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The witcher 3: Wild hunt - Blood and wine (Game analysis)  The witcher 3: Wild hunt - Blood and wine (Game analysis)

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We have traveled and enjoyed the love of the wine lands... and blood and terror. Blood and Wine is the culmination to the incredible work of CD Projekt. And is demonstrating what you do best: Captivate with their powerful landscapes and characters. An expansion for the memory. Analysis of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

It is possible that Blood and Wine is one of the best expansions we have played... Since practically forever. If Hearts of Stone already found us the right path, which leads to other completely unexplored lands it is not anything other than a resounding success. There is no comparison that is worth, this is The Witcher, but one that he feels old and new at the same time, rejuvenated by this imposing Castle Elvish that crowns the Beauclair region. It is important to have an impact on the landscape, because the protagonist of Blood and Wine isn't Geralt, the vampire itself as an enemy, nor the Duchess Anna Henrietta: is the own Toussaint. Its vineyards that hidden beauty and dangers alike. Their abandoned fortresses, its orography made to take a screenshot whenever you stand... But above all, its color.

In this world of macho, sometimes fearful of stoking the colour palette RPG, Blood and Wine see vibrant shades, saturated to the provocation and made for dreaming. Because the ground beneath our feet is tale and fairy. The knights errant replace armies and you are paid for helping others and live under the code of honour and value. The jousts and tournaments held by fame and glory. And all this pastelosa maelstrom, it comes into play acid sarcasm of a sorcerer, thus capturing the tone that always wore Sapkowski when shamelessly violate the popular folk tales. The result is dozens of missions at the height of the original work, some better still. Those that you have in the air, the kind that you devoras desire to fill your inventory of new weapons and armor and those that are pure mockery, that make you scream out loud and cry because the world of the video game need more humor and more The Witcher.

There are calm and Tempest. But it is important that there is calm. So that we will be rewarded with possessions: lands and estates that take care and reform, thus creating that classic mini-game where investing in a property and see how it improves. Here is simple, but with taste. Not only because of the opportunity of having a vineyard, but for giving a tribute to all these weapons, armor, and ammunition-Warlock who have been collecting and they don't deserve to be saved in the bunker of the Inn of dandelion, but exposed in a museum. Blood and Wine gives you the opportunity of enjoying the journey; your more than 200 hours to The Witcher 3, dye and give color to your outfit and, ultimately, enjoy the "late game", designed for levels, earn and spend money without remorse and recreate a history brilliantly posed.

The videogame world needs more humor and more The Witcher.

Borders as possible

The strangest thing of all: Hearts of Stone felt more like a farewell. An ode to friends and to enjoy the game as The Citadel did with Mass Effect. Blood and Wine also has this, as it gives you constantly "what you don't expect" whether you're reader or player, but it is an adventure made and right. Aware that it is the last one, but nevertheless devoted purely and simply to the tribute. We will have to ride, explore, spend much time on the menu to keep improving and of course, enjoy all the stories. The serious and which not, which includes many allusions to books, games and film alike, to discover them all is a mini-game in itself.

The menus have been widely improved, resulting in much easier to navigate through them and organizing themselves into classes and subclasses.
By that Blood and Wine is so good expansion: still exactly where it left. Isn't there more slots where to place skills of character? It takes a new progression system more advanced and hard to complete, so you continue to evolve. It takes an improved system of navigation through menus, so you lose less time with him. Elevates your weapons and armor to the Grandmaster level, this stain and found diagrams of all dyes. And along the way, the story, one that is presented as CD Projekt promised us occurs: developing an interesting antagonist which is not to be so cryptic and elusive as on previous occasions.

CD Projekt has thrown the rest and gives each player much of their medicine, better enjoy it's Blood and Wine is what can not be counted. It is made for you to explore it and find your own moments, many of them that you will remember for a long time. CD Projekt has thrown the rest and gives each player much of their medicine, which enjoys. To those who enjoy of the game of role, les offers an inventory incomprehensible; combat is complete with epic fights, some against almost a small army that will make us look like a legend; others, against the 20 new monsters created for the occasion to blow of sword and new effects for signals. And those who enjoy history (who do not), continue to do so for characters with charisma and constructed with grace and ease.

It is no surprise, given the cover and the subtitle of the game, that vampires are the protagonists of this expansion. Your treatment is spectacular and very deep.
Less good, what is already known. The bugs are we family, including some that until the Studio pays homage to nod mode. Others are more annoying, fairly affecting some sequences, conversations or developments of missions. And although we love the dynamic system whereby, if we fulfill the Mission until you give us, equally fires, sometimes the region of Toussaint seems specialized in these events, to agglomerate several of them in a hot spot. Many of these problems we hope continue solving in future patches.

When we finished Hearts of Stone, we did holding the tear by dismissing the story of the wizard that we don't expect to see again in some time due to the future development of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED. With Blood and Wine, however, we do it smiling. For having been able to give us more than thirty hours of new stories, new stories and new characters. I wish I could leave to go to more games with the same joy that we do it with the history of Warlock. For this reason, we can only say one thing to complete this analysis: thank you for these ten years. Do not delay too much in return.

Blood and Wine is an expansion of dream. Not only continues the formula that led him to become one of the games of 2015, but that it takes it beyond, expanding its characteristics and developing a compendium of stories and characters that calan hondo, as the already known. Thus it is worth that games are continued beyond the disc.

Everything what you can search in an expansion: great content and quality

· New map: the land of Toussaint and its beautiful landscapes.
· The story, its characters and the quality of the missions.
· New systems of progression, improved menus, and more than 90 missions ahead.
· The classic The Witcher 3 bugs are still there.
· Some missions share location.

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