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This war of mine: The little ones (Complete game analysis)  This war of mine: The little ones (Complete game analysis)

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After passing through consoles, it's the turn of the PC and the original version receiving this great DLC involving The Little Ones, where in addition to take care of the survivors of the cruel war, also have to take care of those who have less guilt of all: children. Analysis of This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

After his first appearance on PC and consoles along with the DLC The Little Ones later, finally this content reaches version of computers to make another game, even harder if possible, where we will have to take care for children during the conflict, continue while trying to survive by any method.

If you want to know the approach of This War of Mine, you can read the original analysis, as its concept continues here, having to deal with the basic needs as well as play us life at night trying to get new resources, foodstuffs, medicines and materials. But in The Little Ones, the main thing are the children. Addition to the main adventure new configurations where we can be, for example, a father and daughter trying to survive in the already classic mansion.

The needs are the same, but you have a small in our care is one greater burden. The main goal will be to make its way through this cruel conflict as smooth as possible, without causing more disorders, and to do this we will have to constantly talk to them, answer their questions, feed them, play and build them new toys, and even teach them different tasks to help in our survival. But first and foremost to protect them.

11 bit studios has not been cut when implementing every possible situation. In the first moments of our survival, we will have to decide whether leave refuge at night to obtain resources, or staying at home protecting our son. Even when there are other people who can be charge of children, when we return home we will have to deal with your questions: why they have left me alone?

Anyone familiar with This War of Mine knows that the Polish study has not cut off when it comes to capture the horrors of the war and situations causing the civilian population. You only need to imagine what would happen if we do not achieve the father return home after finding materials for virtually cancel our departure and return to try again.

War returns to the mouse and keyboard

While The Little Ones are carried well in the console version, this DLC now returns to its original platform and as a result we can perform some tasks that were somewhat more uncomfortable with a remote control. In the console version, we had to move a character only in every moment, by the need to control it with the stick, while the use of keyboard and mouse we can direct them to certain places while maintaining mobility and the ability to give orders to other characters simultaneously. Something as a way to multi-tasking, which was undoubtedly the most difficult to overcome by the console version barrier.

You should watch the children at all times to check his State of mind. Not only do they eat and heal them, but also talk and play with them from time to time.

As we said at the time, maybe that does not delay much action in the first days of survival, but when they begin to appear the first peaks of the difficulty, the game requires us to perform many more actions per day, something that was a little slower with a pad between your hands. Tasks that may be key to achieve that improvement or resources that you are missing, or that your survivors rest properly. Even so, adaptation to console was quite successful, but there is no doubt that This War of Mine had and has strongly rooted to the PC world.

Children may not perform workshop tasks, but if we spend the time to teach them, can become very useful characters.

For some players, survive once may be enough, but The Little Ones offers more possibilities when it comes to start a new game. It is classic mode are added to the stories of other survivors if we want to live the conflict with a child, for example, but if long ago that you don't play to This War of Mine, perhaps the most interesting mode which allows you to edit all the parameters of the game. This mode was already included in the updates of the original PC version, which has been improving to meet many of the demands of the players, such as the translation into our language and the option to create our own history. You can choose the number of characters to start the game, but also both edit its description, skill, portrait and modeling. Joins this personalization all the mapping of the game, the number of days we want to last the conflict and even modification of the climate so that later more or less in the winter, as well as the hardness of the station.

It is one of the hardest in terms of war and strategy is Refierehabia little to Polish in This War of Mine, but with the addition of young children and new customization options, 11 bit studios has created an even more rounded game. His biggest drawback remains the adaptation of control, which although it is logical could be much more intuitive and even allow the option to move through our shelter with greater ease and speed. Moreover, so if you missed the conflict at the time, as if you are looking for a new challenge, The Little Ones deserve the opportunity. Rarely have been able to live the war from the point of view of those who suffer in a way that is as raw as well raised.

The Little Ones is still the same great game that was This War of Mine, but the new additions such as children and the possibilities for customization of the game are good arguments to live again this cruel war.

· The new addition of the children.
· The maintenance of 11 bit studios, with updates that have appeared during this time.
· While in console came in a pack, on PC DLC is sold only by separate.
· Personal stories may have gained something more important.

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