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Pokemon ruby omega: Complete game analysis  Pokemon ruby omega: Complete game analysis

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Last year live the megaevolucion of the pokemon series, now time to consolidate. It is not badly done rescuing two Classics series to revitalize them thanks to advances in the sixth generation Pokemon. New species, mechanical and graphics in two remakes that actually seem to completely new games.

Surprise. This has been our reaction to check the result of returning to life two jewels of 2003, released for the then brand new Game Boy Advance. Not expected both of these remakes, but something must be passing in the offices Japanese of Game Freak (and very good) so the company has released two authentic essential in so short space of time.

The pairing of X Pokemon / Pokemon and gave us the bases a year ago of what would be the sixth generation within this popular series. Very strong graphic renovation, the megaevoluciones, the new type fairy... All that is recovered in Pokemon Ruby Omega / Pokemon Sapphire alpha, but it is not only much less. It has had to redesign the title virtually from scratch. It only that is retains is the base main, the design of the pokemon and the form of the mapping.

So it is surprising that you could be with so little margin of time, recreating the routes, cities and gyms. Readjusted the fighting mechanics, added the possibility to capture pokemon using stealth, we have new gadgets, are unpublished megaevoluciones, an episode debuts in addition in the history... Now until we can fly by the scenery to move quickly. In short, this is more than a remake, is an unrecognizable title which becomes another inescapable appointments for Nintendo 3DS.

Two unrecognizable classics

Since this reputable saga born towards the end of the twentieth century, have not experienced a visual renovation so intense as which gave us Pokemon X / Pokemon and. Was almost a revolution, premiering a fully three-dimensional graphics engine that washing the face parties of exploration as well as the combat. It was a refreshing experience.

Pokemon Ruby Omega / Pokemon Sapphire Alpha inherit progress, now using them for return to life two classics once limited by Game Boy Advance TFT screen and a resolution of 240 x 160 pixels. The renovation is outstanding, modifying everything from top to bottom. The work has been immense, with new models, animations and the potential that a console Nintendo 3DS is able to provide us. Not us imagine a way of having it done best.

During the adventure, we'll meet many characters. This will be one of them, a coach who wants to follow in our footsteps. And still not have won the League Pokemon...

They are cinematic that before there, taking advantage of the particular graphic style that we saw premiered with the sixth generation. All the houses, centres pokemon, travels and cities have received a strong restructuring. Also the skirmishes, inheriting all that debuted last year, since the camera changes to the Visual effects of the attacks. It also takes advantage of stereoscopy, although slowdowns in the fighting scene (which surprises us on Nintendo) and there are only some parts of the adventure in which it is available (which has neither excited us).

The action takes place, as in the originals, in the Hoenn region, with the classic approach of a trainer in power - us - that we come to a new city. Friends to know, many Pokémon to catch, eight gyms to be overcome and the Pokemon League final destination return to be the premises. That, and of course the villains, conformed by teams Magma and Aqua, depending on the version of the game that we possess.

In this regard, there are no major differences between Omega Ruby and Sapphire alpha, except traditional unpublished species. That, and the presence of Latios and Latias, particularly important because they will be those who help us traverse the air. These legendary pokemon make it possible ultravuelo, ideal to explore the extensive mapping, as well as to discover regions that otherwise would be impossible to get. It is a brilliant addition, the best of a program that comes with a good package of news.

Games inherit Pokemon and Pokemon X progress and now using them for return to life two classics.

We have completely redesigned characters of history, they seem new, and in fact there are some who are. Added an unpublished episode with the history of Hoenn - years ago - to tell us where it comes that of the megaevolucion. The bike wins presence, so the routes are make more bearable. Enter the secret superbases, which we decorate to our taste, invite friends and even set battles with rules. It is even possible to do that function as an own gym, which speaks very much and very well the amount of things we can do during the adventure.

More Pokemon tools

But what we liked most is got excellent balance, the great feeling of progression. The progress is very satisfactory, boosting the figure of the trainer thanks to tools like Multinav, a compendium of various "gadgets" of the most useful. Cartonav, who comes to be the map, useful not to be missed. Videonav, which receive information curious about what happens to our around. Divernav, containing that kind of "tamagotchi" already released in the previous title, as well as the superentrenamiento, simply sensational to quickly improve the statistics of our creatures.

