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Monster Hunter Generations: Complete game analysis  Monster Hunter Generations: Complete game analysis

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Monster Hunter has already fueled a generation of hunters, now is the time to increase the family. Generations is a video game of transition between new players and more veterans. A more varied title, with more content and brings significant new features. We aim at the great hunt once more. Analysis of Monster Hunter Generations.

There are many times that it is difficult to explain how certain sagas are so reluctant to undergo major transformations. There are for example quantity of users who don't see normal as of Monster Hunter, showing delivery after delivery the same pillars, relying on DNA that, rather than mutating, adds new information to its core playable with each delivery.

So it has been for more than 10 years, and is something so reprehensible as surprising. First, by so clear that it has Capcom. Second, by the well that is still running. Monster Hunter Generations shows it from the first game. You enter, you create your character, arrive in the village, find you a little of what the (not very difficult) thing and take your first missions.

It is very satisfying. Even the first task, as collect some ferns, is make interesting. Not by the mission itself, but by the permanent feeling of progression that you have during the game. In addition, this time has been enhanced both the "looteo", we believe that it is one of most rewarding whole saga games. Increased the amount of objects hidden in the scenery. May we only need mushrooms on a mission, but we will end the inventory up above, with thousands of things that then it is possible to change money or various improvements.

The hunt for users

This is Monster Hunter, and that by not talking of the hunt of monsters, of course. Many things remain, but there are very important introductions. Four hunting styles provide a touch of renewal to Generations, since so far were the weapons that defined the way we fight. That changes here, offering more variety than it seems. The possibility of choosing between Hunter's Guild, RAM, air or shade means that your character can have different skills and movements.

Not you like to marry with any style of combat? Nothing happens. You can return to your House at any time and modify it. It is one of the aspects that we like most of the game.

This is essential to understand the objective of the game: be the most varied series. Air style allows us to assemble monsters and make us even in other players. Style shade consists of Dodge offensives at the last moment to counterattack. Is which is our decision, the system changes, offering us something traditional and suitable for all them public (style Guild) or something that us empowered to remove the maximum party to them technical of Hunter (style RAM).

Here begins the strategy, which integrates within the classical conception Monster Hunter: gather materials, create new weapons and ultimately evolve to hunt the most dangerous monsters. Something that we especially liked is that the game poses missions for untrained and veterans alike. Balance is well measured, and is one of the reasons why the 3DS title receives this name: Generations. Accommodates different generations of players, both the of as the younger.

Many things remain, but there are very important introductions
In fact, one of the most notable is that Capcom manages to introduce significant innovations without touching the basic structure of the license. It is not easy. Especially when do that the gatadores work as characters controllable, which is can lead even to certain missions, some of them exclusive. This is known in the game as"gatador", and it is possible to select it when you want. The advantages? They are faster, have easy to find resources and they may drop several times by mission.

The gatadores are faster... and the best thing: do not get tired. Also have several lives. Why are the smart choice for newcomers to the series.

In a way, is another way of playing, but also an alternative for new players, those who do not have much experience. At the end, the feeling is that is opening the saga more than at any other time. Proof of this is how the community itself is turning to help other players. Therefore if you feel attracted, this is an excellent opportunity to join the hunt.

Of course, in some way is enter by all it high. This installment features four villages and also four monsters iconic (the "four damned"), in addition to a vast repertoire of weapons and equipment. Many of these elements will be familiar to the tannery in Monster Hunter, but for others, everything will be as new... It is an overwhelming content. There are hours and hours locked in Generations, more than in other deliveries. And that he already had a length practically unlimited.

There are hours and hours locked in Generations, more than in other games
The ingredient that tends to expand even more play time is multiplayer, although it is also essential to face certain hunts. There are complicated enough missions to require the presence of other hunters. It is this another factor that care has been taken in this installment. In addition, this time you can play even with gatadores.

Mention in this analysis, because it is very significant that the game works a lot better on New Nintendo 3DS, both with regard to the online connection as to own performance. Monster Hunter Generations is a title that takes great advantage of the graphics hardware of the machine, with one of the most prominent Visual sections of this platform. Why the classic 3ds costs you more load scenarios, slowing down the experience with regard to the new version of the console.

Guests are supported

It seems the Felyne that you love to dress up. This game will receive also new missions and packs of objects depending on the character that we choose: Link (Legend of Zelda), Fox McCloud (StarFox), Marth (Fire Emblem) or Amaterasu (Okami). And there are some more... It is interesting to try them, because beyond the grace, they have their own movements.

It is not an aspect that should move you from its acquisition, since the frame-rate is still very stable, although it is necessary to emphasize the differences. An of the more important the found in the C-Stick of New Nintendo 3DS, that allows the orientation of the camera with total freedom. Then the triggers additional, especially useful in a game of this nature. They are small details at the end and at the end, but they are magnified when you have spent more than 100 hours hunting.

Generations is made to make him intensive dedication. It is one of those games that are practically essential if you appreciate its long duration and the Monster Hunter tradition. A tradition that insists on maintaining their primary keys, but without waiving integrate very important news: styles of hunting, gatadores and the most powerful variety of the series to date, which is complemented with tons of content. A good work on the part of Capcom, more if over attracts both veteran as to new players: the generations Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Generations doesn't break conventions, but it does enough to keep at the top to a saga that with each game gets bigger and earns in possibilities. The introduction of the gatadores and hunting styles, as well as the presence of more towns and monsters made of this Monster Hunter one of the most durable and innovative. Also is made both for new to old hunters, fulfilling successfully its ultimate goal: hunt down more and more users.

· One of the Monster Hunter varied and more durable that exist
· Same formula, but enhanced with acertadisimas news
· The introduction of styles and gatadores makes the difference
· Looting powered, making the trips even more satisfactory
· Graphically it is one of the most amazing games for 3DS
· Anchored in some respects to a tradition that supports reforms more profound

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