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XXII Barcelona Manga edition  XXII Barcelona Manga edition

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XXII Barcelona Manga
Sat October 29th to Tue November 1st 2016

XXII Saló del Manga de Barcelona is a must for Manga and Anime enthusiasts as neatly any person attracted to Japanese way of life and in 2016 is being held on the Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc.

The event is organised by way of Ficomic is essentially the most important Manga experience in Spain and after humble beginnings at Estació de França and an extremely successful period at La Farga in Hospitalet, the place attendance reached 65,000, the Barcelona Manga reasonable has been held at the Fira de Barcelona considering 2012.

With attendance expected to excellent 2015's 137,000 people, this 12 months’ Barcelona Manga reasonable will occupy the more than 70,000 square metres of Palaus 1, 2, four, 5 and la Plaça Univers of la Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc.

The big points of interest in 2016 are Pokémon authors, Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto, and the creators of the function film One Piece Gold, Hiroaki Miyamoto, Hiroyuki Sakurada and Masayuki Sato.

other huge names include the master of terror Junji Ito, the influential hental artist Toshio Maeda and the director of animation, Yoshimichi Tamura, who's responsible for a number of Disney and Dreamworks initiatives.

YO-KAI WATCH and Pokémon can have a big presence this 12 months specifically at the 3,500-square-metre Nintendo video games environment.

Japanese tradition will also be on demonstrate with Palau 1 dedicated to eastern gastronomy and the floor of Palau 2 might be filled with exhibitors whilst the first will be for macrobiotic meals workshops and tea tastings amongst other issues.

Palau four is for the comedian fanatics with Manga and Anime workshops as smartly workshops on Cosplay, video games and YouTube.

Palau 5 may have film showings, an exhibition of eastern monsters and a soft combat space.

Getting to Fira Barcelona:

Fira de Barcelona
Recinte de Montjuïc
Avda. Reina Maria Cristina,
Postal code: 08004 (Barcelona)
Website: www.firabarcelona.com
Metro Espanya - red L1 Line, eco-friendly L3 Line
FGC Plaça Espanya - Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat lines S8, S33, R6, R5 and S4
Bus traces - D20, H12, V7, 9, 13, 27, 37, 50, 65, 79, 91, 109, 150 and 165

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