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Pokemon GO for Android (Complete review)  Pokemon GO for Android (Complete review)

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Any follower of the series dreamed of facing something so from the moment that walked the first meters in thickness away from village palette. Pokémon GO is pure fantasy and an approach to the dream of any fan of the franchise: take augmented reality territory GameFreak universe to become the most important and revered city master. Is it idyllic? It has some gray, but it is not less exciting for this reason. Analysis of Pokémon GO.

Since its mere announcement was that it was going to be something magical and not wrong. Incredible thing is that they have been saved to make it big in the future, either in the present application or future who want to launch. Pokémon GO's success lies not in being an excellent game, which certainly is, lies in being the more realistic approach we have ever had to be a true Pokémon master. Going down the street and you meet other coaches looking for creatures and routes, share secrets and rumors about the appearance of monsters in certain streets and avenues or strategies to take outside gyms are something normal in the days running. We don't know if the phenomenon will hold, but accumulated having lived the first Conference of the healthy madness that has proposed Niantic, since it will be unique.

In its first week, we have seen people sit in strongholds of each city with chairs brought from their own homes, coaches roaming Group overnight summer looking for Pokemon to capture and to the country's main media copy their grills with information from the new phenomenon. It is not for less: not to speak of nothing but of Pokémon Go, and only those who have lived the pokemon wave understand the greatness of the program. There is something very romantic in the walks and searches, and all are a little more children since it installed in our mobile.

It has later come to Spain, but that has not prevented that more adventurous users already pelted the hunt and capture of the application in other markets of Google and Apple to start the adventure with some advantage. Result? The first gyms are now cornered by monsters of great strength and dexterity and doesn't seem that Niantic intend to restart progress in the coming days, something many users feared in the previous release.

Hunting as the main axis of Pokemon

Is then the Pokemon final that both have been waiting for? Yes and no. The start is expected for any Pokemon adventure: new teacher Willow welcomes you, explains the history of the universe before you set up your avatar in a character editor (very short of options, by the way) and gives you to choose three different creatures: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. From here starts the frenzy of hunting, use of liquid and ingestion of candy is the work that many has passionate and so many other disappointed, why? Easy: it is not as Pokemon as you think.

Pokemon GO Android

Candies and powders stellar are the only form of do raise the power of your monsters. Hunting is the only way to get the precious loot.

It is indisputable that the traditional paradigm of Pokémon gameplay based three unwavering pillars: exploration, hunting and fighting, perfectly balanced each other always. Over the years have been added other elements to the bases that have enriched the franchise and the overall experience, but any chapter of the saga turns into success by these parameters. Pokémon GO not to level the three categories (or intended to) and based its action on exploration and hunting monsters, leaving the fight in the background and exclusively to gyms. It means that you can forget to train your monsters to confront the machine or other players, since the improvement of statistics depends on completely own search and capture.

By disappointing as it may seem, Hunt monsters is the main vehicle of everything in the work: you'll need it to get new pokemon, to join units of stellar dust and exchange it with the Willow teacher to access new candies. If in classic episodes you got the experience of your team by clashes with coaches, you now raise the power of the protagonists with the above powders and candies, so you can never stop hunting for the units required to improve and evolve your team. Your level of experience is related to the power of the monsters that you find around the city, so you will have to follow the process to infinity to continue adding levels of coach that will allow you to find best creatures.

"History and narrative vehicle isn't in the game, it is in the streets and their players."

The pokestops are scattered around your city attractions: you will have to get close to them to achieve new rewards ranging from the necessary pokeballs to bait or eggs that may bring new rare pokemon births. How to open them is incubating them, and incubation requires walks of two, five or ten kilometers to the egg later. Therefore, Yes, Pokémon GO goes walking, and you're going to walk a lot if you want to be a good coach and be able to reach the top of the gymnasiums scattered around each location. There expect the leaders of the faction yellow, red or blue, other users of the software. Your duty is to access some of them from level 5 to fight for your color dyeing your city.

A wide world of pokestops and gyms by explore in each city. It is the key to walk to reach the points on the map and make valuable eggs hatch.

The battles are very simple: two attacks and movements of elusive from left to right to avoid rush enemy while bearing in mind, of course, classic tree of weaknesses and advantages of the series. It hunting lies in the search of them monsters with the camera and in the launch of the pokeball, depending on the captures of the hit to a circle around the monster and its length before the launch. It must not weaken it as before: only hit and take into account the use of the different balls if the enemy's power is high. Not there is doubt, be could have bet by a system more ambitious and difficult for both elements.