Great contest Pokemon

Do you think that your pokemon has charisma, beauty, tenderness, ingenuity or hardness? As more you is worth, because are the criteria that is evaluated in this fun proposed. You've never seen a Pikachu with so much personality.

And then we have the greater incorporation of all, the DexNav, which helps us to identify the pokemon that are in a given area, including your level or skills, very important data for the potential trainer. This acts as a complement to the stealth. Once identified the creature, we can move slightly the analog stick to approach and engage as well in combat, direct capture. It's one choice, but helps renew formula, too anchored in conventions for some time.

Speaking of conventions, it is curious that has been finally included the control of 360 degrees in certain parts of the program, though not in all, and this is I miss him. We are witnessing a fusion between sections that maintain the traditional 8 addresses and which are adapted to the new times. To see if the next video game everything is 100% integrated, since it gives a series such as Pokemon an air of renewal more powerful than many could imagine at first.

Close to a score of megaevoluciones, more moves and skills is that it contains a video game in which no you can miss berries, collect them, plant them and thus obtain more resources for your creatures. That, and explore the more better, since there are plenty of MT only get talking to certain characters. They are a great way to evolve, favoring slow gameplay, in which we are not going to screen credits of unbridled way. There are 40 hours of game secured, being easy get to the hundred if also have the "postgame", that as in others releases has much to offer us.

We do not forget the online here. Pokemon Global Link continues to operate as well. Can that be the facet that less is check, but allows pairings, tournaments, share our superbase secret and them photos made in them big contests. Then we have the Player Search System, integrated into the game, accessible from the touch screen and which dedicates itself to provide the meeting with other players both locally and online, enabling the exchange of pokemon also via the Internet.

There are 40 hours of game secured, making it easy to reach the hundred if we also have the postgame.

The GTS is a tool very useful in this regard, since introducing certain parameters can give with the right coach to start the transaction. If we do not want to complicate life we have the "prodigious Exchange", in which we offer a pokemon and receive another at random, without more. On the other hand we have the Holomisor, which serves to receive notifications, advertisements of tournaments, even if we are not playing at the time. In short, amount of options that make unrecognizable to those classic Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

Primal regression

Groudon and Kyogre are something more than the cover of the video game, the original pokemon, with some relation to the megaevolucion. During the adventure, you will discover more secrets about them, linked to the origin of all the Pokemon universe as we know it. Interesting, right?

It is said that considering these remakes, along with Pokemon X / Pokemon and can fill the database of our pokedex with hundreds of species, so there is little choice. And if we add to the party to the Pokémon Bank already and I count, recovering our creatures from Pokemon Edition black / white Edition in two deliveries. There are so many possibilities that today a master's degree is needed to understand absolutely everything that offers this franchise at the level of content. The duration is a question of which does not have that worry you.

Pokemon Ruby Omega / Pokemon Sapphire alpha are supported in the great work done for the sixth generation of the series, but not why they have less merit. The reconstruction of the original is intense and sensational, at the level of news even surprised by the mechanical incorporated, and in relation to mechanical continues to operate as well as the first day. Game Freak has traced a line to the saga that we like, and we can't wait to see what will be next. Hopefully continue striving. This is the way...

The word "remake" is up to short to express what Game Freak has achieved two of the most beloved titles in the series. Omega Ruby and Sapphire alpha are renewed, both graphically as playable to also provide new features that make their debut in the series, in the style of sailing the air or practice stealth to surprise the Pokemon. Absolutely indispensable within the catalog by its ability to generate fun for hours and hours without fail. A surprise capital.

· Very strong renewal at the graphic level. The originals are unrecognizable.
· New and powerful mechanical: ultravuelo and use of stealth.
· Good pace, history, sense of progression and excellent durability.
· Certain details, such as slowdowns with 3D enabled in combat or 360 degrees control is limited to some areas of exploration.

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