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Windows 10 complete analysis  Windows 10 complete analysis

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Today we bring you the analysis of which is possibly the best Microsoft operating system: Windows 10. And is that... do you remember that you made some time ago, during your early in the computer world, everything revolved around Windows?

Well, today's Windows is not so essential in the world of computing as it was years ago back in the professional world or in the domestic sector. Since, there is someone who has been commissioned to do its job and has done so well that it works from angles in which neither Microsoft expected to happen, who is that someone? Competition: Ubuntu (Linux) and MAC OSX.

Windows 10 analysis

In this time Microsoft has their hopes put in Windows 10 to be again the key of all those platforms important, what clearly implies a return to the bases firm of the system, but in this opportunity, inclined towards the future.

This new Windows brings interesting changes that have two main objectives, one of them is to win back all those critics as representing the Windows 8 and the other is to understand and evolve through a completely modern operating system that has convinced many.

It is not easy, the task that confronts this system, because you must return to the past but with the complexity that involves offering something more updated and modern to those who fear the changes.
Its new interface falls

As many know, to accommodate other formats systems that for the moment made her appearance, as the e.g. Windows 8 tablet it introduced a hybrid format of desktop. Is of more say that this approach turned out to be something interesting, since gave the opportunity of handle the control to screen complete with compatibility, as well as also the use of certain type of applications, especially from Windows 8.1, for those screens of high definition.

However, this Windows 8 was not fully accepted by those users who remained always anchored in the old format or version of start button, for them this system pulled them from their comfort zone.

On the other hand, this new Windows has managed to get the formula for content and retrieve those users, through a windows system as it is traditional but with an approach to modern and updated, with control modes for example screens touch, digitizers, among others.

With its new interface, Windows 10 makes use again the traditional start button and besides all combined with live tiles or tiles, a system that also formed part of Windows 8 and Windows Phone. There is a combination between traditional applications with universal applications, that in addition to this are the same both on your mobile device to your tablet computer.

This new interface is much cleaner, windows have a three-dimensional effect very nice shading system with enough care and a very subtle edge. Much more elegant and minimalist. Take also, both in the menu of home as in the bar of tasks, the effects of transparencies.

The start menu is more configurable, more alive and gives rise to all sorts of applications well is traditional or not. It can be enlarged to suit the user, make combinations with different sizes of tiles, also has a new system of classification of applications by its use, among others. Transparencies, color, among many others, can be set a lot of options at our disposal to make our work more personal environment.

With respect to the taskbar, we find that it gives priority to the integrated Windows search, where the figure or piece that shines is Cortana, and leaves room for an organizational system more simple and clean at the same time.

Appears a new notification bar called the Action Center, which is open to the top of the screen displaying information in real time, same is being introduced in our PC and also features fully configurable quick-access buttons. With the idea that nobody feels strange or alien to the new system, maintaining the same set of classic icons on the taskbar.

Technology with the new interface account is called Continuum (a smart system that will allow users the enjoyment of two systems in one in all its power) and is what Microsoft has used to satisfy the users both modern and classic. One of the advantages offered by this operating system is that he fits without problem to the machine that you are using in addition to their circumstances.

This system is trained to know if it is a tablet, and then adapt its interface to this format, or even know if this tablet is connected to a dock and is used as a desktop PC and a little more classic surroundings.

Even this system will succeed in reaching next mobile terminals, however, will require more power than offered so far by mobile processors.

The Continuum system has even the ability to operate seamlessly with economic tablets of 100 euros into a conventional PC when it is connected to a keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

Universal applications

Pure and hard, convergence as well identify this system Windows, as it is the environment in which applications will be combined almost perfect shape, mobile environment with others that are traditional in its essence. They can run on Windows, the same applications that can be purchased from the Microsoft store to be used in the phone or tablet, all this without the need of anchoring full screens or windows. Total pleasure in configurable windows.

It is the end of nested or full screens. Now absolutely all applications can run in window, well, whether classical or universal.

Microsoft is working on a compilation of applications for Android and iOS system that is responsible for reducing the times of adaptation of all those applications to Windows with basically a couple of clicks, so this is that this new system of applications want to go beyond those already developed for the Windows environment.

