choose why Temple complete first. This simple decision is very important, more than what seems, and is that of this form is clears of a stroke the curve of difficulty present in other video games. Is it negative? In absolute, since Aonuma and his team have preferred that the feeling of progression go by another road, promoting the feeling of adventure, of explore what want, of have the last decision in our hand.

Even so, and by the way our journey (in three stages that occur in a linear fashion) is structured, there is a gradual increase of difficulty. It is not so charged as had been desired stalwarts of the saga - reach the end is relatively simple - but yes is it magnificent for the less common, consecrating as a super Zelda to get started in this open chests, solve puzzles and confront bosses that will make them lose his composure more than once due to the level of challenge by which they will be subjected. I would stick it to anyone.

All for the money - objects

Now, a change as the talked about would not be feasible if not to amend the other element that is intrinsically linked to it. So far, the overcoming of every Dungeon was associated with the use of an object (which got on the own site). What happens if the original formula is modified? Because that there is that breaking those schemes. In this way, we have opted for a solution that the truth is that gives very good results: for the first time allows us to buy the items you need at any time.

For these purposes, Rovio is a fundamental character, which we will be at home and be taken up the lightness taking lent to lift shop that will ruin us (almost literally). To compensate the ease of get them items will have to pay some prices quite high. By luck, or rather a result, our rupee sack increases capacity to store thousands of them. The world of to Link Between Worlds has been designed to get much money with less effort, so everything is balanced.

In particular, and despite have access to all them objects after a few hours of split, the video game is designed so-following a style of game normal-not achieve the last item until well advanced it adventure (by issues monetary mainly). In addition, there are more things to account. At the beginning only can rent objects, more afternoon is us will allow buy them. Separately, when they put an end to our lives, the rented items are lost, forcing us to obtain more rupees to go ahead. Ultimately, the feeling of progression here also exists, resulting in a great solution that has surprised us. Honestly, we did not expect as severe change give as good fruit.

Here is the shop of Rovio, place where you can rent or buy almost all of the objects that we will need in our journey. Prepare you to pony up rupees...

Between worlds - exploration

Commented, the feeling of A Link Between Worlds is that it assumes a degree of very innovative elements, with a very fresh spirit, inserted in a structure known. The game map is aesthetically identical to the Super Nintendo game. The forest that hides the master sword, the Karariko village, the sanctuary, or the desert are in the same places where they were in 1991. The difference lies in that them characters not are them same, that the development of the adventure is different and that the dungeons are completely new.

This means in a sense nod to fans of the series, while in something completely new for players to be introduced for the first time in the legend of Zelda. Surely, what more will impact them is knowing that, as in the classic A Link to the Past, there are actually two worlds, two parallel dimensions that make the game still more complex if possible, because you will have to save both of them.

The beauty is represented by Hyrule, a territory now punished by Yuga. The nightmare is the key to Lorule, a Kingdom come unless circumstances which you already know. Two environments that we move, and although they are not thumping in dimensions that they have several points for saved (vanes), which also serve as enclaves from which use introduced transport system. A nice witch takes us to the visited points, avoiding having to waste time making trips on foot. Again, proven is that there is nothing left to chance. The design is solid and frustrations.

If this os sounds, is that remember well to Link to the Past. Map of Hyrule is maintained, but design, playability and dungeons change completely. A new game.

A hero on the wall - melting technique

We just say that it is possible to move between the dimensions of Hyrule and Lorule, action already present in the Super Nintendo classic. But how? Again, we have to discuss a unique novelty of this installment, a real waste of imagination. We refer to the ability to which you already know if you've followed the game information: the ability to merge with the decorated walls, as if we were a painting.

Once this way, we can move the walls reaching places that otherwise we could not. This has been tapped in a really ingenious way by Nintendo, and not only in order to slip through the cracks of Lorule and Hyrule (the same that serve as a portal to travel from one world to another), but also to develop number of puzzles both inside and outside the dungeons. Find the entrance to a temple many times could be about the use of this capability, or even be required us to combine it with our intelligence to defeat to one or another head.

