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The legend of Zelda: Majora's mask 3D (Complete analysis)  The legend of Zelda: Majora's mask 3D (Complete analysis)

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A cursed mask, a moon that is precipitated and a clock that continues to sound. Majora's Mask plays the ocarina to go back in time and get an enhanced mask, with new playable and a reformed visuals. You hear? It's time to discover if despite the elapsed time is worth revisiting ends. We put the mask.

It's been 15 years since the release of Majora's Mask in that legendary Nintendo 64. It is soon... The title was little since that glorious Ocarina of Time fascinate the industry, receiving the title of "best videogame history" everywhere. He launch of a new delivery in the same platform implied, of form irremediable, face is to ones expectations impractical, although is were of the great N. do it solution? Launch a game so different that there is no way to compare it.

That game sold half of units, not received such good reviews and featured the confusion of many users who did not understand it. For this reason, receive it after so long is like a second chance, both for those who could not prove it as for those who did not understand it. It is a "remake" charged every sense, that it was necessary, a piece in the history of video games that had to be done justice. Those fans it asked and also the great N wanted to do it.

What us has missed, and at the same time filled with joy, is that the experience of play Majora's Mask 3D seems new, and not only reformed. It's been so much since that year 2000 that we had completely forgotten how demanding was this game. It was a continuation in all directions, giving to understand you, Link, already knew almost everything from handling the sword up to the main mechanical zelderas. We are glad to see that, despite mild reforms, this version is still just as "hardcore", keeping the seriousness in the treatment of the nintendero fan.

The masked Zelda

The Zelda less Zelda and at the same time the Zelda more Zelda. Or what is the same, an Ocarina of Time that has been the Majora mask. With this we could basically summarize what is Majora's Mask, and one of the main reasons are history. We went from the triumphant hero to one that now the adventure begins with the tragedy by flag. For this reason it is the darker series game in the series, with a Link whose main role is not rescuing anyone, unite the TRIFORCE or defeat the evil villain. His main task here is to survive what's coming over you.

Not remembered that Majora's Mask was so demanding with the user. It is a complicated game, and in this remake is still despite all the innovations introduced.

In particular, it has three days to avoid that Moon rush over the city of ends. The "ticking" of the clock not it hear, but is is omnipresent. Is there to tell us: eh, you do not stop, go ahead and do it quickly! If the dynamics of the game are already adjusted itself, have a limit even makes things more complicated. But it was the magic of the title... and of course it remains his greatest charm.

Certain events only happen in days and certain hours, and that not to mention day-night cycle. In total, the three days approximately equals one hour of actual play. Clear, the mechanical has trick, because before our destination fateful is comply will use the ocarina to return again and again to the principle. Taking into account that the adventure costs around 20-25 hours to complete it, you can get an idea of the times that we will have to play the song of time. This was the main criticism the game 10 years ago.

The Zelda less Zelda and at the same time the Zelda more Zelda. Or what is the same, an Ocarina of Time that has been the Majora mask.

Nintendo has been responsible in this opportunity to make things a little more bearable. But only a little. It is very easy to appreciate have preferred to play how much less things better. Why we keep losing all our progress when we return back in time, except for key items and rupees (if it is that we have deposited them in Bank). By this gives equal that us left half with a Dungeon, that will have that return to it and resolve it practically by full.

Majora's Mask was so and continues to maintain its essence in Nintendo 3DS, something which makes it a difficult title and sometimes touches the moral. Luckily, Aonuma and company have added a number of improvements. One of the most striking has to do with the possibility of advance time by a precise time, which we choose, without having to wait for that moment it. Then we have the system of saved, that it has improved so statues not temporarily saved the game, but on a permanent basis (back in 2000 this only occurs when we came back to the first day).

An of them major reforms is that can use the ocarina of the time to advance just to the time that want to.

There are many minor alterations here and there, from the enemies until the addition of the specific functions of the laptop. The gyroscopic technology allows us to aim from the first person through the movement. The dual-screen helps us to take a look at maps, equip inventory and to check the scores while we play the ocarina, making the experience very bearable. For his part, 3D effect adds a very showy depth with the decorations that look more since they were and still are much more spacious than in Ocarina of Time.

The game is extraordinarily fluid, a delight for the view that is accompanied by the sensational art section.

One of the most notorious renovations has to do with the notebook of the Bomber, which now contains exhaustive information about the events that we have pending. But the best thing is that you can program alarms to not mislead us. Important introductions, but in none of the cases coming to modify the matrix of the program. Promised in this regard which would make the game more accessible, but at the end has remained faithful to the original. Don't let what you recommend if it is your first Zelda, but warned you that many things occur by known.

In which case that for yourselves with a New Nintendo 3DS there is also good news. The new right stick (C-Stick) greatly facilitates the free movement of camera, important in a game like Majora's Mask. Don't worry, the game works very well in a normal 3DS - indeed there is compatibility with the sliding button Pro - but this new version of the laptop makes everything easier.

Enhanced mask

So now, any reform is as evident as the visual. The graphics have been redesigned completely, with new models especially in regard to characters and key objects. Textures receive an injection of a resolution, at the time that are retouched animations, in part so that they work to the new standard: that of the 60 frames per second. And it shows a lot. The game works extraordinarily fluid, a delight for the view that is accompanied by the sensational art section that as we all know: dark, sinister and mysterious simultaneously.

Put you the mask

The use of masks in Majora's Mask opens a myriad of puzzles and situations to solve. You can be a Goron, crush enemies and roll at high speeds in the form of stone. You can be a Deku, float in the air and throw bubbles to reach distant objects. We can be a Zora and swim, as well as use a kind of boomerangs. This between other many options, and that by not counting the rest of masks, each a with a certain function in the adventure.

All without ever losing the soul zeldera. In particular, the soundtrack stays as is, without any retouching is completed. It wouldn't be just ask for more considering that the original melodies already had enough charisma, with sounds that Koji Kondo said he became inspired by Chinese Theatre. It is something unique, peculiar, difficult to classify. We recognize that we had not said no to the idea of new compositions orchestrated, but do not deny that the charm of the original repertoire is incomparable. In addition, it now sounds with greater clarity and cleaning thanks to the 3DS hardware.

Thus, if to Ocarina of Time they put the mask into Majora's Mask, now what Nintendo has done has been retouching that mask to adapt to this new era, but not desecrate its principal features. As a result, it is an adventure that prefers those who already know the rules of the franchise. And as a result also the power of satisfaction for them will be higher, of a Zelda very "hardcore" that has only made him need to make-up for the occasion. Only a Tip If you decide to go finally ends: try not to stress you with the clock.

15 years is too long for any game, but there are always some that, despite the time, still raising passions. Majora's Mask 3D is a washing of face, or rather, a hard-hitting retouching on the mask original, with all its magic and without exceptions. Remains one of the most difficult Zelda, suitable for fans who want to discover it or simply revisitarlo. Now is no longer playing the ocarina of time and go back to the past to play necessary. Nintendo has done for us, and so well that we doubt that runs out to someone falling over moon.

· Complete and convincing visual reform
· Small tweaks that do not change never the core playable
· Remains the difficulty of the original, without major changes
· It has been a long time, but it is still a very lovely Zelda
· If it is your first Zelda, mood, because it gives many things known
· Back in time can frustrate, but what you want: what you from slipping off the Moon?

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