Above, universal apps have controls for this kind of applications, being one of the most interesting that that allows the expansion of the screen complete quickly and without any desktop.

This convergence of Windows, covers devices disparate, as for example: platform Xbox, Windows x 86, PCs conventional, tablets, Surface Hub, mobile Windows Phone, the Hololens including also the Raspberry RP2 in its version with Windows Embedded. All this with the use of a single SDK and adaptation in addition to traditional from each of the different types of devices, interfaces either with mouse, keyboard, touch interface, among others.

All these applications can make use of the Action Center, of the integration of Cortana in this new Windows system, as well as other benefits such as information on lock screen, use of the Microsoft cloud, and many more.

Multimedia: enough improvements

The improvements introduced by this system Windows are truly remarkable both for games and multimedia playback. Through a renewed application Xbox that will have with important applications, are made the integration with this platform of game.

Among these important applications, is firstly that Xbox One users can connect by streaming with its tablet and or PC and play all Xbox One games directly from it. The console is the place where running the games and you can see and play through the PC. The results will be better the faster the connection.

Secondly, as another important factor introduced by this application is an OSD which has quite a few games DirectX compatibility, and in addition to this it allows recording clips or taking screenshots of gameplay. So far, does not allow the streaming in real time, however, no doubt that Microsoft has considered it in their implementation plans.

On the other hand, in regards to Windows player, he has also received many improvements. You will find that now plays more codec of high definition and this it achieves with the PC and its contribution of the card graphic.

The player is specialized in formats like the CEST or H.265 which are ultra high definition, so it will have a player with access to the store from Microsoft and quality content.

Another element quite expected by the players, is the icorporacion of DirectX 12. A new version of the API with more importance among PC games completely changes its orientation to a lower level API, which takes advantage of the hardware more efficiently.

Through the use of DirectX 12, those future games, arriving before the end of the year, will be a significant gain in realism, complexity of scenarios, artificial intelligence while the player will gain in image quality and performance. Without a doubt, an improvement awaited, as it introduces truly the game world on PC level APIs revolution low.

Virtual desktops

Although it has a few outstanding improvements to be done, this function or presentation has been expected by many for a long time or years and has finally released an official support in Windows 10. This system of virtual desktops, offers the user to create different work environments where they can register windows and arrange them as the user deems appropriate.

Its implementation is fairly basic, because it lacks some basic functions of organization, such as for example the default opening of all applications that are considered as displaced to these desktops on those desktops. This means that, whenever it is open a window, that you want to see on the desktop number two should move to this desk.

The absence of important direct controls, as for example to move windows via keyboard shortcuts is also another of the improvements that this system needs. But on the other hand, we can add to their benefits the speed of the interface with multiple desktops as well as few limitations at the time of creating them.

Without a doubt an important step that improves the productivity of any form.

What is Cortana? In what can help us?

Another example of convergence that Microsoft tries to find with this new operating system is the integration of Cortana at the same. Cortana will be present on all Windows devices, or at least mostly, and serves as an important hub in the universal application of this Windows performance.

For those still unknown to Cortana, is an Assistant pretty powerful voice, which makes use of the Microsoft Bing engine and helps in the search for data (if you want you can change). In their integration or incorporation into this new Windows will allow also to dictation, meetings, alarms, media control, take notes, among others.

Is can make the activation of the mode "Hello Cortana", to the say these words is active automatically or by the contrary use the bar of search, with the use of the button of voice, this is will see of series in the bar of tasks. This system will allow recognize any voice or perform the respective and specific settings for one person in particular, obviously for user profiles.

Device will depend on the timing of instructions introduced. At the time that this Windows is introduced on mobile devices, it is possible that we will see much more involvement between both environments.

This wizard (Cortana) works in different languages, however, at the moment the genre of voice is only feminine. With the passing weeks, it is likely to get more options, it should be noted that the power offering is remarkable.
What is Microsoft Edge?

Edge is a project of browser completely new for this new Windows and is incredibly fast in addition to efficient, much more than other browsers for Windows. Required extensions being really become a versatile and productive alternative.

It has a system of prefetching of pages pretty fast and efficient, consuming low resources, and your rendering engine achieves spectacular results. Today it is the fastest browser which you can find for Windows.