The idea is great for us, and the best is forming an essential part of the dynamic player, becoming formidable way with the essence zeldera. And to think that the plot began as the influence of Ocarina of Time, in particular for the part in which phantom Ganon left pictures to attack us, but so it was. That Yes, here to the invention is awarded an art style very different, similar to the engravings illustrating the "intro" of Wind Waker. Is an added nice, coherent and successful. In conclusion, one of the greatest achievements of A Link Between Worlds, which manages to differentiate - if there still remained some doubt - this Zelda from any other created in the past.

The walls are part of the gameplay in this title. Not only can use them to find rupees and hearts, but also for reaching areas impossible.

Not you stuck - dungeons and puzzles

A Zelda no it is without dungeons, and by luck here have a few. Link Between Worlds addresses various topics here, from temples where the trigger mechanisms to lower or raise the level of the water (a classic), to situations that invite us to follow paths in the dark or to make use of the wind to reach the stage that otherwise would be impossible to reach.

The puzzles, to these effects, are numerous and full of imagination. Many times have that see with the use of objects, and all while took party to our logical space to locate us and do a reading intelligent of the design of those maps in each Dungeon (which recursively is based in several plants). The challenge exists, although it is certainly more intense for new users than for the faithful of the franchise, so accustomed to the way of thinking zeldera probably will not clog as much as other deliveries.

And if someone comes up stuck, has sunglasses from the slopes, with which we can see ghosts eager to give us a little help in Exchange for coins 3DS. In our case arrived to need it helps on a couple of occasions, but not turned to she, being a good example of what the player usual of Zelda should do. We understand that the option is there for novice players, those who had never experienced a game in the series. And is a good introduction. Both, the work makes recommended practically to any player, no matter his record. If previously the Zelda were sectoral, always oriented to a very public, we can now say that the series tries to expand, and we believe that in a way that can give good results.

The only drawback that could be attributed to the work might not have risked more creating a greater challenge experience. There are bosses that will put us in trouble, but the puzzles lack that point of evil that Yes had other Zelda. The strategy has been clear, and more according to the more complicated puzzles have left for secondary issues, how to get treasures with rupees or any other additional surprise. Of this there is so much, otherwise it would be impossible to explain that the game can take us over 20 hours.

This is the duration of the title if we visited the secret caves of the realms, as well as enjoy the different existing mini-games, including one fairly elaborate baseball. There is also a tower which challenges us to survive to floors filled with enemies. It is possible to even improve the sword, visit to a witch to make us potions or explore every corner of the map in search of the famous fragments of heart (so that they are never short of life).

But if we have that stay with it task secondary star, that is it of find to them "maimai", some small creatures lost that will have to return to his mother. They are 100 in total, and scattered by Hyrule and Lorule alike. With them is a challenge, and is that they are hidden up in the most unexpected corner, becoming necessary to not only detect them (give off characteristic sounds), but also carry the appropriate objects. With this, in to Link Between Worlds there are game for time, even a time have completed the story. The replay value isn't enormous, but an added value to the already on its attractive tour proposed.

When have found a Weathercock, can return to said place by transport (broom flying included) by pressing on the screen touch. Practical and versatile.

Taking advantage of 3DS - touch function

If remember, the Zelda for Nintendo DS were a use intense of them features touch. For the occasion, on Nintendo 3DS has not been necessary to put into practice a scheme so well versed in the use of the lower screen. It's a delivery that responds more to the classical scheme, and why the stars are the analog stick and buttons, which allow an extremely reliable and accessible control.

That not want to say, however, that not is has taken off party of the frame touch. In this regard, allows a comfortable visualization of the map of the world (or the Dungeon in which we find) at all times. Of form attached, have a campaign for call to the Witch and that we collect in any point to transport us, as well as an icon that active them regions in that can give with them "maimai". Control of inventory and the allocation of items to buttons is another touch function integrated, although the real novelty is that we have a system that allows you to change the object without having to pause the game.