For practical purposes, there is no difference between one or another faction. Yes is going on around the world is that the factions are mobilized in different ways, using WhatsApp or Facebook groups to organize themselves and take the most difficult city locations. It is a title that is made to play solo, but has proven to be infinitely more fun if you go into their world. It is not that the players are crazy and lead to exaggerated limits his departure; they are those who are enjoying more and those who have grasped the concept and have gotten up to the marrow. The story and the narrative vehicle isn't in the game; It is on the streets and in their players, and that's something absolutely unique and magical.

The (real) narrative of life Pokemon

Pokemon Snap! Pokémon GO allows you to make fun photos with the environments in which appear the pokemon. Use it responsibly.

If there is a decision right at the premiere by its developer and Distributor, without a doubt, it is his arrival in midsummer. Everything that is happening around the planet would have been very different if he had made his debut in the winter cold. The construction of personal stories between players, meet new users and whole cascade of news that is causing is irrefutable proof of this; the idea of having some life Pokemon in your day to day it is something romantic and gorgeous, unique even, and even if you finish enjoying more or less, it is evident that they have hit the mark even in its flaws. And we say "defects", always entrecomillado, Pokémon GO could have been many things that in the end it has not been, but they have always been very honest when talking about the game.

Niantic claims to have an ambitious plan of updates, so the success, as in so many other products of similar nature and category F2P, depends on the challenges and challenges that allow the players to want to continue to enjoy it on their respective devices. They have been ahead when cast with the first generation of creatures and long range of playable functions improvement and environment, but it is surreal to see that the game even you is inciting the purchase of content through microtransaction in their first sessions, since nothing seems to be required purchase today.

Is the approach more real that we had never to be a true master Pokemon

You start the game with a hundred of pokeballs, you cannot buy candy or star dust, and receive virtually all of the pokestops new sweet objects that could have pushed people to buy 400 candies Magikarp you need to have a shiny Gyarados. The companies have been honest with the micro-transactions, and more that a hypothetical pay-to-win seems a walk-to-win. It is important to remember that in the original adventures also is walking much and that at any time it is missing the original idea of development with the long journeys of incessant walks under the July sun.

The obvious question and that everyone should ask before rating the experience of The Pokémon Company, and Niantic in the economic aspect is easy: F2P or outstanding marketing maneuver? Seems clear that the phenomenon has risen in million of followers of the series that by age or boredom it had forgotten, and that can translate is in purchase of new games, merchandise or the device Pokemon GO Plus, of 39.99 euros and exhausted in practically any store of the world. Frankly, we are not aware of the smart who have been at the launch who, remember, just you have had advertising on any part.

My cause is to be coach...

The battles are reduced to bouts of gym. It ends with the entire base of the rival and your color ink desired location
As we said, the success of Pokémon GO depends on giving users what they are looking for and can supply them enough news and so that they end up being. "It will be like Miitomo!", pessimists in a quite banal debate ahead. We think that the differences between both games are so numerous that we would give to three texts more: as we have seen, with Pokemon there is range of large enough to dazzle other so many millions of players, either with new options of combat, change, management, or addition of monsters of generations in the coming months; Miitomo requires too many circumstances outside to the application to operate and requires of much people added and active in your environment to be interesting, something that not happens with GO.

Nothing seems to prevent their creators that the concept of get all, train and fight freely with coaches in your city may be a utopia, on the contrary, is something so obvious and logical that a recklessness would be not to do it soon. You feel that if you don't do it in Kyoto will be others to those who do it, Digimon, Monster Rancher or I-Kai Watch, no matter. Triumph or not, Pokemon GO can stay in a nice love of summer, but not know to nobody that not treasure with sweetheart their love affairs summer, and if within ones years remember the period summer of 2016 by them walks fools looking for a Lickitung by the University autonomous of Barcelona, I guarantee, there will be valid the penalty.

Maybe Pokémon GO is not excellent, but it is the beginning of something huge and monstrous. It comes out incomplete, is responding to the commercial interests of the companies that are part of the development and future projects: If a Pokemon "decaffeinated" experience work with as much fidelity, what happens when Pokemon, of truth, becomes a reality in our phones? What we do have is a game that goes beyond own mobile screen and that is shared with players in the real world with the same aim: get all. An incredible door before us has opened and ignore it would be a recklessness.

· It's the most nearby which has been to realize the world of Pokemon in the real world.
· Their success is being so dreamed that holds surprising situations.
· Gathering and Pokemon game is fun: involves visiting monuments and unknown parts of your city.
· Connection problems and usual fall in the first days of play.
· Intense battery consumption by the use of GPS and camera at the same time.
· Battle system and simple Pokémon capture.
· It does not provide another alternative that the hunt to improve and evolve your monsters.

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