Among the most striking elements of this browser, is its integration with OneNote, which is also an essential part of this new Windows. Only with the push of a button you can take screenshots with notes of navigation windows that are deployed at the time and integrate them into OneNote and then take them to the cloud or share with contacts.

Also you can make annotations written or graphic, notes, cuts, even underlined of text. It does not require a tablet or a PC with touch screen, is truly powerful, and adapts to the interface present in each moment.

This browser is uniquely suited to be used by devices with scanners and touch panels, here its management and control will be much more powerful than in traditional environments.

In terms of its management of windows, this browser adapts excellence to any format or device that manages to implement this Windows, is really simple, an interface without further complications.

You can achieve wonders on those devices with resources reduced as economic tablets that were mentioned previously. Dark and light, are its two subjects of interface, he has a very neat design.

More curiosities

This new Windows has built-in more benefits but also has reversed some steps, for example the return of OneDrive, to their modes of Windows 7 and by which already not is has of download selective of files point of way direct, instead is should select the folder that is want to synchronize and all what is in she will end in our disc hard. This course, for reduced storage devices, which indicates a substantial delay.

The same thing happens with part of the synchronization in the cloud. Already there is the timing of applications purchased as you did before, or downloads in other devices. The truth is that Windows 8 did not discharge directly but left them synchronized to the desktop and then played at the tile or tile so that it will download on the new machine. On the contrary, now it should be explicitly in the shop Windows.

If it indicates an improving quite notable or significant is behavior and adaptation to any type of hardware and Windows environment to Go. It is also quite nice to download maps form offline to be used without Internet. This makes searches faster and is reduced data traffic when you travel or on the road.

A pretty accepted incorporation is OneNote, which is fully integrated with the system. This does not depend on Office and anyone who has this new Windows can access this application notes and notes. It adapts to any work environment, is very powerful and is synchronized with the Microsoft account.

Wifi or wireless sensor sensor, is a feature that Microsoft has not tried to explain properly. Therefore it comes enabled by default and its only intention is that we can access to access points known to contacts registered in our data base, and in turn they have access to ours.

It is a feature that is quite interesting for a work environment or perhaps consumer.

A measure that gave much of that talk was the incorporation of compulsory updates included in the Home version of the operating system. Can say is that is a measured quite successful because, protects to the user less understood and to the rest also.

Represents a security risk, having a machine without the latest updates, both for the user and for any other.

For its part, is another interesting new feature that brings this operating system Windows Hello. Biometric validation systems are incorporated in a more determined manner such as: facial recognition, fingerprints, among other readers.

As heir to Windows Phone, element is the sensor storage or Storage Sense, which is basically an operating system that allows you to manage the place to which are new applications, documents, among others of our teams. By what is can take advantage of, especially in devices portable, those elements of storage added as for example the slots of cards.

Versions of Microsoft Windows 10 and final words

To the use of Windows 7 and 8, this new Windows has 4 versions namely: Pro, Home, Education and Enterprise.

Although the names can leave little to the imagination, it is necessary to clarify that the Home version has few limitations with regard to the rest.

Featured important as Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Windows Defender, Continuum, are present in this new version of Windows, and the Home version will cover, however powerful it is, any domestic hardware.

It is indifferent to the number of cores that possess a computer from home or the amount of RAM that you have. There will be no problem.

The Pro version, contains technical elements such as e.g. bitlocker in the main units, virtualization using Hyper-V, remote desktop, support for systems of multiple processors, among many others.

Enterprise, integrates the systems of Enterprise Management App locker, the Pro version, as the creator of units Windows To Go, centralized management of multiple devices, among others.

These two versions allow you to add the machine to an active business directory. In addition, it gives access to the Store Business of Microsoft.

While the version Education is a mix of all the versions, but with certain adaptations to the world academic. It is used in very specific environments.

Finally it is necessary to make clear that, who does not currently make use of this new operating system is simply because you are afraid to change, however, it is necessary to let you know the rest of the people that these changes bring many improvements, improvements that do not want to miss and which will be adapted in a very short time.

Windows 10 Home price ranges the 95 euros and the Windows 10 PRO at 145 euros. Taking into account the cost of earlier versions, we believe that it is a good price. But a sector minority prefer Linux because offers a greater potential.

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