The truth is that all innovation is welcome, but in this case we believe that veteran users will benefit very little this incorporation. What not can tell you unfortunately is built-in StreetPass functions as Nintendo prefers to keep it secret until you can see it for yourselves. Only one track, given formally by the company: will serve to confront dark Links of other players. But don't expect multiplayer or online, because Aonuma confirmed that not would have nothing of this. Clearly focused on creating a very pure individual experience, which seems not negative to us.

The visuals shines, rather than by its spectacular nature, by its incredible strength, with an exquisite fluidity and a finish that intoxicates. A work made from simplicity.

Appearance has always been key in Zelda titles. For the occasion, it has relied on a simple style to the rounded shapes to convey a pleasant feeling. Direction away from the adult line of the saga, but is still very attractive, because we believe in fact that this approaching more the heart of the license, always aimed to get into colorful and completely fantastic worlds.

During the greater part of the adventure we enjoyed a classic top-down perspective, but that does not mean that the world has not been designed 3D detail. In fact, when Link transforms into painting, camera is re-orientated to get closer to the sets, something that lets us appreciate the care that has been applied to the game world. As reference, and this is very easy to check it, is taken to the Super Nintendo classic. Basically, the work has been capturing its essence and make it three-dimensional. A complete reimagination which transforms the stage aesthetics of the 16 bits in other more current.

A formidable job, ultimately, that is made up by the stereoscopic effect of Nintendo 3DS, here more important than it seems. Is is of a resource also well employee, that apart from grant depth to each scene (to the verse from above this cobra much interest), us allows glimpse better them levelled in certain dungeons, and even appreciate best roads hidden in according to what situations. Therefore it is completely advisable to activate the effect during the entire game. The use of this technology is priceless in A Link Between Worlds.

If we lose the game and we have rented objects, we will have to pay for them. So strive, is not one of the most difficult history Zelda.

Simply legendary-sound and conclusion

Rarely given due attention to the sound in the video games, but it is a crucial facet. Nintendo knows it, and therefore every Zelda has had an own soul. To tell the truth, it could sound weird to say something of a game such as this, since most of the melodies are rescued from Super Nintendo title. However, the game also brings new compositions, all of them are very inspired, managing to generate a sensation halfway between melancholy (by multiple arrangements made on the original subjects) and the enjoyment by the great got finish.

Level is even, some of which can not boast many titles, and the variety is undeniable. Maybe that orchestras or great resources not used, but the work sounds great - regardless of the technology of synthesizer - with the epic nature of always. Deserves and long punishment put helmets to check the way they have simulated vocals and guitar in some compositions chords. And not to mention sound effects, already by many acquaintances, which represent a sign of identity within the franchise.

In summary, to Link Between Worlds, far from be a Zelda less, is the best tribute that is can do to them fans of the series while of step innova with mechanical risky e tries to access to the potential public that never has proven a title of the series. Hiromasa Shikata, director and great unknown in the development process (and that in fact opens in work responsibility) has developed with its first very important game, made up in the form of a fake remake but that hides in its bosom the ideas and daring that this saga needs to grow. Simply legendary.

To Link Between Worlds achieves what others Zelda not have been capable of get in all this time: modify the core playable of the series to while maintains its exquisite values of production. All while gives access to new players and offers an adventure making allusions to his most ardent followers. Gameplay stage adapted to it today in a game legendary and absolutely essential for all those holders of Nintendo 3DS... and without exception.

· Gameplay stage adapted to the present and with a Supreme level of polishing.
· The technique of merge with walls added a degree of depth to the zeldera formula.
· One of the Zelda more daring, with a new system of dungeons and using objects.
· Challenge, but adapted to the majority: ideal for introduction to the legend.
· Audiovisual finish simple yet attractive, a cry of nostalgia reimagined.
· For purists, a higher degree of challenge in the puzzles and confrontations had not been more.

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