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Unravel (Complete game analysis)  Unravel (Complete game analysis)

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There is something that may have left back when complete Unravel: an experience unique, what makes interesting to our life to spend them years. Memories, experiences... All of them represented in the thread a protagonist who is made of wool, but especially of heart. We connect our this platform to tell you why it is so special.

Life is like the thread that the protagonist Unravel leaves while walking. A red thread, fine, fragile... you are going losing until he doesn't advance. Sometimes there is time to go back, check what we have done wrong and create connections to solve the enigma that kept us trapped. So again and again, in a path of discovery that takes years in a normal life. In this game, is a playable in some hours that invites us to be more aware of our own existence.

When video games are made with heart, there are things as well. A video game that would be unfair start talking mechanical, the duration that is or if you have replay value. Filth. It is an experience, something that you try and conveys you powerful sensations. You can feel how that toy red known as Yarny tends one of their ties to it, establishing that connection that is often missing between player and developer, making you see the soul of the creators through the screen. It is a journey full of beauty, special, intimate... and with a message.

We could give you a definition of book. Tell you that Unravel is a platform game with puzzle elements. Tell you that it has ten levels, which translates into about 6-8 hours in duration. Comment we cover practically all the typical scenarios of the genre. Define you the main dynamics of interaction, consistent on using threads to swing us, build bridges, create trampolines or interact with objects. But that definition we don't like. There is no shadow to a videogame in which feelings charged so much prominence.

The thread of life

Up to the way of the levels is curious Unravel, through the portraits that we find in this House.

Sometimes everything is as simple as leaving through a door. Take the step to broaden our horizons, meet new places, adventure... Gives the same you're shy and fragile, to be afraid of what you'll find. You must be strong. This is the first scene of Unravel. A doll of wool with life leaves his home to confront the unknown, to go to recovering lost memories, those moments that give meaning to a life.

It's our story at the end and at the end, at the time as a song of hope for the protection of nature. Snowman Yarny interacts with the wild, but also with the tender which includes our world. Predators, allies, the hand of man... Each scene is beautiful and speaks like a picture exhibited in a museum. Most of the time we are interacting, but there are moments that become purely contemplative. You stop and look at the rendering that has managed the study using the PhyreEngine tool (used in games like Flower or Journey).

It is an experience, something that you try and conveys you powerful sensations.

It is inevitable, ye enamoraréis ye of Yarny. It is hard to not get excited along your adventure.
You think it could barely be an authentic pictorial exercise of still life. But no, it's better: is living nature that we carry by simply powering on the TV. The same animation of Yarny is a finding of the living things that feels the game. Therefore, you don't need a DC voltage with fast pace. There are vivid moments, of course, but Unravel comfort space is another, and it has to do with relaxation, to situate ourselves in a moment of peace while you play.

The puzzles are so intermediate in our game, moments in which you stand in need. Studying the environment, you see that with what can interact, you try of create knots, pull of objects, tie in final them cabos that you carry to a solution. And it is not always clear. You can bind you, running out of ideas and leave it temporarily to test another day. Can you away too much time playing. But no, you realize that just took an hour, because when you're playing to Unravel is as if sometimes stop time.

Unravel goes beyond the established, sometimes surpassing the category video game to become something especial music is like the tune that perfectly accompanies our travels to this peculiar documentary playable on life and nature. Environmental puzleros currently known. You know to enhance the beauty of the surroundings when you need it. You know become exciting when it comes some special situation. He knows how to convey sadness in the most melancholy moments. The change in scores is going according to the entrance of the different scenarios, to the sensations that cause us the crossing. And there are no dialogues rather than those that are established through gestures and actions that your character performs. It is pure tenderness.

Some will see Unravel as one short play, others as a rather simple adventure, but what can not be denied is to have tried to transmit, speak heart to heart tending red wires. Its replay value does not extend beyond finding collectibles and may have certain defects under the design level, and only in certain situations. But to think that this game is not big because it is not perfect, is the same thing being convinced that nature is wonderful because it is not perfect.

The day in which more games are made with the heart in the hand, which can transmit, we are confident that the industry will rise level. Too bad that we have to love applied to Unravel with a number rating. Lucky numbers...

Unravel is more than a game, is the soul of its creators embodied in a platforms charming, beautiful and transmitting as few. It is not long, it is not highly replayable and has its flaws... but as experience is unique, one of those titles that go beyond, with an inner message that speaks in terms of fun, fantasy, nature... but above all love to this form of entertainment that are video games.

· Charming and with a message that goes straight to the heart.
· Beautiful level audiovisual, an experience for the senses.
· Variety of landscapes and situations.
· A fantastic journey through nature.
· Dynamics based on the use of wool. A success.
· Small inconsistencies in terms of design.
· Short and simple can be.

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